Internet Money Can Change Your Life: Learn How To Make Money Online?

How to make internet money online? Johnny Ward, an Irishman who used to travel to Taiwan, used to write travel blogs on the Internet, and turned from a poor college graduate to a million-dollar net earner.

There are many ways to make internet money or online money which one should you choose?

Taiwan YouTube celebrity Cai Aga . Has a huge fan base of more than 2 million. Through product endorsements and other advertising revenue, it is estimated that the annual revenue exceeds 10 million Taiwan dollars.

There are many ways to make money online, some are easy to operate, and some require some skills. In addition, the gap in income is also very large. From less than 100 yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan a month. What is the difference between them What?

There are not many ways to make online earning. You’d better choose an online earning project with great income potential. Work hard and sustainably. Do a good job in a profitable area before you start to consider other online earning models.

To Engaged in the network for make internet money and avoid a three-minute heat.Continue to pursue so-called bright profitable project opportunities (Shining Objects).Results may not be as proficient,but also lost big money.

Ah Fu has collected 30 currently popular online earning methods for your reference. Whether you want to start a business online or work part-time. You can choose the right online earning method according to your ability and time.

Internet Money Can Change Your Life | Learn How To Make Money Online

Methods of making internet money online can generally be classified into four categories:

  • Make money online at zero cost
  • Selling products online
  • Operating from the media
  • Take the case and make money, be a freelance worker

Analysis and comparison table of online money making methods

 Potential incometechnicalRemarks
Fill in the questionnaire to make moneylowlow
GPT small task to receive money websitelowlow
Make money from video gamesLow ~ highmedium
Make money by shortening URLslowlow
Open an online storehighmediumNeed capital, risky
DropshippingmediummediumZero inventory
POD Customized Merchandise StoremediummediumZero inventory
Sublicense (PLR)mediummedium
Build a website/bloghighmediumTime-consuming and labor-intensive
Run a YouTube channelhighmediumTime-consuming and labor-intensive
FB community/fan page managementhighmediumTime-consuming and labor-intensive
Become an IG influencerhighmedium
Google Adsense adsmediummedium
Affiliate marketinghighmediumSuitable for novices and veterans
Be a webcast hosthighmediumThe live game master has great potential
Create a web forumhighmedium
Buying and selling websitehighhighBe very professional
E-newsletter marketingmediummedium
Advertising (Media Buying)highhighBe very professional
Accept the case on the outsourcing platformmediummedium
Design application software APPmediummedium
Sell ​​your own knowledge productsmediummedium
Online classesmediummedium
Online shop customer servicelowlow

1. Make money online at zero cost

Although this type of money-making model does not require capital investment, it takes a lot of time for you to earn a considerable income.

On the Internet, you may often see a wide range of opportunities to make internet money, such as “questionnaire surveys to make money,” “point ads to make money,” “watch videos to make money,” “recommend to make money,” “register to make money,” or “surf to make money,” and so on. Questionnaire surveys and point ads to make money are considered the most popular.

1. Fill in the questionnaire to make money

This is a very common zero-cost money-making model. As long as you participate in the company’s market surveys through the online questionnaire survey platform and complete the relevant tasks, you can get money back.

Usually the bonus income of a questionnaire is about $2 ~ $4. The more famous questionnaire survey platforms are as follows: OpinionWorld , Toluna survey , Rakuten Insight online survey , Valued Opinions .

2. Join GPT (Get Paid To) small task earning website

There are also a lot of GPT small task earning websites of this type. The projects are simple to operate and the entry threshold is low. It is very suitable for the first online profit method of online earning freshmen.

There are many advertisers concentrated on the platform, providing many small tasks including watching videos, doing questionnaires, playing games, etc. Members only need to choose their favorite money-making projects and complete them, and they can get relative compensation. More famous platforms Such as: ySense (formerly ClixSense) , GetPaidTo.

