Marvel Moon Knight Release date, Cast, Trailer and More

Marvel continues to please with new products and recently shared the details of another hit. The day when the premiere of a new superhero television series called “Moon Knight” is also confirmed. We talk about this and much more below – fans of super humans should not miss this.

After all, the release date of the Moon Knight series is already known and will take place – March 30, 2022 , don’t miss it!

Superhero split personality

The new project was announced in August 2019, but the hard work began later. Only at the end of 2020 was a director appointed, and the filming process began in April 2021. Fortunately, the bosses quickly managed and finished filming the scenes in October. A post-production process followed in the UK.

Stephen Grant, a gift shop worker with a good-natured and gentle character, will be at the center of the novelty. And his life would be carefree, but memory lapses and fragmentary memories of a bright and adventurous past haunt him. 

Things get even more complicated when Steven realizes that his body also belongs to the mercenary Mark Spector , heir to the powers of the Moon God. The disease is called a dissociative disorder, but the diagnosed disease does not make life easier for the protagonist. 

How the split personality will turn out for the characters, we will find out in the film “Moon Knight”, the release date of which is scheduled for March 30, 2022.

Along with information about the exact day of the premiere, the bosses also released posters and, of course, a small trailer. The audience was delighted – everything looks bright, lively and intriguing, and therefore the release date becomes an even more desirable day.

Interestingly, the topic of Moon Knight has long been discussed between the movie bosses. The second season of Blade was supposed to introduce him to the world, after which it was planned to release a solo spin-off for him. 

Unfortunately, Blade did not receive an extension, which means that the individual tape for Spector was also canceled. But Marvel did not give up – they began to independently develop a new product back in 2006, but there was no news until 2019 –bosses have repeatedly admitted that there is simply no time for the show.

Moon Knight

In February 2021, Marvel President Kevin Feige hinted that the film could potentially be renewed for season 2 , but the final decision will be made after the start and analysis of user reaction. 

We are glad that everything is already clear with the first season and you will find the release dates for the new episodes of the Moon Knight series in our schedule.

Cast members

Casting for title roles started in October 2020. The first to be selected was Oscar Isaac, who will embody Spector on the screen. A little later, May Calamawi, Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel and others appeared among the performers.

After all the formalities were sorted out, Moon Knight received a release date for all episodes. It’s a tough road ahead, which MCU fans should go through with it.

Release schedule for all episodes

Series numberSeries namePremier dates
01March 30 , 2022
02April 6 , 2022
03April 13 , 2022
04April 20 , 2022
05April 27 , 2022
06May 4 , 2022


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