Immunity VS Vaccine-is your immunity Stronger Than a Vaccine?

The global new crown epidemic has been prevalent for one year, and its form is still severe. Many people place most of their hopes on vaccines . In fact, the reason why the vaccine can fight against the new coronavirus depends on your own immune system.(immunity)

The human immune system has four barriers to block and kill the new coronavirus

The human body’s immune system is a complete and intelligent anti-virus system. It has a total of four barriers, layer by layer to separate the virus from the body:

The first barrier: nose, throat

The physical barrier is the first barrier of the immune system. The skin and mucus on the body will exclude most of the invading bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms.

For the new coronavirus that is transmitted through the respiratory tract, the nose and throat are the main barriers.

When the new coronavirus flies into the nasal cavity, nasal hair and nasal cilia (hair on the nasal mucosa) will block part of the virus. The mucus then sticks the virus and then sneezes out.

When you open your mouth to speak, breathe in, or eat food contaminated with the new coronavirus, the mucus in the throat will wrap the virus and excrete it through cough and sputum.

In areas with severe epidemics, the air is full of viruses. At this time, in addition to masks, nose hair, nasal mucus, and sputum play a major role.

The second barrier: epithelial cells

The new coronavirus that has escaped the physical barrier will encounter epithelial cells next.

Epithelial cells are a layer of cells covering the most surface of the nasal cavity, throat, trachea, bronchus and lungs.

The new coronavirus mainly attacks the epithelial cells of the human respiratory tract (including the bronchi and lungs). When the virus enters the epithelial cells, the epithelial cells secrete a very powerful weapon-“interferon“. Interferons are an important antiviral substance. They can enhance the antiviral ability of epithelial cells, inhibit and minimize the reproduction and spread of viruses.

If the human immune system is strong enough, the virus will be completely wiped out here.

The third barrier: innate immunity

If the virus has not been completely eliminated, then human innate immunity will be activated. This is the immunity that people are born with .

A large number of immune cells, such as macrophages and natural killer cells, which are responsible for phagocytosis of the virus, have begun to clear the new coronavirus. In addition to immune cells, complement in body fluids has also joined the battle.

Innate immunity is characterized by rapid response and immediate attack, but it cannot operate for a long time.

If the innate immunity can’t stop it, it will notify the acquired immunity-the powerful backing of the human body and the last line of defense.

The fourth barrier: acquired immunity

Why is it called acquired immunity? Because it can store memory and experience. Every virus has its appearance and shape. The spike protein on the surface of the new coronavirus has protruding parts, which are equivalent to its “face“. Acquired immune cells can remember this face. If the first time you encounter the new crown virus, the lethality is 6, and the second time you encounter the same new crown virus, the lethality can reach 9. The number here is just an analogy.

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There are two important cells in acquired immunity, namely T cells and B cells. B cells are responsible for the production of antibodies, which can specifically bind to the new coronavirus, and the virus bound by the antibody will then be eliminated. T cells are responsible for cleaning up cells that have been infected with the new crown and preventing the virus from replicating and spreading in the body.

They work together to kill the new coronavirus, and finally, the “corpse” of the virus will be swallowed by macrophages.

Where the vaccine works against the new coronavirus is the fourth barrier.

How the vaccine fights the new coronavirus

So, how does the vaccine protect against the new coronavirus?

Vaccines work on a part of the human immune system, which is the part where “B cells produce antibodies” (there are also a small amount of effects on T cells).

As mentioned earlier, B cells produce antibodies by remembering the face of the virus. And what is a vaccine? The vaccine is equivalent to a “simulated virus“, which simulates the key parts of the virus’s entire face, such as “eyes and nose“, so that B cells can remember and produce antibodies. In this way, the next time you are infected with the “true virus”, the antibodies will be deployed.

In other words, the vaccine is to help the body’s immune system and do a “exercise” before the body is infected with the real new coronavirus.

The human body’s immune system is stronger than a vaccine

Many people regard vaccines as a master key, thinking that they are foolproof after being injected, so they do not pay attention to protection or ignore the improvement of their own immunity . In fact, your immune system is more critical than vaccines.

1. The vaccine only strengthens part of the immune system

The four barriers of the immune system are like sea, land, and air forces. The existence of vaccines is equivalent to enhancing part of the Army’s combat capabilities.

However, if the person’s overall immunity is strengthened, it is equivalent to strengthening the army, land, and air forces at the same time to fight against the new coronavirus. The virus may not even have to reach the barrier of acquired immunity, it will be blocked or eliminated at the first, second, and third barriers.

2. The vaccine is standardized, and the body’s immunity is flexible and alive

As soon as the South African mutant virus appeared, the effectiveness of vaccines such as Modena and Novavacs decreased significantly. For example, Modena’s research found that the vaccine has only one-sixth of the antibody neutralization power of the South African variant. Why is this?

Because the virus samples used in the manufacture of these vaccines were the most original samples from January last year. Since then, the virus has undergone many mutations. The South African mutant virus has a more immune evasion function, that is, it changes the “face characteristics” to avoid vaccines and the human immune system, and prevent antibodies from recognizing it. According to the vaccine made by the old virus, it is difficult to identify the South African mutant virus with the antibodies it provokes.

