Learn-How To Increase Stamina in 7 Days ?


If you also go bulk in a short time.if you run and exercise and you are not able to do it for a long time.while doing all this your breath is getting bloated.then you have lack of stamina in your body.Tips for increase stamina.

How To Increase Stamina ?

By Following These Steps will help you to increase your stamina in 7 days.

Stay In Motion

if you want to increase the stamina endurance of your body,then you should keep your body movement.if you lie on the bed all day then the stamina of your body will be reduced and along with it your immunity system will also become weak.

Active Your Body

so if you want to increase the stamina of your body then keep your body active.you should always do something or the other.

if you rehearse standing for a long time,you can walk,run,then our body remains active by this.due to this blood circulation starts continuously in your body,due to which stamina increase in your body.

How To Build Stamina Fast ?

Its very easy way if you want to increase stamina fast then you have to play some game daily.a game can enhance your stamina it will help you to boost your stamina.games like-football.

active body stamina











so if you can play football then try to play football daily.if you do not want to play the game,you can do 30 minutes of walking or running.

Which Food Gives More Stamina ?

In some cases while they start running after few minutes their stamina decreases and they cannot run for a long time.then one of the biggest reasons for this is that ,there is a problem in your diet.for that you are not able to run for long.

You heat your hypertrophy and your body cannot with stand more than that.so for this you will have to change your diet.in the diet,you have a lot of foods which will increase your stamina.as well as increase your endurance.


so the first food is sweet potatoes and blue berries.if you eat sweet potatoes or blue berries then it has high reach carbohydrates which is slow digestive hydrate.which is very effective for increase the stamina of your body.

Peanut Butter

The peanut butter has very good in high protein food.your endurance stamina is increase by eating peanut butter.you can also include this in your diet,which will boost your health by going ahead.


If you are going to running then drink coffee 45 minutes before.it increase your stamina and you can also eat banana.if you are going to do exercise then you can drink also coffee 45 minutes before.


If you eat Amla or drink its juice then gradually your stamina will increase with time.try to eat 2 or 3 Amla daily or drink its juice.


If you are non-vegetarian and eat eggs or if you eat 2 eggs in 1 day continuously then it will help you to increase stamina over time.you can add this in your diet too.

foods cooker

Exercise For Stamina

Endurance exercises or A cardio exercise in which we sweat,run,cycling,walking and other exercises.this type of exercises we do.
if you do stretching exercises in different ways,make your muscle a bit active by that our body stamina increases.
one thing all of you should keep in your mind is that if you want to increase the stamina of the body,then the muscle of your body should not be too big for this.

Meaning if you have more muscle in your body then the stamina of your body is reduced.the reasons for this is that our body becomes very over weighted.due to which the stamina of our body is reduced.
example-you must have seen football players ?

ronaldo football

or would have seen cricket players.they are not very thick.they do not have much muscle.that is why they have more stamina.along with this,they are very careful on there health and diet.


What is a Carbohydrate ?

Importance of Carbohydrate

Most people who want to get into better shape believe ,carbohydrate is unhealthy.it is sad to see ,how many people believe that a carbohydrate diet is a path to rapid weight loss.

carbohydrates are at the bottom needs for energy.without carbohydrates you wont be able to burn fat and you will be depriving your body of the minerals and vitamins,it requires to function properly.a balanced diet is all it takes to lose weight easily quickly and correctly.

  • carbohydrates are the fiber,sugars and starches contained in the food unit.elite muscle its gotten protein.carbohydrates are a macro-nutrient.
  • macro-nutrient are what gives the body energy with carbohydrate being the primary source.we must eat protein,fat and carbohydrate food since our body cant produce macro-nutrient in a zone.

Types Of Carbohydrates

There are 2 Types of Carbohydrates

  1. Complex Carbohydrates
  2. Simple Carbohydrates

1.Complex Carbohydrates

Complex Carbohydrates take a lengthy duration to process in the body.they help with the prolonged release of energy due to high amount of nutrients and vitamin.Complex Carbohydrates are beneficial when you trying to maintain healthy lifestyle and they provide the body with extra nutrition and last longer as a source of energy.

Several Examples Of Complex Carbohydrates are

                                             Complex Carbohydrate
  • Brown rice
  • Whole Grain
  • Wheat
  • Oats
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Beans
  • Lentils
  • Peas

Any Kind of food containing these ingredients is much better for your body than their processed equivalent.simple carbohydrates are akin to processed food.they are regarded as simple sugars.

simple carbohydrates get separated in the body very fastand are used as an immediate energy source that burns out faster.

They can be detrimental to the body when regularly consumed since they are compromised of refined sugars with minimal vitamins or nutrients.

2.Simple Carbohydrates

Simple Carbohydrates include

Simple Carbohydrates

  • Honey
  • Sugar
  • Fruit Juices
  • Milk
  • Candy
  • Soda
  • Biscuits

Now that you know the difference between complex carbohydrates and Simple Carbohydrates.

Lets address the truly Bad Carbohydrates

Refined Carbohydrates

If you are attempting to lose weight you must reduce your consumption of refined carbohydrates.

Refined Carbohydrates are the main cause of obesity and consist of high level of fats,calories and sugar.Processed or refined Carbohydrates are germ and brainless grains and as such have decreased nutrient content.

Refined Carbohydrates are found in foods made with white flour-cereals,pizza,pasta,bread etc…

As well as white rice ,sugary beverages and potato chips are also high in refined carbohydrates.

Refined Sugar is Regarded as a refined carbohydrate,therefore…

Ice Creams





are the most typical refined carbohydrates sources integrate fresh vegetables,whole grains,fruits and foods with fiber in your meals.

  • They contain the proper carbohydrates you should be feed your body.
  • Always choose the good sources of Carbohydrates.

The good carbohydrates can help you instead of the ones; that will hurt you.

I have written all the information related to health in advance you can also read them.

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Top 10 Food High in Carbohydrates

FoodsCarbohydrates in 100gEnergy in 100g
1.Soya Beans7.5 g40 Calories
2.Rice28.0 g127 Calories
3.Water Biscuits61.6 g451 Calories
4.Corn Flakes81.1 g374 Calories
5.Boiled Potato18.5 g85 Calories
6.Lentils16.7 g108 Calories
7.Beans14.0 g91 Calories
8.Maize Biscuit72. 0 g436 Calories
9.Carrot9.6 g41 Calories
10.Whole Grain Toast62.6 g364 Calories

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