Killing Eve season 4 Release date, Trailer and More

Killing Eve season 4 release date: Soon the game of cat and mouse will end. The creators have announced when the premiere of the 4th season of the television series Killing Eve will take place, which will be the final one and will interrupt the long and controversial struggle between the heroines. About when to wait for the return and what will happen next – we tell.

Killing Eve season 4 release date

And then there will be the release date for season 4 of Killing Eve, which is already scheduled for February 28, 2022 .

Race around the circle

Killing Eve is a thriller, drama and action movie all rolled into one. According to the story, Palastri, played by Sandra Oh, opens the hunt for a dangerous assassin Villanelle, and she, in turn, begins to look for Eve herself. For 3 seasons, the girls chased each other and became literally obsessed with the idea of ​​being caught.

Rumors that season 4 would take place began to spread at the beginning of 2020, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the creators kept silence for a long time – it was still not possible to start work on the upcoming chapter. 

Only recently an official statement appeared – 4 parts to be , but, unfortunately for the fans, she will put an end to the adventure of the main characters.

killing eve season 4

It also became known that the shooting of the 4th season of the series “Killing Eve” is scheduled for the summer, the release date of the new episodes will take place next year, but such a long wait upset the fans. 

At one well-known thematic forum, viewers shared their opinion about the news in general and the expected release date. Paradoxically, even loyal fans are happy about the closure of the project. They believe that the picture has already become obsolete and it’s time to finish in order to leave a good impression on the tape.

In confirmation of the words of the public, reviews of critics also come forward, who in the third part have already noticed the plot fall. According to their reviews, the film remained interesting only because of the chemistry between the main characters. 

The plot of the final chapter has not yet been reported. Of course, Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer remain among the actors, and Laura Neal will become the screenwriter. More details will come as filming begins.

We have a spin-off coming up.

The creators have hinted that the release date of the Killing Eve series with its final chapter may well not become a point in the story as a whole. One of the participants in the process suggested that the project might get a spin-off , where there will be other, but equally attractive and intriguing characters.

It is difficult to say how successful this idea is. On the one hand, this is a new plot twist, on the other hand, an attempt to “suck out” the last of a successful idea. 

The idea really turned out to be successful – after the release of the first parts of the tape, the audience vying with each other wrote positive reviews and detailed reviews, rejoicing at the non-standard, atypical and original project.

Of course, fans of the television series Killing Eve are waiting for the release date of season 4 with a slight sadness – it’s always hard to say goodbye to your favorite shows. But who knows –maybe the tape will really get a new life in a different interpretation.

Killing Eve Season 4 episode schedule

SeriesNamePremier dates
4×01February 28 , 2022
4×02March 7 , 2022
4×03March 14 , 2022
4×04March 21 , 2022
4×05March 28 , 2022
4×06April 4 , 2022
4×07April 11 , 2022
4×08April 18 , 2022


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