3. Make internet money from video games

If you often play large-scale online games such as New Maple Valley, Black Desert, League of Legends, etc., for a long time, the game equipment, props or game coins you have accumulated There may be many and very impressive, and then you can use some video game trading platforms to sell these things to people in need.

Yes Of course, there are so many people who want to buy your own premium member account. In addition, you can also provide game play services, or patronize some game testing platforms, play games and earn some pocket money.

Game trading platforms that are worth referring to, such as 8591 Treasure Trading Network , foreign ones include: Player Auctions , Account Warehouse.

Video games can make more or less money. Some people even start companies and set up game teams to operate on a large scale. Generally, individual players have low income unless they are top players or professional e-sports players.

However, Ah Fu is here to introduce a very promising way to make internet money from games, that is, to be a live game master . You can use YouTube, FB Facebook live broadcast or Twitch to run your own game channel. You may not know the current world 10 Five of the big YouTube influencers started as game channels. Their annual income is more than NT$400 million!!!

4. Make money by shrinking URLs

Through the URL shortening intermediary platform, shorten the URL of interesting and good-looking articles or videos. And share and post to social networking sites (FB, IG, LINE) or other sites to earn income.

Its operation method is that when a visitor clicks on the short URL link, it will bring an advertisement page in the process of going to the destination URL. The general revenue is about USD $1.0 to USD $2.0 for every 1000 clicks. This type of money-making platform Easy to apply. The more famous ones are ,

5. Make money with mobile apps

The task items are similar to the above platforms. Mainly through the mobile app to watch videos, click on advertisements, do surveys, play games, etc. to earn cash or gift cards. Friends who are interested can refer to the following earning apps: Big Time , appKarma , GrabPoints, Make internet Money.

6. Engage in e-commerce and sell products on the Internet(internet money)

Engage in e-commerce and sell products on the Internet

Opening a store and selling things on the Internet(internet money) can be said to be the most traditional and one of the most time-tested effective ways to make money online.

The products to be sold can be developed by ourselves or promoted by other companies. The types can be simple Divided into physical products or digital products (such as e-books, software, videos, etc.).

7. Open a shop on auction platforms or online malls

The advantage of opening a store on an auction platform or online shopping mall is that the website has a high degree of trust and a large traffic of visitors.

As long as your product is good/Best and the price is reasonable,it can bring good sales performance. Its disadvantage is you Must bear the usage fee of the platform (such as listing fee, sales commission).

Well-known Chinese e-commerce platforms include Open Air, Qimo, Xiaopi, Taobao, Yahoo Auction, PChome Shopping Street. The more famous foreign ones are Amazon Amazon.

If you have creative talent and like to make handicrafts, then you can also consider using Taiwan’s Pinkoi or Etsy, the leading international platform in this field, to expand business opportunities.

8. Set up an online store on your own

Set up an online store on your own

Also You can build your own online store through in Shopify, Shopline or WordPress plus the WooCommerce shopping cart system.

Compared with other e-commerce service platforms such as Taobao, the advantage of this type of self-service online shop platform is that you can When it becomes its own official website, it is easier to establish a brand image and have more independent sales control.

9. Dropshipping direct shipping

This is a zero-inventory e-commerce business model. The operation method is very similar to ordinary purchasing. After the customer pays for shopping in your online store, you then place an order to notify the supplier to ship directly to the customer.

This kind of direct online store requires small funds and no inventory pressure. For detailed operation methods, please refer to this article: A shortcut for petty bourgeoisie to open a store online .

10. The most representative product of POD (Print on Demand) is a customized T-shirt.

A few years ago, there was a wave of online gold rush. Many people first put their designed T-shirts on Teespring ‘s customized service platform for display, and then bought FB Facebook ads, which brought huge exposure, and waited until the order was filled ( About 10 or more), the service provider is notified to print and drop ship directly to the customer.

