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Many people use the power of their knees when they squat or sit down . In fact, this way will damage the knee joint. What is the correct way to sit?

  • The way many people squat and sit is not good for their knees.

Learn to exercise the ” hip joint ” and establish the correct movement pattern

When we train the lower body motion mode, whether it is a squat form of “two-foot squat standing” or a “single foot” lunge and other actions, we practice ” hip joint first, not knee joint first”. , Is the most important key concept in all actions.

This is the body’s ability to “flex the hips” and is also the biggest focus of training.

You can observe look at their squat of posture , appearance presented.

knee bend
                 When squatting , bend the hip joint in the correct posture , rather than relying on the strength of the knee.

The picture on the right is the error mode. When many people squat, they squat by bending their knees forward. As a result, the knee joint will bear too much pressure.

But if you can use the “hip joint” to drive your body first (as shown in the picture on the left), imagine using your butt to start the movement first, you will find that you can squat more firmly, and when you stand up, your body seems to have some magic The strength of the action can be completed more easily.

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The right way to sit down

The correct way to sit in a chair is to sit backwards first. At this time, your upper body can lean forward slightly to keep your body’s center of gravity and not to fall backwards.

You can take a chair, stand with your feet shoulder-width or slightly wider, about 5-10 cm away from the chair. Practice moving from the buttocks first. The target is to place your buttocks on the chair below the back and lightly touch. After that, stand up again. Repeat this several times.

You can refer to the action exercises of “Squat on the Box” below.

              Refer to the “squat on the box” action to practice the correct sitting style.

After being proficient, you can challenge to take the chair off and try to squat to the same depth in the same “butt move first” mode. In the future, when you want to squat down to pick up things on the ground, especially when picking up heavier items, you must also remember that you must use your butt to squat down first.

After establishing this action pattern, many people will magically find that the knee pressure when squatting has been reduced a lot, and even the discomfort has almost disappeared.

Do not squat knees over toes? Where does this misunderstanding come from?

“When squatting, the knees should not exceed the toes” is a very common misunderstanding. In a squat with a good movement pattern, the knee can actually be allowed to slightly exceed the toe, and most of the time, it can also be roughly aligned with the toe.

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Therefore, this reminder is just to prevent the intuitive “knee forward” approach when squatting (many people even float their heels together). Use this simple concept to remind yourself to “backward more hips” instead of just the knees forward.

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