Make money online: Can you really be happier if you make more money?

make money online-Are you sacrificing your free time to make more money? Indeed, there are a number of studies showing that the richer you are, the more happy you are. However, making a lot of money does not always lead to happiness. 

How you spend your money can make a big difference in your sense of well-being. Here are three ways to spend money that will make you happier than you are now.

“I want money”

When you think about it,you may be in the trouble because you don’t have enough money.Not only office workers and housewives, but also junior high school students, high school students, & college students have various “want to spend money” circumstances.

And I think there are so many people, who are having trouble getting a part-time job or a side job due to various reasons and not being able to earn as much as they want.In this article,

we’ll show you to how to make money in different positions and situations.(make money online)

What to do if you want money right away?

First, as a general rule, let’s see what you can do when you want money.

What to do when you want money

  • Earn part-time job
  • Earn from a side job
  • Borrow money

Earn part-time job

Part-time jobs(make money online) are a quick way to make money for students, housewives, office workers, and anyone else in any position.

There are many various part-time jobs,from short-term earners to long-term earners. Many can be said to be a wide-ranging method that allows you to easily earn money on an hourly basis.

However, junior high school students cannot work part-time.The High school students are may also be banned at some schools.

Earn from a side job

In the past, the side business of people who work for a company was not something that could be done by a large company. (make money online)

It seems that there were many people who kept it secret because it seemed that they neglected their main business and it was prohibited by the company’s work regulations.

However,as the Abe administration promotes the work style reforms, side businesses are attracting attention as way to solve the problems of pensions and labor shortages that are becoming more difficult due to declining birthrate and aging the population.

By encouraging side jobs, the national government is encouraging self-help efforts that do not rely solely on pensions, and is trying to pave the way for a flexible workforce.

As a result,The number of companies that have practically lifted the ban on side businesses & have accepted them has increased.

In addition,with the spread of crowdsourcing services that undertake work via Internet,more & more people are doing side jobs that can be done at home or remotely .

If you want money but don’t want to work

If you want money but don’t want to work, you can’t say “earn”, but there are ways to make money. 

The main methods are “borrowing”, “selling something”, or “managing assets” . We’ll talk more about these later.

Borrow money

The reasons for needing money will vary from person to person. If you’ve been screened by a bank to hunt money, but you can’t get through and you can’t borrow money after all, if you’re in need of living expenses, you’ll have to do something about it.

In such a case, the following methods can be considered.

How to borrow money

  • Borrow from a major consumer finance company
  • Borrowing from small and medium-sized consumer finance
  • Use credit card cashing slots

By using these, there is a possibility that even people who could not borrow money from the bank can borrow money.

Can you really be happier if you make more money?

How often do you are willing to sacrifice your free time to make more money? You are not the only one doing that. However, new research shows that prioritizing money over time reduces well-being.

make money online

 A recent study asked more than 1000 students graduating from the University of British Columbia to assess whether they tend to value money or time.

The majority of students said they would prioritize time, but not overwhelmingly, and nearly 40% of students said they would prioritize money.

 To elucidate how these choices correlate with cognitive and emotional well-being, students’ well-being was measured twice, pre-graduation and one year later.

Among the various scales , the following questions were also asked to answer the satisfaction level of life. “How happy are you, taking everything into account?”

The range of the evaluation is a 10-step system from 0 to 10,with 0 being “not happy at all” and 10 being “very happy”.

The study found that students who prioritized money were less happy one year after graduation than students who chose time. 

The results were similar, with adjustments to pre-graduation well-being and taking into account different socio-economic backgrounds.

 Of course, this does not suggest that you should decline the next time you are informed of a salary increase. On average, there is plenty of evidence that wealthier people are happier . 

That doesn’t mean that making a lot of money will increase your sense of well-being. How much joy you can get from money depends on how you use it, how you save money, and how you think about it.

 In this regard, another recent study of more than 500 people in the UK showed that bank account balances affect well-being more than income. Looking at a significantly lower balance each time I go to a bank, regardless of income, tends to be more psychologically depressed than it would otherwise be.

 Here is the good news. You can improve the situation with a small amount of savings. This is also true for those who are in debt. 

We surveyed more than 12,000 people who had applied for a loan to repay their credit card debt and found that those who had at least $ 500 on hand were 15% more satisfied with their lives. ..

 Still, when you try to save money, you may find it difficult, even if it’s a small amount. You may be worried about cutting spending, budgeting, or making sacrifices. Therefore, we propose another approach. Start by answering the following two questions.

  • What do I buy that is not essential for survival?
  • Does this spending really bring me a sense of well-being?

 If the answer to the second question is no, stop spending like that.(make money online) It can be just a few weeks. On the other hand, if you feel happy with the spending, pay for it and enjoy yourself without blaming yourself.

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