Watch “Locke and Key” Season 2 Coming Soon on Netflix

Finally it happened – there was information about the continuation of an intriguing and fascinating picture. We are talking about the premiere of season 2 “Locke and Key“, which fans have been waiting for since the beginning of last year. What can I say – waited!

The day has finally come, we were told the exact release date of season 2 of “Locke and Key”, which will take place – October 22, 2021 on Netflix, do not miss it!

Unexpected find

Lock and Key is a multi-genre film containing elements of thriller, horror, fantasy and drama. In the center of events – the Locke family, consisting of a mother and her three children. 

After the death of their husband and father, they move to the family estate, where they find magic keys – now they are endowed with powers that can change their lives. Not only the main characters know about the existence of powerful gizmos – the dangerous demon has already begun the hunt .

The Locke Keys debuted in February 2020, and around the same time in 2021, the public was expecting a sequel. 

To the disappointment of the fans, the creators were silent about the day of the premiere, but they extended the picture by two chapters at once – 2 and 3. And now the silence was interrupted – the adventures in the family estate will continue in season 2 of the series “Locke and Key”, the release date of which is already scheduled for 22 October.

By the way, did you know that the tape had a chance to come out much earlier? For the first time, they started talking about the development of the show back in 2010 – then the tape was developed for the Fox channel at once by two well-known companies – 20th Century Fox Television and Dream Works Television. 

The pilot episode was filmed, shown on Comic-Con, but they did not renew the tape for a full-fledged series. As a result, the release date took place so much 10 years after the first mention of history – not a bad buildup.

Regarding the second chapter of the Locke Keys, along with the announcement of the day of the premiere, the organizers also showed a small teaser and gave a short announcement of the plot.

locke and key season 2

What to expect from the continuation

As soon as the release date of season 2 of the series “Locke Keys” is held, the main character will become the guardians. They will continue to learn the power, as well as find out the secrets of the family from different generations. 

In general, the finale of the first part left a lot of intrigue , so I can’t wait to see new episodes and understand what exactly happened at the end. We just have to find out, but the composition of the actors can be designated now.

In fact, no surprises are expected. Major performers remain Connor Jessal, Emilia Jones and Jackson Robert Scott. It is possible that new characters will appear, but their names have not yet been announced.

Well, we discussed the plot and the actors, watched the teaser for the series “Locke and Key”, now we are waiting for the release date of season 2. Fortunately,very little left before the premiere – the longest waiting period is over.

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Release schedule for all episodes

SeriesNamePremiere date
2 × 0122 October 2021 the year
2 × 02October 22 , 2021
2 × 03October 22 , 2021
2 × 04October 22 , 2021
2 × 05October 22 , 2021
2 × 06October 22 , 2021
2 × 07October 22 , 2021
2 × 08October 22 , 2021
2 × 09October 22 , 2021
2 × 10October 22 , 2021


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