The Matrix 4 Resurrections movie (2021), Release date and Trailer

For more than 15 years, fans have been waiting for the return of the cult project and waited! It became known when the premiere of the 4th part of the movie “The Matrix” called “Resurrection” will take place. Who is involved in the creation and when to expect a triumphant return – we will tell further.

In fact, the wait is not long, because the release date of the movie “Matrix 4” titled “Resurrections” has already been set for December 16, 2021 in all cinemas in the country, and on December 22, the digital release of the movie will take place on HBO Max.

A new fight

The Matrix is ​​a series of films about the adventures of heroes in a computer system. The first part was released in 1999, and 2 more were released in 2003.

Then, after the final of the third chapter, there was little chance of a continuation, but the fans all this time believed – “The Matrix” will return.

In 2019, the first talk began that the movie bosses were ripe and ready to release a new chapter of heroes’ adventures . Close work on the creation of a fresh issue began in February 2020.

For a long time, the tape was created under a codename – the creators wanted to keep the intrigue longer, in order to then stun the fans of the “Matrix“.

And the premiere turned out to be closer than we thought – fans are eagerly awaiting the revival of the 4th part of the movie “The Matrix“, the release date of which is already scheduled for December 16, 2021. 

Only a couple of months remained before the return of the cult tape , which at one time was a real hit among feature films. Initially, it was planned to show the new chapter even earlier – in May 2021, but the pandemic made its own adjustments and the release date was moved again – to April 2022.

The organizers did not arrange the day and see the tape, as a result, we will be able to do it already in December.

To the delight of fans, the first trailer for “The Matrix” was released, almost three minutes long. In the video, you can see the main character, who now lives in the modern world with all that it implies – a visit to a psychotherapist and pills. 

One day he meets a woman, and she is ready to answer everything that torments him. And although the creators try not to reveal the details of the new tape, it is known that events will again develop in the “Matrix” system.

Creators and actors

Now you know when The Matrix Resurrections will be released and how long to wait for the release date of Part 4, which means you can relax and discuss the rest of the details of the upcoming premiere. 

We urge all Keanu Reeves fans not to worry – he will return to the role of Neo. For this place, the creators did not even consider other performers . Carrie-Anne Moss from the old caste of “The Matrix” is also invited to the role of Trinity. 

Lana Wachkowski wrote the script for the project – she was working on the trilogy – you should not worry about the plot. She also acted as a stage director.

And although we know the answer, we still ask – are you waiting for the resurrection of the legendary painting called The Matrix? If yes, then you already know the release date of part 4, but we will get acquainted with the details of the plot after the presentation of the picture on the screens .

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