At present, there are many service platforms that provide POD, and there are more than dozens or even hundreds of types of personalized products that can be printed. In addition to T-shirts, everything includes mugs, mobile phone cases, key rings, and shopping bags. A sales item that can be customized.

Since most of the printed art patterns are personal artistic creations and have the copyright of the design, customized products are less likely to be imitated and compete with vicious bargaining. For those who are interested in opening an online store, it may be an alternative development Direction.

In addition to the Teespring mentioned above, the POD service platform can also refer to Kusdom , Printful and Printify.

11. Auction second-hand goods

You can usually see if there are any things in your home that have not been used for more than a year. In addition to occupying a seat, these things may not be used in the future. At this time, the best solution may be to auction online!

You can use Yahoo auctions in Taiwan , open-air auctions. Foreign auction platforms such as eBay sell second-hand antiques, clothing or computer games. eBay is the currently the world’s largest online auction platform. You may wish to focus on your business On this platform. After all, the acceptance of second-hand goods by European and American buyers is quite large, and the bidding bids are relatively generous.

12. Sales Sublicense (PLR) Products

Use sublicenses (PLR, Private Label Right) to sell downloadable digital products. These include e-books, videos, application software, or art galleries that can be copyrighted.

Generally, the copyright of sublicensed products can be roughly divided into full buyout and partial buyout. Many sublicensed products allow you to directly modify the content, translate and put your own name as the author to sell for profit.

Another frequently used sublicensed product is to use it as a free gift to build a list of customers (List Building). As a important marketing channel for developing customers in future.

There are also quite a few channels for obtaining sublicensed products. The simpler way is to join the members of sublicensed provider platforms. These platforms are generally have two levels of free and paid. You can try its free products first. Consider a paid upgrade.

Ah Fu currently uses the English . Of course, you can also find some sub- licensed suppliers in Chinese, but the membership fee seems to be quite high.

13. Sell ​​your own photographs

Sell ​​your own photographs

Don’t delete the photos you usually take. You can sell the copyrights of your photography works through the photo service platform.

When Internet marketers place advertisements (Media Buy), they often need to test many Landing Pages containing photos. Let’s see which advertisement works better. One of the little secrets is the: “ Use natural and simple The photos tend to have higher click-through rate (CTR, Click Through Rate) than professional photography photos. ”

So don’t underestimate your daily photography work, ordinary and simple photos sometimes sell better than professional photography works. Recommended platforms are foam , Shutterstock , 123RF .

14. Use free classified advertising networks

You can publish goods for sale or provide paid services on the free advertising platform. Unfortunately, since Kijiji Qijiji withdrew from Taiwan market. It seems that there is no online classified advertising website with sufficient traffic.

Probably this type of advertising has gone to the Facebook Marketplace or community. In addition, PTT Pikki Industrial Square is also a large classified advertising distribution center.

Of course, if your main sales target is foreign customers, you can extend your reach to Craigslist, the world’s largest classified advertising service platform.

Become a KOL influencer from the media

There are many channels of self-media, whether it is blogs, YouTube, FB, IG or TikTok and other social media provide a stage for individuals to exert influence on the Internet. If they can successfully generate a large search traffic or follow fans, then It can be transformed into a KOL internet celebrity with both fame and fortune.

Running a blog

Running a blog

Blogs can be regarded as the most traditional and stable income channel from the media. Running a blog requires a lot of energy and time, and it requires long-term investment. Sometimes because of the lack of website traffic, there is no any in the first half year income.

To build a new blog site, you must first choose a theme based on your own interests or expertise. Then you can choose one of the following two development models:

(1). Niche site -blogs only focus on specific topics in a small range. For example , the Japanese travel blog of the doctor’s blogger Lin Shibi , which only introduces one country in Japan.

Operating a niche website requires relatively little article content, and it is easy to get a good search engine ranking and start to make a profit in a short time, so it is very suitable for blog novices.