Not only that, the effect of the vaccine on the immune system is one-off, and the antibodies it produces have a validity period, which will gradually decline over time.

And our body’s immune system is a flexible and dynamic system with a steady stream of anti-virus capabilities. It is able to “respond to ever-changing things without changing“. When the immune function is sound and strong enough, even if the virus mutates, its own immunity can kill the virus. Why are some people infected with the same variant virus, but some people are not? This is the reason.

3. Only if the immunity is strong, the vaccine is effective

On the other hand, if the vaccine is to be effective, the human immune system must be strong enough. The immune system of chronic patients and the elderly is weak, and after being vaccinated, the effect is worse than that of healthy people and young people.

Therefore, in order to resist the new coronavirus, in addition to the vaccine, one’s own immunity also plays a decisive role.

Doing so, boost your own immunity

However, in this battle against the new crown, the medical industry has spent almost all its energy on the development of vaccines and drugs, but has neglected to improve people’s overall health. I have to say that such an approach is biased.

Many people who are infected with the new coronavirus are actually people with poor immunity. For example, they are in sub-health, or suffer from chronic diseases such as three highs and diabetes. Not only are they vulnerable to being recruited, they are also more likely to suffer severe illness and death after infection.

In recent years, the incidence of various chronic diseases has become higher and younger, and it is because of the insufficiency of the immune system of modern people. Huge life pressure, bad lifestyle, bad eating habits, and disordered work and rest are all eroding the body’s immune function.

In this new crown epidemic, some young people died soon after being infected. Some cases do not seem to have other diseases, but in fact their own immune system has gone wrong, but it has not yet emerged. The infection of the new coronavirus is nothing but a hidden danger in the body.

Young people nowadays, because they don’t pay attention to body maintenance, sub-health is common. Many people start to suffer from headaches, stomachaches, three highs, insomnia, anxiety, autonomic nervous system disorders, etc., as well as emotional problems when they are in their thirties. It is also very serious, and it is even more obvious in this epidemic. The latest American study published in the journal PLOS ONE recently found that 85% of students have moderate to high levels of mental stress, pain, and anxiety due to the pandemic. Mental problems accelerate the damage of immunity.

People who are truly healthy have good health, emotional and mental states, and a strong immune system, so they are not prone to illness and virus infection.

So, how to improve one’s own immunity?

● Use the right way to calm the mood

Many life-threatening habits, such as staying up late and uncontrolled eating, all stem from emotional stress. The bad mood itself can also seriously affect immunity. Therefore, if you want to improve these problems, the most fundamental thing is to calm your emotions.

Modern people use 3C electronic products too much, and the information on the Internet is chaotic. And stimulating entertainment such as party, rock music, alcoholism, etc., all aggravate the ups and downs of people’s emotions.

During the epidemic, you might as well take some time to read a few paper books and listen to classical music; raise a few plants and grow a few vegetables; or take a walk in the suburbs, forests, and nature. Getting close to nature makes it easier for people to calm down their noisy hearts. The Fendocrine released by the trees in the forest can enhance human immunity.

Regularly running, exercising, or meditating are also very good ways to calm your emotions and relieve stress. A large number of studies have confirmed that this static method can significantly improve the body’s immune function.

● Change of mindset

The way a person views a problem can also have a great impact on the immune system. Why are some people totally unaffected by the same pressure, some people have anxious blood pressure, chest tightness and chest pain, and some people even have symptoms of anxiety? This is related to the mentality of looking at the problem.

In 2013, Dr. Steven from the Center for Neuroimmune Research at UCLA and others published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) pointed out that people who want questions for the purpose of self-enjoyment (also known as “hedonic” mentality), The body’s immunity is much lower than that of people whose main purpose is to benefit others (also known as “altruistic” mentality).

The study compares the antiviral substances produced by the two kinds of human bodies, and found that people with a “hedonic” mentality have a significantly reduced ability to produce interferon and antibodies in their bodies, and their ability to resist viruses is significantly reduced; while people with an “altruistic” mentality have a significant decrease in their ability to resist viruses. The ability of the interferon and antibodies produced has been significantly improved, and the antiviral ability has been significantly increased.

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In the face of economic and educational pressure brought about by the epidemic, the relationship between people has become more and more indifferent, and social conflicts have also increased, all of which will affect one’s own immunity. At this time, you might as well look at the problem with an altruistic attitude.

For example, when the elderly in the community or at home are in poor health, take care of them and accompany them; when children are forced to go to school at home due to the epidemic, they lose contact with their classmates and become emotional, they can be considerate and guided He: When encountering medical staff who are negligent due to the high pressure of the epidemic, don’t criticize him, and even provide them with a little warmth.

These practices can not only reduce the anxiety of others, but also help one’s own immune system.

In addition, it is necessary to have a balanced three-meal diet, eat more prototype foods, pay attention to sleep, and relieve stress at any time, so that the immunity can be maintained in a healthy and stable state that can resist the virus at any time.

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