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In a busy life, only sleep is the key of happiness.some have sleepless problem in their life. In the language of the famous playwright and the wrestler sector, sleep is the remedy for the painful, wounded mind of a working man under the theme “Se labors be Bat of hurt turn-ts“.  


 What Is Insomnia ?


  • You Want To Sleep But You Cant Sleep 
  •  Difficulty In Sleep
  •  Get up Early In the Morning
  •  Get Up at Midnight


  •  Disturb Sleep


 These Symptoms are call Insomnia.



What are The 3 Types of Sleepless/Insomnia?

 There are (3) Types Of Insomnia/Sleepless

(1)  Acute Condition

(2) Intermittent Condition

(3) Crony Condition


 (1) Acute Condition

Not all time, But some times it Happens. sleep disturbance Caused By Special Stress. These Conditions are In Acute Condition.


 (2) Intermittent Condition

In This Condition It is Difficult To Find Out Because,Sometimes It is and Sometimes It Is Not.


(3) Crony Condition

In this Condition,It is Necessary To seek a Medical Treatment.You Cannot Sleep Without a Treatment.




 What is The Main Cause Of Sleepless?

People Who Live In Depression,Stress,Anxiety those people have a chance of Insomnia.

  •  In few Cases after 16 age it has been seen.
  •  In female it happens of Harmon Imbalance.

some cases Sleep Disturbance Occurs Due To Hormonal Disease and it call “crony insomnia“.


 What are The Effects Of insomnia/Sleepless ?

You do not sleep at night also in day and feel weakness.feel like : you don’t have any energy in your body. always in tired condition. it is necessary to take proper sleep because a sleep can contribute our vital function directly or indirectly.

 Like- Blood Sugar, Sodium Label or other function so this is why we take a proper sleep.


Insomnia/sleepless Treatment

You Need To Avoid These (10)things. 












(6)Physical Pain


(7)Excessive Protein


(8)Excessive Protein


(9)Evening Exercise


(10)Stimulating Food



 Do not exercise after 5 clock.




Eminent poet Friar Sin has also described sleep as the poor man’s wreath.  Sleep can alleviate all our worries and worlds

 A man can build a million rupees, but if he does not fall asleep on that team, the precious mind of that precious flock will not be lost.  

One of Tom’s legends is how close the sleep team is to happiness.  Hera is one of the foremost goddesses of ancient Roman civilization.  Goddess Hera’s blessings are performed during marriage, motherhood and other institutions.  

 Once the worshiper of the goddess came to her village in private, the annual worship of the goddess took place.


  • Attendance at the temple of the priest that day is inevitable.  But the cause of the natural disaster is that the priest cannot reach the temple.  The day before the worship, the priest looked for a horse to reach there.  But the car was not found.


  • The priest blames himself for his absence.  Her two youngest sons, Jhinkis and Betaj, came to the rescue.  


  • They suggested that the priest pull the car himself until the horse was found on the road, and that the journey was legal, but that no horse was found on the road, so the two sons pulled the car overnight and delivered it to the mother before sunrise.

Types of insomnia

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Now She is very happy to be a mother.After the worship ,the priest prayed to the goddess for a bridegroom and Said, ‘Mom!Give my son-in-law a gift so that they will not have any misery in their lives.


Goddess Hera said, ‘Still.It not myth if we fall asleep behind the goddess throne for the rest of our lives.we will fall asleep for the rest of our lives to enjoy happiness.


What this legend means is that sleep is a normal state of affairs in modern life.”


When human desires are driven away by pleasure, life is extinguished by happiness.  Sina, who is immersed in luxurious addiction, suffers from possible diseases at every turn.  



Although he has great power, he has enemies, because he has a fear of his subconscious mind, and someone more powerful may oppose him.  



He who is proud of his physical beauty is also afraid of Kata.  Wealth, youth, energy,education can all make a person happy, but in the future, it will bring peace, pain, and fear to all these people.



The number of such self-destruction is not low today.  Yet man lives a pleasurable life and spends the rest of his life deprived of happiness.  Shakespeare gives a beautiful picture of how the ambitious man spends his waking hours in sorrow and pain in one of his plays, Macbeth.





In the kingdom of King Dal-ken of Scotland, Matthews was a general and a non-glamorous Thean (assistant to the Ralph).  



Rebellion against another Maltese king of Qatar, Nab-eel, or suppress that rebellion when, in February, Tikin Wick (very natural Jain Samma) on the street treated him as a minor, Bazar Sen, and the next king.  



Fried Jaleen was enthralled by Matt’s heroism, and didrangi sentenced Models to death and sentenced Mabeth to life in prison.  He wanted his second son, “King of the Next Year“, to be the “king of the next year,” but the next time King Dagen declared his son-in-law a “devotee of cheese” was a hindrance to Feth’s reign.  



He did not have to wait long for the ambitious Mabel to spend the night in the palace of King Takta, killing hundreds of people and ascending the throne.  



He was eager to reward her and to smite the king in his own house, but his wife’s persuasion was so influential that he did not hesitate to finish her to fulfill her desire.



Later, his conscience stung him so much that he felt like someone was shouting, “Sleep no more!  Glamor’s Thin has slumbered, so it’s time to dump her and move on.  


McBeth could no longer sleep, to be honest, but both Mabe and his wife were unable to sleep due to fear and pain. 


Mabe has been frighten and many more have been assassinated to make his seat fearless, and Shekhar has smite hundreds of castes, his wife has mourned the loss of his wife in Anatapala, and he has been mentally ill. This is the tragic picture of Shakespeare’s sleepless life.


pexels roman koval 3775009

Many people nowadays are addicted to insomnia and are addicted to sleeping pills.  



These sleep pills can provide them with temporary relief, but they need to be diagnosed with insomnia.  When a person becomes attached to the goal of nurturing a great desire, he or she becomes determined to fulfill his or her desires.



But when the desire is not fulfilled, anger arises in the mind, and in that state man loses his knowledge of interest; then success is created, misery is lost, and in the end man falls, so the Buddha said that desire is the cause of sorrow. 



Man will only have desires.  But there is talk of addiction because addiction drives people to fulfill their desires.  Therefore, in the Bhagavad-gita, it is advisable to do idle deeds. 



Unhealthy work is not affected by the fruit.  If the result of karma is not as expected, then the mind is calm.  Sleep does not interfere.  This sleep is the happiest state of life.

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