(2). Authority site (authority site) -Johnny Ward, the travel expert mentioned earlier in the article, his blog covers a lot of countries. It belongs to this type of website.

Since authoritative websites introduce a wide range of content, they need a lot of articles, so they are complicated to operate, and it will take longer to see results. However, due to the relatively large number of potential visitors, blogs are profitable The potential is also the best.

The amount of income of a blog is mainly determined by the amount of natural traffic on the Internet, that is, the search engine rankings (SERP, Search Engine Results Pages) of web keywords. As for the profit methods, there are mainly Google Adsense advertising, affiliate marketing and industry distribution. and many more.

15. YouTube channel

YouTube channel

YouTube can be said to be the most popular cradle of online celebrity cultivation. Make videos and upload them to your own channel. As long as the audience is large enough, you can make money through Google Adsense or product endorsements.

According to a report by Forbes magazine in the United States , in the top 10 most profitable YouTuber rankings in 2019, five of them earn an annual income of more than 300 million Taiwan dollars by introducing video games.

Taiwan’s internet celebrity Ah Shen is also a leader in the game.Currently, the game channel has more than 2.4 million fans, and the estimated monthly Youtube advertising revenue has reached more than 1 million Taiwan dollars.

Other popular YouTube online earning(internet money) projects include food, product unpacking, funny, etc.

16. FB Fan Page/Society Management

FB Fan Page/Society Management

The Facebook fan page/society with many fans is a good channel to promote products or become a spokesperson for products. In addition, you can also set up a business area on the fan page. Sell products directly to your followers.

However, due to changes in Facebook policy in recent years, the reach of fan page posts has not been as high as before. This has also reduced many marketing opportunities to make money.

One solution is to use the Facebook Messenger chat bot (chatbot) to interact with fans, and use the related subscription scheduling function to do planned shopping guide marketing. FB chatbots with good reputation can refer to Chatisfy .

In addition, many online marketing workers are gradually shifting their business focus to the FB community. Facebook communities generally have a higher interaction rate than fan pages. Because of the ability to filter members in advance, the customer group’s Master is more accurate. Convenient to do more effective marketing and shopping guide.

Yes Of course, other social media such as IG (Instagram) or LINE also development channels worth considering.

17. Become an IG influencer

Instagram is good at making perfect visual presentations of daily life, and due to its strong storytelling characteristics, IG influencers are very popular in the field of advertising and marketing, and the opportunities for industrial and commercial distribution have also increased a lot.

As long as your IG channel has 1,000 followers, you can be promoted to Nano-influencer. Become the first ticket for online earning.

18. Become TikToker on Douyin International

TikTok, commonly known as the “TikTok International Edition,” is known for its short 15-second video and audio. It has risen rapidly in recent years and has become a social platform for young generation Z under the age of 30.

With the help of nearly 1 billion users worldwide, TikTok is accelerating the cultivation of a large number of KOL influencers . The top TikToker can even get an annual income of hundreds of millions of Taiwan dollars.

19. Google Adsense Advertising

It is the most commonly used channel for websites and YouTube channels to earn advertising fees, and it is generally the best advertising bonus. Some people in foreign countries even earn hundreds of thousands a month, more than office workers.

In addition to placing Google Adsense ads on your website to make money, you can also consider using other advertising networks to increase your income. For example, BloggerAds in Chinese, in English, etc.

In addition, you can also rent out the advertising space on the website to provide interested manufacturers for publication and use in the form of monthly rent or traffic billing.

If you have a mobile app developed by yourself, you can also join Google AdMob to earn advertising revenue.

20. Do affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

Do affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

Join affiliate marketing platform (Affiliate Networks) to promote other people’s products or services to obtain the transaction commissions.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of room to make internet money. There are Some digital products such as e-books, online teaching courses or application software, etc., sometimes give promoters up to 50% of the sales commission.

This is a way to make money that is quite suitable for novices and veterans. Generally speaking, foreign alliances (mainly in Europe and the United States) have relatively more profit sharing bonuses because of their large markets and high incomes for the people.

