Keratin Treatment Side Effects and Benefits

In this article we will know about keratin hair treatment and What are the benefits? All you need to know about best keratin treatment.

First of all, the head is washed with a special shampoo that opens the scales of the hair. Then each hair is treated with a keratin solution, which is selected individually for each client. 

Further, with the help of an iron, the keratin is sealed in the hair, after which the remnants of the product are washed off without shampoo, with water. 

At the end of the procedure, the master dries the hair with a hairdryer and does the styling.

What is Keratin Hair Treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein. Keratin is successfully involved in the processes of restoring hair, nails and skin, being a building material. 

That is why keratin is added to cosmetics and is actively used to restore hair. 

Keratin is especially necessary for your hair to recover from various types of damaging effects: dyeing, chemical treatment with hair curlers, permanent bleaching or styling at high temperatures.

Best Keratin Treatment for Hair

The condition of the hair depends on several variables: heredity, hormones, diet, health problems, weather conditions, stress etc. So lifestyle and lifestyle, among other things, can be the main culprits for quite serious hair damage.

If adequate measures are not taken to protect the scalp and hair fiber, there is a big risk of aggravating the damage. The hair will soon lose its vitality, become fragile and brittle. So, what to do when the hair is extremely weak?

The miracle treatment to be tested is within your reach and it is none other than the keratin hair treatment.


  1. brazilian keratin treatment
  2. Japzilian Keratin
  3. Soft Keratin
  4. Keratin Express


Thanks for the real benefits and unforgettable effects of keratin treatment, and for all these unique compositions. Keratin is the natural constituent of your hair and if it is not enough in the hair, the hair becomes dull, brittle and split ends.

Keratin saturates and nourishes the hair from the inside, making the hair smooth, silky, supple, removing frizz. With the right procedure, keratin strengthens the hair, forming a strong network of keratin inside the hair itself.

Suitable for colored, very damaged, dry and brittle hair. Other benefits of keratin care include:

  • Thickens the structure;
  • Protects hair from moisture loss;
  • Relieves and prevents excessive fragility;
  • Improves recovery and protective functions;
  • Returns elasticity and strength to the hairstyle.

Experts and beautiful women share the same opinion – keratinization can bring more damaged levels to life.

Keratin Hair Treatment Before and After

keratin hair before and after
keratin treatment before and after

Keratin Treatment at Home

How to do keratin hair treatment at home? There are a number of kits on the market that allow you to do at least one touch-up at home, if not professionalism.

We can do this kind of treatment at home in a few months to keep the effects of keratin on our hair and strengthen it strongly. Once the hands of the experts have passed, we will know more about how to apply it.

Also more and more beauty products (shampoos, masks, etc.) are made with keratin. A word of advice: it is better to take a break without any keratin products If we use it regularly, our hair may become addicted.

Thanks in advance for keeping the color intact and versatile for a long time The repair complex will seal the split end

Hair curling at home does not have as effective an effect on the salon as the healing process. Stylists use professional, high-quality, more effective means

But the cost of the session is too high The principle of self-treatment is the same – to clean, to treat with an active ingredient, and to seal with an iron.

a women with long hair
keratin hair treatment

If you have long dreamed of smooth, shiny hair but not a single shampoo, balm or mask gives the expected effect, you should try keratin straightening at home.

Yes, the salon procedure can be carried out at home, it is enough to know about all the nuances, pros, cons and contraindications. Don’t panic about it: We’ll talk about the most important!

Why Keratin Straightening?

Because it is keratin that decides whether your hair will be curly or smooth. According to various sources, this protein makes up from 80 to 90 percent of the hair, which means it greatly affects their condition.

But! Initially, you should know that keratin straightening will not heal the curls, but only visually make them more attractive: smooth, shiny, soft to the touch. Just look at the photo!

The effect of this procedure is cumulative: after the first time it will last 1-2 months, after several procedures it will already be able to please up to six months. You can do it on almost any hair. Strongly curly will have a less pronounced effect, but it will be!

If, nevertheless, there is a desire to wind curls, then there will also be no problems with this. The only thing is that you should not apply the composition before dyeing your hair, because the dye will not penetrate well into the sealed structure, and it will partially destroy the acquired protein layer.

How to Do Keratin Straightening at Home?

