2022 Living Vampire (Morbius) Trailer and Release Date: Jared Leto’s Vampire Journey

And again superheroes – without them in the modern world nowhere. In addition to the adventures of the DC universe and multi-part projects by Marvel, fans of the genre are waiting for the premiere of a film about a living vampire called “Morbius“.

Oddly enough, it was Marvel who became the creators of the tape – real pros in terms of super-heroism, as well as real intriguers who do not want to satisfy the curiosity of fans.

But the main intrigue has already been revealed, the release date of the movie about Morbius is no longer a secret and it will take place in all cinemas of the country – January 28, 2022 ! ( moved due to quarantine )

Michael and the vaccine

We are not Marvel and will gladly tell you what is known about the movie “Morbius” and when it will finally premiere. In general, a strange thing is happening with the Morbius project – the premiere will take place soon, and from the information there is only a short synopsis.

As you know, we will talk about Michael Morbius – a modern antihero. A man is the owner of a serious illness from which he wants to protect others. He creates a vaccine that can get worse than the disease. The fact is that after the introduction of the prepared drug, the hero turns into a living vampire. What will he do now?


And from this synopsis to draw conclusions about the upcoming premiere? That’s right, no way. In such a situation, wait for the premiere of Morbius painting. The movie’s release date has already been slated for early 2022, so it won’t be long to wait.

Separately, I would like to touch on the leading actor Jared Leto. The man turned out to be a very picky actor and even began to set conditions for the creators. When he was invited to the shooting, but said that he would work fully in one case – if he was satisfied with the direction in which the plot was developing.

It is not known how the matter ended there, but Jared is on the list of performers of the “Morbius” tape, which means that the parties managed to find a compromise.


The upcoming release of the film Morbius can be safely called fast. We started work in 2019 and are now ready to show our brainchild to the public. For superhero stories, short tight deadlines before the release date are atypical, so I want to see what they filmed there.

All shooting of “Morbius” took place in London, although the original idea was different. It was rumored that the creators were looking for locations in Atlanta, but for some reason they changed their mind. They have rigged London streets and even “turned” into other cities, like, say, New York.

And finally, a few words about the Morbius trailer, released in early 2020. Marvel has high hopes for this picture, but seems to have overestimated their skills. Critics who watched the video picked up different epithets , mostly going next to “stupid”, “ridiculous”. 

What do you think about the trailer? Earlier it was reported that the premiere will take place on July 10, but it was decided to postpone it to the 31st of the same month. Morbius is waiting for the release date of the film and really wants to break into the screens sooner.

Other namerelease date
Living vampire28 January 2022 the year

Morbius Official Trailer (2022)

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