How You Can Make always Money: 10 Millionaire Things Rich People Don’t Want to Tell You

Hana Rin is a well-known Japanese fortune-teller, and those who line up to make an appointment even wait until three years later. But the matter of the fortune-teller is not so much magic, but more importantly, seeing people’s thoughts.

From the long experience of divination, Hua Rin has seen many people encounter misfortunes and always blames bad luck. In fact, it is based on his own subjective thinking. Caused by the weakness.

So in addition to divination, she is more important to change how the other person sees things. “Let go of your subjective thoughts, understand yourself, and change your mentality. These three steps can make all your current misfortunes become the starting point of happiness. “

In the question of divination, in addition to feelings and work, another major issue is “money luck.” Hua Rin emphasized that whether it is lamenting oneself for lack of money or envy other people’s lives, in fact, they do not understand themselves.

Seeing myself from a worldly perspective, I only see differences, so I always feel miserable and regretful. Hua Rin observes those guests who are unfortunate for money luck. Many people have the following 4 ideas, and it is these thoughts that tie up money luck and make it impossible for him to become rich & millionaire for the rest of his life!

1. I have no rich dad and no fortune

How You Can Make always Money ? 10 Things Rich People Don't Want to Tell You | millionaire

Since I was young, I have no money at home, no money for me to go to a good school, and poor academic qualifications, I can’t get into a first-class company, so now I have very little salary and I can barely make a living.

I have always wanted to make more money, but there is always no way out. I think I am born with no luck.

Hua Rin emphasized that the root cause of your lack of money is that “you are now completely trapped by the subjective thinking of “It’s fine if you have money” and “Everything is the fault of your parents . “

All day long thinking “If you have money, it’s fine“, you will feel that “you have to have money before you can do some important things”, but for example, is it really just because you have no money at home that you can’t go to college?

In the world, there are many people who earn tuition by working hard on their own, and there are also many people who have entered first-class companies by their hard work. Family status has absolutely nothing to do with whether you can fulfill your dreams.

In addition, “everything is the parents’ fault” will turn into an angry mood of “this world is not fair”, which will make people lose their energy and no longer want to work hard.

It will also become an excuse for laziness. “Anyway, my family has no money and no effort. use”. Just yelling that the salary is small and that you are poor are the root causes of getting yourself into serious financial troubles.

“Wealth is my own summons, and money cannot flow to people who have no goals,” Hua Rin emphasized. If you want to become rich, the first thing is to seriously ask herself, ” Do I have a goal in life?

When a person starts to think “I want to realize my dream, I need the funds to realize my dream!”, he will work hard, make friends and cultivate contacts in the process of work, and wealth will come naturally.

Do you know any winning business warfare thinking in “The Art of War”?

If you still don’t believe it, Hwa Rin, for example, suppose that your beloved person will die without heart surgery, but you must prepare 1 million for the operation. Do you think you will have time to complain every day, “I think I’m born with no wealth?” ? It must use all methods and efforts to raise expenses, “Just run forward, and the money will naturally follow you!”

2. I will not fight for compensation

I am dissatisfied with the efforts I have put in and the rewards I have received, but I don’t know it and I’m not very good at fighting with each other. The result is exhausted, but I always earn less than others. What should I do to be stronger?

Hua Rin said, “It will happen because you have a sense of guilt about money. ” Maybe when you were a child, adults would say, “Too attached to money has no good results”, “Those who are full of money are the worst”, even as a student. My friend said, “You really care about money!“… These will make people feel guilty in my heart.

“Money is actually our partner,” Hua Rin said. Some people would say “Luxury is the enemy”, but no one would say “Money is the enemy.” Without money, there is no way to buy anything and you cannot survive. Let go of the guilt of money, have confidence in the results of your work, and believe that “getting paid for work is a matter of course.”

If you still have obstacles to actively fighting, Hwa Rin suggests, the first thing you should do is ” find out and own your core goals, so that you can talk about money generously .” For example, if you stand up today to raise funds for a charity, you will definitely call for “please donate more,” because you have a firm core goal to talk about money without fear.