Because of this, as long as you can control the Internet traffic in these countries, regardless of whether its source is free (Google search) or paid (buy ads), as long as you can promote their products, the income is definitely better than domestic a lot of.

Affiliate marketing can generally be divided into two camps:

CPS (Cost per Sale)-A merchandise sales-oriented alliance . As long as you help promote a product successfully, the alliance will pay you a profit sharing commission.

In the Chinese market, well-known alliance marketing platforms such as Yahoo! Major League, Momo Diandian, blogs to AP Strategic Alliance, Taobao (Ali Mama). The
more famous European and American companies include Amazon Associates and eBay Partner Network. , CJ Affiliate, ClickBank, etc.

CPA (Cost per Action)-A business mission-oriented alliance . You only need to guide visitors to complete the tasks required by the alliance (such as completing the registration list, mobile App download, etc.), and you can get rewards.

In addition you may can also see some other affiliate marketing terms, such as CPI (Cost per Install), CPL (Cost per Lead), etc. Because of similar nature, they can generally be classified under the CPA project.

CPA Alliance Chinese platform can refer to Alliance Network , iChannels Channel King. Good foreign ones such as MaxBounty, Mobidea.

21. Receiving

The prevalence of influencer marketing has allowed many popular self-media (YouTube, IG, FB, blogs) operators with many followers to follow, increasing many opportunities to make money in the industry.

The form of industry distribution promotion can be posts, filming or direct placement of manufacturer advertisements. The amount of income is usually determined by the industry category, the number of fans and the interaction rate.

In order to increase the chance of receiving orders, you may wish to apply to join some online celebrity matchmaking platforms. This allows manufacturers to find you more easily to negotiate cooperation. Such service websites such as online celebrity hunter , KOL Radar , Influenxio circle.

22. Be a webcast host

Use the live broadcast function of social networking sites to operate live broadcasts to make money.

Webcasting provides a convenient channel for real-time interaction with netizens. It can be cooking, singing, selling things or playing online games. As long as the show is done well, the number of fans will continue to increase. Some advertisements and industry distribution The opportunity to make money will follow.

There are many live broadcast channels that you can try, such as Facebook live broadcast, YouTube live broadcast, Instagram live broadcast, LINE Live, 17 live broadcast. There is also a Twitch live broadcast platform that game players can’t miss.

23. Podcast

Some people joked that Podcast is the sound version of YouTube, and the world’s representative podcasters such as Joe Rogan in the United States. His Podcast program ” The Joe Rogan Experience ” is downloaded 190 million times a month on the Spotfiy platform. Annual revenue It also came to 30 million U.S. dollars (about 900 million Taiwan dollars).

The top ten well-known podcasts in Taiwan’s KKBox “Podcast List ” , such as “Bai Ling Guo NEWS” , “Gooaye Stock Cancer” and “Taiwan’s No. 1 Brand”, each month’s industry distribution income has also reached one million Taiwan dollars about.

The mode of making money from podcasts also has many similarities with YouTube. The main ones are:

  • Industry distribution – is currently the main source of income for Podcaster podcasts
  • Advertisement insertion-arranged through the advertising company. Common pricing methods such as 15-second
  • placement of advertisements, for every thousand program downloads and broadcasts, you will pay $500 Taiwan dollars
  • Subscription system-open paid channels with more in-depth content
  • Sell ​​peripheral products related to channel content
  • Open personal sponsorship or crowdfunding

24. Create a web forum

As you may have visited some of the high popularity of the internet forum such as backpackers , Bahamute video games , etc. They have to sell advertising in the forum above. Brought a considerable income for the site.

If you have interest or expertise in a particular field, such as financial investment, beauty care, etc., you can consider setting up an online forum. Create your own online community.

The advantage of running online forum is that most of the content on the website is generated by forum users themselves. As long as you do a good job in the management level, you can use it to make money.

