What Is Mobile App Development? Know More

Mobile app development: The market for apps is getting bigger and bigger than before. Although the masses seem to prefer free apps compared to paid products, there is still a lot of potential capital available for market circulation.

Mobile app development

Since the appearance of smartphones, application (mobile app development) downloads have continued to increase. In 2018 alone, the number of downloads reached 205 billion. It is estimated to reach 350 billion for this year 2021.

This is why many companies and entrepreneurs are investing in the creation of applications. They see the potential for high returns in this sector.

If you want to develop apps then its a good news for you. you can make $ millions dollars from mobile app development, just you need to have some coding knowledge and you can use portable languages ​​like X-code or Unity.

But if you don’t have this knowledge, it’s easy for you to find professionals with relevant knowledge on the Internet to write your own creative mobile apps for you, get some money from the potentially lucrative mobile phone software market, and then build a passive income Source of money.

passive income

Register the App Store

To publish software in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, you need to be a fully registered member. Apple’s plan, the developer plan, is not free, probably to prevent low-quality applications from being carefully studied by its team of testers. 

Registering here will cost you an annual fee of US$99, which gives you access to a large number of testing tools, as well as early access to the iOS version of Apple’s development applications to facilitate the development of other mobile devices, such as Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, etc.

The cost of the Google Play development plan is low, with a login fee of only $25. You can use the online development tools of all major search systems and use the Google Payments system to accept payments. 

Once you register, they will allow you to use the payment engines in their respective apps, allowing you to collect payments from customers.

Pick your concept

Your conceptual development is very important. If you are a single player team, you cannot develop a large mobile game. So choose a niche; a reason why a user might need an app so much that they are willing to pay for it. Search for competitors in the mobile app store to see what fees they can charge.

You can also consider directing your application to the highest-income application Apps, you need to have some coding knowledge, and you can use portable languages ​​such as X-code or Unity. But if there is no category. 

According to Vision Mobile, the largest part of developer revenue in 2014 came from developing enterprise, commercial and health-related applications-considering the possibility of IT departments and senior managers buying applications to improve productivity and user connectivity, users are completely willing to spend the purchase Not surprising.

Build a “wall”

Let’s take a look at Nintendo’s popular Super Mario Run. It can be downloaded for free, and you can get three levels of games according to your preferences. But the full game will cost $9.99-this is a fact that many users don’t know until they beat the first three levels.

If Nintendo puts this price on the application itself, it is likely to fail it-many mobile phone users are totally reluctant to pay for games until they know they are buying high-quality software. 

On the contrary, Nintendo released a free application, which is actually a paid game, only a small amount is provided for users to try out, but because users are already addicted, they are more willing to pay.

Even if you include in-app purchases, this “free” code has a huge effect. Let users enter the app before you ask them to pay, and provide them with the best experience without them paying. If you obstruct certain features, very important but useful features, then your users will consider paying.

Respond to comments

If you have an app in the store, then you will get user opinions. Usually, this is a harsh opinion. But don’t be discouraged, because this is a natural process of any online feedback mechanism. Read them and answer those who have problems running your application. Fix problems when you see them.

The reason you need to respond should be fairly obvious-users browsing the app store will get the highest-rated app they see. You need to do everything possible to get as close as possible to five stars, which means treating users well and solving people’s problems.

Contains a rating system

Of course, it’s not just that the reply will affect your download numbers, but if you don’t have these star ratings, then you can’t get any ratings. 

Therefore, add an option to your app to guide users to rate your app to help increase your visibility.But it is difficult to strike a balance between annoying your users and evaluating your product very well. 

Some apps use pop-up windows, or other polite notifications, or some apps collect their rating suggestions on the setting screens, which may only be seen by important users.

Of course, the latter option has value, but leaving the option aside will limit your star rating.

Built in advertising

Don’t want to ask users for money? Want to make a little extra money by the side? Depending on the type of application you use, you can choose to place ads.

Many developers will always display banner ads on the screen. This is a user annoyance-but maybe your users are willing to spend a little money to turn off the ads. Or, some apps may be more suitable for video ads, allowing users to watch which ads can bring you a small amount of income.

But no matter which method you choose, be sure to register with one or more ad networks, preferably those that pay good prices and have easy-to-use tools. 

Google provides its own mobile advertising network, AdMob, which also includes a feature called Mediation-this allows you to selectively advertise from multiple networks to increase your click-through rate, and it can run on iOS and Android .

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