Marvel’s Hit-Monkey Hulu Premieres 2021: Release Date, Official Trailer

How about a killer monkey? If you remember about the Planet of the Apes, then this is not it – this is the premiere of the animated series “Marvel’s Hit-Monkey“, which was recently announced by the creators.

We will tell you what the project is about, when to wait for the release and was involved in production.

And the wait is not long, because the release date of “Hit-Monkey” is already scheduled for November 17, 2021 , and according to preliminary data, all episodes will be released on the same day!

From a good monkey to a vengeful macaque

Who is not in the subject, we tell: Hit-Monkey is a character in the Marvel comics, first presented to the public in 2010, first in the digital version of the publication, and later in print. He also appeared in the Deadpool arc. 

He does not know how to superpowers, but this does not prevent him from competing even with super beings, whom he surpasses thanks to physical strength and martial arts. 

In addition, the main character of Marvel’s Hit-Monkey is trained in medicinal herbs and has natural magnetism . We do not know yet whether the creators in the new project will demonstrate all the abilities inherent in a comic book hero, but even if not, just know that Hit-Monkey is a serious obstacle for enemies.

Everyone can get acquainted with him in the film “Marvel’s Hit-Monkey” release date, which is already scheduled for November 17, 2021. 

According to the official announcement, the key character, in fact, a monkey, and his family live in a mountainous Japanese area. One day, Bryce, a killer who was wounded while fleeing from pursuers, meets on their way.

The monkey family nurses him, but soon they are killed along with the patient. Only Hit Monkey remains alive, who is now driven by a sense of revenge and is ready to do anything to get even with the enemies.

Based on the announcement, the upcoming premiere will feature a classic character story, although, of course, perhaps the scriptwriters will make some changes to his fate, which they simply do not talk about yet.

Production and participants

The creators announced that production is planned in 2019. Then it was confirmed that the full season of the new show was ordered. Will Speck and Josh Gordon were responsible for the creation. Jeff Loeb is the executive producer. 

Even then, at the idea stage, it was promised that the tape would have a new animation format, which, by the way, can be clearly seen in the released trailer .

marvels hit monkey

There is also information about the cast of the voice acting. Bryce – the same killer who will later be killed, will speak in the voice of Jason Sudeikis, and Fred Tatasciore will become his colleague – he will voice the key character. Other performers include Olivia Munn, George Takei and Ellie Mackie.

Intrigued and want to see an animated series about a killer monkey named Hit-Monkey? Then wait for the release date of the picture on the online service Hulu.Secretly – the novelty will appeal not only to fans of the fantastic universeSo do not miss out !

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
01-1017 November 2021 the year

Official Trailer

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