25. Domain name investment

The current price of buying a .com domain name is about US$10. If a wide range of domains with the potential for appreciation can be collected, it may be sold at auction prices of tens of thousands of dollars in the future. Well-known website auction venues such as GoDaddy domain auction and .

In addition, the URLs you don’t use can also be used as Domain Parking to earn some extra income.

26. Website Flipping

This is an advanced way to make money online. It’s like buying and selling old houses. Buy old houses at low prices, refurbish and refurbish them and then sell them at high prices. You buy some potential websites first, and try to increase website traffic and Earnings, after improvement, they will be auctioned and sold.

The transaction price of a general auction is about 24 to 36 times the monthly net income of the website. In other words, if your website’s monthly income is 10,000 yuan, then the transaction price of this website should be between 240,000 and 36 Between ten thousand yuan. English websites can be auctioned through the Flippa or Empire Flippers platforms . For the Chinese website , please refer to FlipWeb.

27. Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Sending emails to promote merchandise, although it is an old-fashioned marketing method, the effect is still very good. It has not been weakened by the rise of LINE or Facebook Messenger.

Electronic newspaper marketing mainly collects the list of potential customers (List Building) through websites or buying advertisements. Then use these lists to send emails regularly or irregularly for repetitive product promotion.

Of course, when creating an email list, you’d better provide some benefits (such as e-books, free joining FB private clubs), so that visitors are happy to leave information.

In actual operation, you can write more than a dozen email marketing copy at a time. Then use the email scheduling management software (such as GetResponse) to set the sending time of each email in advance, and give it to the system. Carry out automated portfolio marketing.

Of course, your email can’t be used to promote and sell every article. This will scare the readers away. You’d better be able to use most of your emails to communicate and share with readers. About 1/3 of your life Gossip, 1/3 knowledge exchange, 1/3 promotion advertisement. After mutual trust has been established, the things promoted can be sold easily.

The main profit methods of electronic newspaper marketing can generally be classified into the following 3 methods:

1.Write supporting essays or put in sponsor advertisements

2.Promote affiliate marketing products

3.Sell ​​self-created/others’ knowledge digital products. For example, online teaching courses/videos. Many people make the first pot of gold by selling high-margin knowledge products by buying a list of potential customers established by FB advertisements.

In addition, when operating e-mail marketing, you can consider using e-mail scheduling management systems such as GetResponse (used by Ah Fu), ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, and MailChimp to help you manage e-newsletter delivery and analyze benefits.

In addition to Email, you can also use the official LINE account or FB Messenger to do similar marketing tasks. It’s just that these two tools have inherent limitations on the platform, and the function of scheduled sending is not as powerful as email marketing.

28. Operate advertising to make internet money (Media Buying)

The advertisement placement to be introduced here mainly focuses on the personal way of making internet money online. Although it is very similar to the general marketing company helping manufacturers advertise, it will also emphasize real-time in addition to the discrepancy in the preferred traffic platform. Liquidity.

Advertising can be said to be one of the shortcuts to get rich quickly on the Internet. It is not like a blog or YouTube channel, which takes a long time to operate. As long as you are willing to spend money on advertising, you can immediately use the purchased Internet traffic To make a profit.

Another advantage of it is that it is very expandable. As long as it can successfully test the winning combination of making money, that is to say, after continuous optimization, it has found an accurate advertising audience , good copywriting and landing page (landing page) .

It can quickly expand the reach of advertising to other paid traffic platforms or countries and regions. To speed up the speed of making internet money.

Common arbitrage channels for buying traffic are:

  • Operational affiliate marketing promotion plan
  • Dropshipping direct shipping or POD customized products
  • Email list collection and shopping guide for high-profit products (e.g. online courses)

Generally, the use of advertising to make money is mainly through FB or other advertising traffic trading platforms, importing the purchased traffic to the product sales page/landing page, and from there, persuading visitors to achieve the task of closing the task.

