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Online Marketing: This is the age of self-media marketing. We media (also known as We Media or Self-media) can make money by publishing content, usually writing, or sharing photos, or creating videos to attract audiences.

This is a simple and low-cost way to start a business, you can make more money from it.To start operating WeMedia, you must understand WeMedia’s business model operation and how to make personal development. . Also, you must create a personal label or personal brand.

Now, many self-media creators (KOL) and online marketing operators have matured to make money online by establishing their own personal brands.

How to Make Money from Media Marketing

At present, there are many self-media, but in general, there are two main categories.

1. The first is for practitioners who are self-media. These people are not from the media, but from the industry. Usually, they have four to five years of experience in the industry. They have a deep understanding of the industry and are good at writing or teaching knowledge. 

Articles written by people from the media can be very in-depth and professional. And because of the high quality of articles, many industry practitioners like to follow self-media creators.

2. The second type of self-media creators are from major media and media. They may come from print media or online media. 

Since they cannot tolerate the rigidity and performance evaluation system of traditional media, they may need to consider the development of other media. For example, news TV stations set up online channels to attract more viewers.

What are There from the Media?

online marketing

4 types of self-media platforms that can be operated-make money in online marketing

Online marketing strategy for online business.

1. Use Social Media:

Some people may find, but it is incredible, you may be able to make money from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Various individuals and teams use social media to promote and become celebrities on completely different social networks. 

You will have the option to start with a social media platform, so once you or your website spread widely, you can expand to other relevant online platforms.

After gaining a certain amount of quality and getting coverage on social networks, you can start making money from “sponsored posts“. Remember, this may take a lot of your time.

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You need to have your real fans, who will act with you and share your posts, instead of simply “buying” likes and fans.

Although publishing comedy is the most popular content type, there are social media influencers at almost every level (business, technology, food, travel, etc.). You choose in your own market segment, and then start to fill in relevant personal information to attract fans and subscribers.

If you keep your posts and updates normal, you might even see a surge in your fan base within a few months.

2.Be a Freelancer:

If you have unique skills, finding Freelance is easy. For people with various skills, simple freelance jobs can be completed, and they can be paid, and the price is between $10 and $200 .

On these sites, find various tasks (writing, design, social media management, etc.), as well as detailed information related to payments and schedules. You will browse the list and apply for tasks that suit you.

Remember, you can only get paid in full after you complete and submit the work, and get the approval of the person representing the task. You may have to modify your work multiple times to suit the needs of service shoppers.

In addition, the website may use a portion of your income as a commission, so you need to carefully check the payment policy.

If you want to start freelancing, the main step you must do is to open a Paypal account, because most service purchasers use it to create payments. Once you have an associated account, you will register on the freelance website – I suggest you try upwork.com, freelancer.com and worknhire.com.

In addition, you must also make a list of skill points, so interested service buyers will contact you directly. Otherwise, you will have to keep searching for and applying for the position you want.

When a service buyer recruits you, you must be committed to his task and ask for positive comments. This is very important because the next service buyer will consider your past service comments and consider whether to recruit you.

When you have more and more positive comments, it means that your reputation in the industry is getting higher and higher, and your influence is getting higher and higher, which will naturally attract more service buyers.

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3. Start a Blog:

Blogging is a profession. Major institutions have full-time bloggers who have full-time blogs, earning centipede thousand yuan a month, and influential blogs can also earn more. 

What you have to remember is that making money through blogs requires a lot of time and effort. And you need to understand that your blog will not make money in the early stages. It will take a long time before starting to earn income. 

Once your blog network starts to get enough visitors, you will get the advertising, sponsored content and affiliate marketing income.

There are two ways to start blogs and weblogs-you can use sites like Blogger or Tumblr to start blogs for free (this site was initially set up under Blogger.com, Myworldstuffs.com), in addition, you can also generate Self-hosted website blog (that is, the current Myworldstuffs.com website). 

The former does not require capital expenditure, but the functional technology is based on Blogger. No matter the self-hosted website service can provide more creation tools and plug-ins, the functions will not be restricted.

For a self-hosted website, you may need to pay for the website name (Hostinger.com or Godaddy.com etc..) and the cost of the server hosting server. The value for a year may be between $31 and $50. 

The advantage of this is that you can customize the site plan according to your own preferences.

4.Become a YouTuber

Due to its wide coverage and ease of use, YouTube has become an important source of income for many personal media. You don’t even need to have professional equipment to record video, a medium-sized smartphone can complete the live broadcast. 

To become a Youtuber, you must create a YouTube channel, which operates in a similar way to a blog. As you create high-quality videos in your channel, subscribers will increase and your chances of making money will increase.

Choose a lesson or topic about the video you want to form and share in order to create a clear image of yourself. Once you become a celebrity, the brand will pay you to promote their products. You will also profit from Google advertising(Google Adsense).

To activate a YouTube channel, browse YouTube, go to the “Features” page, and register with your Google account, you will see the “Channel” tab. From this page, you can start your channel.

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