So you have to find out your core goals, whether it is filial piety to your parents, setting up a company, or starting a business in the future. By believing in your goals and getting others to identify with your goals, you can get rid of your guilt about talking about money;

To advance toward the goal, sometimes people think that it doesn’t matter if you love money. Of course, if you get your ideal reward, don’t forget to thank the other party sincerely.

3. I’m not good at rejecting money from relatives and friends

How You Can Make always Money ? 10 Things Rich People Don't Want to Tell You | millionaire

Relatives or boy/girlfriends would borrow money from me, but they often don’t want to come back. Every time they ask the other party to pay back the money, the other party is even frustrated and angry. “Friends also said that they shouldn’t borrow money, but isn’t it right to help relatives and friends?

Hwa Rin said that not rejecting is not because of your dull tongue or thin skin, but actually “you don’t want to be hated.” This is the biggest weakness in your heart . Lending money to the other party because I don’t want to be hated actually means the idea of ​​”Since I lent you the money, you must like me.”

In other words, you use the way of borrowing money to exchange terms with the other party. This is in the lover. It’s particularly obvious on the body.

But in fact, the other party will usually see this clearly before borrowing money from you, and even after showing the kindness and love to you, “Since I have received the money and gave you happiness, I don’t owe anything anymore”, it becomes “I will definitely pay you back”, but there is no real action to pay back the money.

Hua Rin pointed out that when facing someone borrowing money from herself, the best way to deal with it is to ” carefully ask the reason for borrowing money. If it is really borrowed, it will be treated as if the money was given to the other party. ” For example, if someone borrows $4710.76 or 30,000 yuan from you, you must first ask the purpose of the money. If the other party says that you want to use it for gambling, and the reason for borrowing the money is unacceptable to you, you must flatly refuse it. Some people “make friends with money,” this kind of “no money don’t need to be friends”, it is also a good thing to use money to break the relationship once.

If the other party borrows money, you can accept it. When the other party says that they want to borrow 30,000, they only need to borrow 10,000. In this way, neither rejecting the other party, but also diminishing the feeling of “benefit to others”; the most important thing is Yes, the next thing is to forget the money and continue to live your own life.

Don’t think about “I lend you money, how should you do”, and don’t think about “I loaned you money at a loss, you actually…”, and treat the other person as a benefactor. Hua Rin said that the money will automatically circulate. The money may come back in some form, or it may not come back again. The mistake is treated as tuition, so go forward!

4. Just enough, why work hard to make money?

How You Can Make always Money ? 10 Things Rich People Don't Want to Tell You | millionaire

I don’t have material desires, I don’t pay attention to food, I don’t have any special things I want to do, I don’t have a colorful social life, and I don’t want to get married. In other words, I don’t really need money, even if my parents want me to work hard, but I don’t. Know why you want to do this?

“It’s true that work is to make money, but the real purpose of work is to go out of the society and broaden your knowledge,” Hua Rin said. ” Although you say that you don’t have any desires, you don’t need money, but that’s because you spend a lot of money now.

In fact, it’s up to my parents, right? ” When I still live at home, gas, utility bills, food…many living expenses are actually borne by my parents, so I have the illusion that “I don’t need money in my life”, but Parents will not stay with their children forever. Once you are the only one in the family, how do you live?

More importantly, there is no special thing you want to do because you haven’t encountered something that really makes you want to do, and work will let people find things they like or self-goals . Of course, work is not always a happy side, but when you come into contact with different people and things, you will also bring possibilities that you don’t know.

Maybe you don’t know the benefits of doing so at the beginning, but you must be actively involved in various affairs. There will be gains, such as becoming friends or even socializing with people you are dealing with, or finding companions and nobles to do business together and so on.

So it’s the right thing to go out, because money and energy are constantly circulating, and you can’t make money without spending. “And what you need most now is the courage to move forward!

How you can make always money ? 10 things that how to become a millionaire

How You Can Make always Money ? 10 Things Rich People Don't Want to Tell You | millionaire

When looking for a job, many people imagine that they can “get more money and less work and stay close to home“. Regardless of whether there is such a good job or not, for the general salaried class, today’s wages cannot keep up with prices. , As long as you don’t pay attention when you use money, you can easily become a busy and poor busy family!