Also, because the purchased Internet traffic can be very large, the potential for profit is also extremely considerable. The daily income of powerful masters often comes to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

But from another perspective, because the advertising funds that need to be invested are often very large, it invisibly increases a lot of profit risks of operation failure.

In addition to the well-known FB advertisements, the popular types of advertisements include native ads, push notifications and pop ads.

However, due to the stricter Facebook advertising review and the price increase, many people who buy paid traffic are forced to switch to native advertising instead.

In addition, TikTok, which has become popular in recent years, has gradually become another mainstream paid advertising channel. If it is a foreign market, buying advertising traffic on Pinterest and Snapchat also has high profit potential.

Now let’s sort out the currently popular advertising platforms:

Now let's sort out the currently popular advertising platforms internet money
  • Keyword Advertising── Google Ads (AdWords)
  • Social media advertising── FB, IG
  • Native ads ── Taboola, Outbrain
  • Push notification ── Propeller Ads
  • Pop ads (pop ads) ── PopAds

The operation of advertising requires very professional knowledge and skills, and novices with little experience often end up losing money. Therefore, before investing, you must first have a certain amount of relevant professional knowledge, and after continuous advertising testing and optimization, can you Increase the chance of success.

Be a freelance worker, make money(Internet money) by taking cases (Freelance)

Be a freelance worker, make money by taking cases (Freelance) internet money

29. Make Internet money on outsourcing platforms

You can find a variety of part-time money-making projects on the outsourcing website. These tasks can be FB editor, translating files, art design, building websites or acting as a personal virtual assistant (Virtual Assistant).

This type of outsourcing platform such as 518 outsourcing network, 104 outsourcing network, Zhubajie in the Chinese market. Famous foreigners include Fiverr and UpWork.

30. Online shop customer service

The development of e-commerce has driven a huge demand for customer service. Many online shops require customer service to handle customer online chatting (online chatting) or e-mail inquiries. Sometimes they also responsible for the arrangement of orders and shipments.

31. Sell ​​self-developed digital products and realize knowledge

You can also make your professional knowledge or experience into e-books or teaching videos for sale.

Developing and making digital products yourself (e-books/teaching course videos) is one of the best ways to build a personal online reputation. It will be a very effective tool for your online marketing. Not only can you use it to quickly open yourself At the same time, this type of digital product has a low cost and no inventory and shipping issues in sales, so it can bring you high profits.

As for the sales channels, they can be their own blogs, Facebook, YouTube and other social media, or some e-book listing platforms Readmoo , Rakuten Kobo Writing Life , Google Play Books, etc.

For a high-priced knowledge products due to the large profits, you can also use the product sales page to conduct shopping guides by buying advertisements (FB or Google).

32. Earn manuscript fees for writing articles(Internet money)

Contribute online or receive some advertising copy. The content can be articles on food, travel and 3C products. For those who are interested in writing, this is a very convenient way to make money.

In addition, you can also refer to online content sharing platforms like SOSreader (squares) . Share articles in an open subscription mode. On the one hand, in addition to increasing the exposure of personal works, the platform will depend on the number of subscribers to the article , Provide profit sharing bonus according to the ratio.

33. Online class teaching

Online class teaching internet money

You can use Internet to teach classes or do virtual tutoring. For example, teach cooking, photography, beauty, computer programming, art design, foreign languages.Generally the simple remote teaching can be done directly through Skype or FaceTime.

For more complex courses, you can consider using an online course teaching platform to help. Well-known platforms such as Hahow School , YOTTA or famous foreign Udemy and Teachable etc.
If you are proficient in the other foreign languages, you can also use a shared tutoring platform like AmazingTalker to increase your income.

Of course, in addition to using the online teaching platform provided by a third party, you can also set up a paid subscription membership site (membership site). Provide relevant teaching resources.