  1. For the best result, it is worth preparing the hair: wash it with a special shampoo that deeply cleanses and opens the scales; carefully comb and dry the strands.
  2. Now, using a brush or a spray gun , we apply the composition along the entire length of the hair, retreating from the roots by 1 cm. Do not be sorry! Curls must be saturated with keratin!
  3. Dry with a hair dryer, but not hot, but slightly warm or cold air.
  4. We seal the keratin composition in the hair structure using an iron heated to 230 ° C. We spend 5-8 times on each strand so that the protein fills the voids inside the hair.
  5. We clean: we wash out the remaining keratin with a slightly acidic shampoo, fix it with a special tool, if it is in your kit. Drying already smooth shining curls again!

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Smoothing keratin Treatment

Each hairdresser performs an average of 8 brushings per day. Straightening has become the first demand of women in hairdressing salons. For those who are fed up with daily brushing, keratin smoothing treatment is a possible alternative.

But the choice of techniques offered is vast and it is not always easy to navigate. Especially since a controversy over the presence of formalin in certain products has confirmed the most recalcitrant in their positions.

Warning: The keratin smoothing treatment is not a permanent smoothing. It sheaths the hair so as to soften it, weigh it down and relax it, but in no way modifies its structure. The smooth effect lasts from 2 to 4 months, depending on the technique, and dissipates uniformly: after this period, all the hair regains its original movement.

Keratin restoration at home is a bad idea primarily because it can completely ruin your hair, make it look greasy and lifeless.

If you are wondering what steps the master will follow during your visit to the salon, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions for keratin recovery.

  1. The first stage is cleansing. The master applies a deep cleansing shampoo to damp hair to remove excess sebum, as well as get rid of impurities and styling products.
  2. Next, a keratin composition is applied to the dried hair: gently, strand by strand, stepping back from the roots by 1-2 centimeters.
  3. After application, the hair is combed with a wide-toothed comb for better distribution of the product.
  4. The exposure period is 40-50 minutes.
  5. After that, the hair is dried with a hairdryer : not a drop of moisture should remain on it.
  6. When the strands are completely dry, the master begins to work with the iron: he works each strand at the maximum temperature. Thus, the keratin is sealed in the hair and better penetrates into its structure.
  7. When all the strands are processed, you need to wash your hair with keratin shampoo. This is followed by drying with a hairdryer. The balm is not used at the end of the procedure.

Keratin treatment price?

So, how much keratin treatment cost?Not all salon are the same price for keratin treatment. Ask your nearest salon for the price.

What is keratin treatment?

Keratin is a natural protein. Keratin is successfully involved in the processes of restoring hair, nails and skin, being a building material. That is why keratin is added to cosmetics and is actively used to restore hair.

Keratin is especially necessary for your hair to recover from various types of damaging effects: dyeing, chemical treatment with hair curlers, permanent bleaching or styling at high temperatures.

Smoothing keratin treatment, who is it for?

Brushing addicts (especially those with weakened hair) who want, for once in their life, to dry their hair without resorting to straightening plates.

Girls with curly hair: The treatment coats the hair, which gives it substance and defines the curls. This is the end of the “little sheep” effect, since the fiber is heavier.

Balayage enthusiasts: Brazilian straightening is a vector of shine and radiance. The color regains its pep and the hair looks healthier.

Are all new Smoothing keratin treatment same?

No. Care must be taken that the product applied does not contain formalin, an aggressive component which causes the treatment to lose its nutritional vocation. To be sure, we ask to see the product bottle on which must be mentioned “formaldehyde free” or “formaldehyde free”.

keratin treatment near me

keratin hair treatment near me: If you want to do keratin treatment for your hair and want to visit your nearest salon. simple type “keratin treatment near me” on google. it will show you all the nearest results.

Does keratin treatment damage hair?

No, keratin treatment can improve your hair style. Keratin hair restoration is one of the most sought-after salon procedures, transforming even lifeless damaged strands into a smooth, shiny canvas.

Unlike keratin straightening, restoration is much more beneficial for damaged hair.

How does keratin treatment work?

The procedure is exclusively salon: only an experienced master is able to mix the composition correctly, apply it to the strands and follow the next steps to transform the hair from already-almost-tow into silk cloth.

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