Meesho Login: How to Register on Meesho App?

The process can be verified from this page with the Meesho Supplier Login details and correct links of the Meesho supplier login and Seller panel. Nowadays where everything is available online, there is no need to go to the market.

The Meesho supplier retains its good image in providing online services. Separate panels for buyers and suppliers are provided by Meisho suppliers. It offers different benefits for suppliers supplying the goods.

People are joining this meesho supplier website, with the will to earn extra money. Through this platform these doors of success have been opened for the women living in the houses. To sell goods in online, it is very important login to meesho supplier.

Meesho Platform Details

E-Commerce PlatformMeesho
FounderSanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Atreya
ResellersOne crore+
Customers buy across Indiaseven crore+
Categories to sellMore than 700+
Pin-codes supported for delivery24000+
Supplier Panel
Official Website

Meesho Login Panel for Supplier

The e-commerce business in India is growing very fast and people are buying more online.

In that case, the way the business is done has also changed over time and anyone can start their own online sales business through app. It is so easy to do business online through Meesho.

Here you do not need any registration fee or any kind of verification, you can easily sell your product online at home or in different parts of India.

First of all, we need to know how this Meesho gives us money, then look at the Meesho app, you have to like any product, like 300 rupees watch. You can download a photo of this watch after download the Meesho app and share it in the WhatsApp group.

In the Whatsapp group Some of your friend like this watch and you tell the price of this watch to be Rs 450 and your friend likes this watch and if you sell this watch through Meesho app, then you will earn 150 rupees as a margin.

If we talk about Meesho App, it is a best money earning reseller app, which was started by Sanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Atreya in 2015. This Meesho app has a lot of fashion and electronics products like Amazon and Flipkart, which you promote in social media while sitting at home and easily earns 10,000 to 25,000 thousand rupees a month.

You can download the Meesho app directly from its website or the Play Store, although we have linked below so you don’t have to go anywhere.

After installing Meesho app, we will be able to signup the account in it, and we will tell the other deatils below, in relation to Meesho App which will be very beneficial for you.

Meesho Supplier and Seller

The well-known Vidit Aatrey is Meesho’s co-founder and CEO and it is one of the platforms in India, where you can resell and sell other people’s products and start your own online business as a supplier.

If we talk about Meesho’s network, more than 1 crore re-sellers here are associated with Meesho. There are more than 7 crore meesho customers and more than 24,000 pin codes have been distributed. And more than 700 categories are available on this platform.

Meesho Commission Rate / Percentage

Product CategoriesCommission / Percentage
Home Decor1.5 % ­
Home Improvement1.5 % ­
Kitchen Utility1.5 % ­
Kids Clothing1.2 % ­
Kids Footwear and Toys1.4 % ­
Men Accessories1.6 % ­
Men Bottom Wear1.2 % ­
Men Ethnic Wear1.2 %
Men Footwear1.5 %
Men Top Wear1.3 %
Men Winter Wear1.8 %
Women Accessories1.5 % ­
Women Bags1.4 % ­
Women Bottom Wear1.2 % ­
Women Ethnic1.2 % ­
Women Footwear1.2 % ­
Women Inner and Sleepwear1.3 % ­
Women Jewelry1.4 % ­
Women Kurtis and Kurtas1.2 %
Women Sarees1.2 %
Women Suits and Dress Materials1.2 %
Women Sports Wear1.5 %
Women Top Wear1.2 %
Women Winter Wear1.8 %
Home and Living1.1 % ­
Appliances1.4 % ­
Consumer Electronics1.5 % ­
Mobiles1.1 % ­
Watches1.5 % ­
Health and Wellness1.5 % ­
Personal Care and Wellness1.5 % ­
Digital1.3 %
Donations1.3 %
Educations1.3 %
Grocery1.3 %

How to register on Meesho App?

Ans: After installing the Meesho app, it is time to register but many people find this task difficult. but it is not so difficult. To register, you need to open the Meesho app.

After that, it will be checked with the help of your mobile number. Now a video will be played to inform you about Meesho.

After that, the profile option will appear on the home page. Fill in the required information and you will be registered.

Can a you Sell on Meesho Without GST?

Ans: To sell your product in Meesho, then you must fill GST, Bank Details, PAN Card, Supplier Details.

What is the Helpline Number of Meesho?

Ans: helpline number of Meesho – 08074103944 ,0806179960.

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