Another way is to hold a webinar. You can use a web meeting service platform like GoToMeeting to introduce your courses or products. You can communicate and interact with netizens, and you can use this opportunity to collect customer lists for marketing Own product.

34. Design application software App

Design application software App internet money

If your expertise is in writing computer programs, you can use the developed code (script), plug-in (plugin) or version of the theme (theme), using a high-traffic application software trading platform such as Code Canyon (Envato Market) Come to make money.

Of course, you can also set up a website and design special online tools for visitors to use. For example, investment and financial management gadgets, Internet speed testers, survey generators or domain name generators, etc.

This type of tool station can often attract a lot of Internet traffic. It is very suitable for placing Google Adsense ads to realize it. If it is well managed , it can even develop into a paid rental service model, such as the online questionnaire design platform SurveyCake . example.

If the area of ​​expertise is in the development of mobile apps, then Google Play or Apple App Store will be the ideal sales channel.

If the App’s monthly users (MAU, Monthly Active Users) exceed 10,000 or more, you can consider joining Google AdMob , MoPub (a Twitter company) or Facebook’s FAN (Facebook Audience Network) to earn advertising revenue.

These advertising service platforms will automatically place commercial advertisements in the mobile apps you develop, and will share the income with you.

The common profit models for developing software apps are organized as follows:

  • One-time download
  • Rental software as a service (SaaS-Software as a Service)-charge a monthly or annual fee
  • In-app purchases (IAP, in-app purchases) – provide functions within the software that require additional fees
  • Advertise

35. Use the online crowdfunding platform to start a business

If you have a good innovative idea or are developing potential new products, you can try to use the online crowdfunding platform to promote your ideas. Raise funds from interested online investors to accelerate your realization The goal of entrepreneurial profitability.

The use of online crowdfunding (crowdfunding) projects can be said to be diverse, it can be handicrafts, it can also be technology products. And the funds raised are also different. In foreign countries, it can even exceed one million U.S. dollars.

Taiwan online crowdfunding platform Gee has called the case a fund-raising – Flip Backpack (FlipBag) , attracted a thousand people sponsor fund-raising in just three months will be raised to NT $ 469 more than one million yuan.

The online teaching website Hahow Good School mentioned just now is also an example of crowdfunding. The teacher first announced the course outline to raise funds from the students, and after the funds were collected, the class started smoothly.

In addition, the well-known online fundraising platforms in the Chinese market include Flying V in Taiwan, JD crowdfunding and Taobao crowdfunding in China. On the international stage, in addition to Kickstarter, well-known platforms, Indiegogo is also very famous.

Ah Fu also found a case where the Taiwan University of Science and Technology team raised funds to develop a 3D Printer on the Kickstarter platform for your reference.


There are many ways to make money online. Novices may be hesitant at the beginning, and don’t know which online earning project is better. Ah Fu recommends that you take a long-term perspective and start by building a niche according to your own interests. Type (Niche) website to start. Although time-consuming and labor -intensive , but its long-term benefit prospects are the greatest.

You can use this type of website to do affiliate marketing, place Google Adsense ads, collect a list of potential customers (List Building) or build your own brand as an e-commerce company.

For other methods of the making money online,some can only make a small amount of money, while others rely too much on a single platform (such as FB, YouTube, Amazon). In case of accidental account closure, it will greatly increase your online business risk.

As the saying goes, don’t put eggs in the same basket. In order to reduce your risk of making internet money online, it’s best to choose more than one online earning channel. Work hard. I believe you will achieve something in the future.

Whether you are a part-time student, a housewife, or a full-time online freelancer, you must be alert to some ads that guarantee getting rich quickly. In addition, some require payment in advance or provide bank credit card information For money-making projects(internet money), more verification must be verified to reduce the risk of being deceived.

Basically speaking, making money through the Internet is like working in other industries. There are no so-called shortcuts. You must work hard to get the corresponding high rewards. Ah Fu wishes you every success!!!

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