Thinking from this perspective, the editor believes that for the average petty bourgeoisie, the most important thing is not whether the job can be “more money and less close to home”, but to establish the correct value of money, and to know that rich people want It’s not the same as you and me.

As soon as possible, we should find out where the difference between ourselves and the rich is, so that we can narrow the distance from the “rich” step by step, and gradually become rich. “Why are rich people always getting more Have money?” Let’s follow the Xiaohua platform to understand:

Rich people think differently from you, let yourself become rich slowly!

How do the rich people think differently from you and me? T. Harv Eker, author of “The Rich People Think Different from You”, who occupies the top of the top bestseller lists in the United States, points out: “Getting rich is a mental game. Are you rich? Will you have money in the future? Recognize it. You can have a rich and free life by modifying your inner money blueprint and thinking.”

Different from the general financial management books in the market that focus on honing personal investment skills to make money, T. Harv Eker emphasized that if you want to become a rich person, you must first transform your head into the thinking of a rich person, that is, to recognize you.

The inner “money blueprint” can only create and obtain more value by changing established ideas and changing consumer behavior. The following is a compilation of the 17 rich people’s thinking ideas that may subvert you in the book “The Rich People Think Different from You“:

Concept 1: The rich believe: “I create my life”; the poor believe: “Life happens to me.”
Concept 2: The rich play money games to win; the poor play money games to not lose.
Concept 3: Rich people strive to make themselves rich; poor people always think about becoming rich.
Concept 4: The rich think very much; the poor think very little.
Concept 5: The rich focus on opportunities; the poor focus on obstacles.
Concept 6: Rich people appreciate other rich and successful people; poor people hate rich and successful people.
Concept 7: Rich people associate with positive and successful people; poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.
Concept 8: The rich are willing to promote themselves and their values; the poor regard sales and publicity as bad things.
Concept 9: The rich are bigger than their problems; the poor are smaller than their problems.
Concept 10: The rich are great recipients; the poor are poor recipients.
Concept 11: The rich choose to be paid based on results; the poor choose to be paid based on time.
Concept 12: The rich think: “How to take both?”; the poor think: “How to choose one of the two?”.
Concept 13: The rich focus on their net worth; the poor focus on their income from work.
Concept 14: The rich are good at managing their money; the poor are good at losing.
Concept 15: The rich let money help them work hard; the poor work hard to make money.
Concept 16: The rich will take action even if they are afraid; the poor will let fear block their actions.
Concept 17: The rich continue to learn and grow; the poor think they already know everything.

How You Can Make always Money ? 10 Things Rich People Don't Want to Tell You | millionaire

Building a rich brain: the secret to a 30-fold increase in annual income.

From the above-mentioned 17 rich people’s thinking and concepts, it is not difficult to see that the biggest difference between the poor and the rich lies in their personal ability to manage money.

The following editor also points out that the biggest difference between “rich people” and ordinary people is the “exceptional knowledge” in their brains based on the book “Building a Rich Brain: The Secret of a 30-fold Increase in Annual Income”. 10 things those rich people don’t want to tell you:

Number 1: Ordinary people think hard work is a virtue vs. rich people think easy money is the most important thing.
Item 2: Ordinary people insist on honesty vs. rich people know how to be flexible.
Item 3: Ordinary people choose ramen restaurants vs. wealthy people choose curry restaurants.
Item 4: Ordinary people buy latte at Starbucks vs. Rich people buy reading space at Starbucks.
Item 5: Ordinary people let money return to their hands to rest vs. Rich people let money go out for travel.
Item 6: The table of ordinary people is very clean vs. The table of rich people is messy.
Item 7: Ordinary people care about the “hours” of work vs. rich people care about the “number of pieces” completed.
Item 8: Ordinary people honestly say “can’t do it” vs. rich people say “no problem”. Item
9: Ordinary people sell goods vs. Rich people sell products to solve problems.
Item 10: Ordinary people learn the same things as others vs. rich people learn things that others don’t.

The two books introduced above, “The Rich People Think Different from You” and “Building a Rich Brain: The Secret of a 30-fold Increase in Annual Income”, in summary, have said that one key point is to change their own ideas and Start thinking, let yourself become rich slowly!

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