Might Guy Strenght and Skills (Qi Men Dun Jia)

Many characters will appear in “NARUTO“, but the one with the most impact will be the Might Guy.

I think that the strong appearance, many quotes, and the impression of the gap between the coolness of the battle are strong and memorable to the reader.

Lets know about Might Guy.

Might Guy Character

might guy
might guy

Might Guy is a character with a strong visual impact. It features thick eyebrows and a bob head. In addition, I wear green tights all over my body, and I wear a vest over it.

These tights are popular with his disciples Lee and Naruto, but very unpopular with other Shinobi.

Might Guy calls himself “Konoha’s noble blue beast”, but it is just a self-proclaimed beast, and from other villages it is called a “rare beast” because of its strong appearance.

Character is a dashing, in everything ” blue has brought out the Spring“.

In addition, it is easy to get seasick, and in the animation, it is often down due to the mission on the ship. In addition, it has the disadvantage that it is easy to forget a person’s name, and I have forgotten the face of the demon shark, which was the cause of the future, many times.

Strength and skill of Naruto’s Might Guy teacher ! What is the strongest physical technique, Qi Men Dun Jia?

Naruto has the coolest character, Might Guy! The person named Might Guy who appears in Naruto is a powerful character that can not be forgotten at first glance, with bob hair and extra-thick eyebrows. 

I would like to introduce the strength and skill of such Might Guy! Might Guy is also known as a person who uses the technique of Qi Men Dun Jia, and this time I will introduce in detail what kind of technique is Qi Men Dun Jia! If you are a Naruto fan, please take a look!

I would like to take a closer look at Might Guy-sensei! What kind of technique does Might Guy use? And how strong is the ninja? I would like to introduce all the skills and strengths of Might Guy! If you especially like Might Guy in the story of Naruto, please take a look.


Originally, he was a man who had no talent for ninjutsu , such as failing the entrance examination of the academy , but he became a specialist in ninjutsu due to his bloody efforts and indomitable guts. Also, unlike Lee, you can use ninjutsu for the time being.

might guy

He had a strong influence on Lee and encouraged him, who was not as talented as ninjutsu, to teach him the importance of “effort” and “confidence”. Lee was impressed by the passion and depth of his bosom, who faced himself head-on and interacted with him, from his hairstyle to his appearance.

There are sections that are crowded put beyond the position as a teacher to raise the Lee to the principal aims ninja, dangerous ” Hachimon about what was taught the art of” a year young Lee Kakashi field “Misokona’ was to When he was in trouble, he said, “What do you know about that child?” (Kakashi later said, “If I were in the same position as you, I wouldn’t have been able to stop it.” Says).

Might Guy Basic information

Given namesMight Guy
Techniques and techniques to useTaijutsu
Age / birthday26 years old → 29 years old / born on January 1st
height, weight184cm / 76kg
Voice actorMasashi Ebara
First appearanceChunin test selection
OtherRock Lee , Neji Hyuga , Tenten ‘s MasterMight Die ‘s son

What kind of person is Might Guy who appears in Naruto?

Might Guy is an interesting character with bob hair and thick gejigeji eyebrows! Might Guy is a character that appears from the beginning of the story of Naruto, and has appeared quite often in the story of Naruto.

Even if you are not a Naruto fan, Might Guy is a visual character that you will never forget with a strong impact at first glance.Might Guy who appears in Naruto is a teacher with thick eyebrows on bob hair.

Might Guy’s first appearance scene is the “Naruto Examination” that takes place at the beginning of the story of NARUTO! Naruto’s story of Naruto Uzumaki is one of the most spectacular and interesting episodes of Naruto Uzumaki’s boyhood.

At the beginning of Naruto’s Chunin Examination, Might Guy has appeared, and Might Guy will appear in a funny pose that makes you laugh on the back of a turtle that looks like a grandpa in bright red!

Might Guy’s Boyhood

Might Guy is a person who has been practicing special training every day aiming to become a ninja, but he seems to have been a boy who has almost no talent when it comes to ninjutsu.

might guy

He has failed the exams at the Ninja Training Academy many times, and he has been ridiculed as a ninja by the people around him! Might Guy has been wearing his trademark fluffy suit since he was a kid!

Might Guy was a man who had no talent for ninjutsu, but after tireless efforts, he became a ninja and ran up to Konoha no Sato.

Might Guy met Kakashi Hatake, a genius ninja, when he was a boy, and Kakashi Hatake himself made a fool of himself as a fallen ninja, but Kakashi Hatake’s father is Might Guy than you.

Become stronger. That said, Kakashi Hatake was made aware of Might Guy.

Might Guy and Kakashi Relationship

Self-proclaimed “Kakashi Hatake’s eternal rival ” (according to Guy himself, “people call us eternal rivals”). The match record is 50 wins and 51 losses.

might guy
kakashi and might guy

On there is no motivation to Kakashi, rock-paper-scissors and large eating order also included skill appropriate things not related to as a ninja, such as, but not say that there is either unconditionally strong, that you have the ability comparable to that of Kakashi mistake No, it surpasses even Kakashi in terms of body art.

At the time of the second part, “Kazekage Recapture Mission”, Akatsuki was wary of it as a considerable skill, and although it was not in a fully open state in the battle on the isolated island of cloud hiding , he fought one-on-one with Kisame and won a splendid victory.

By the way, visually, it is severely described by Tenten as “the complete defeat of Mr. Guy“.

He is a rival of Kakashi and a longtime comrade. He has a hot presence as a friend, such as appearing in support in a pinch scene in the Weasel / Kisame battle, and taking Kakashi, who is exhausted, with shame and taking him back to Konohagakure.

In order to improve his own skills and mental strength, he devised a “self-rule” and is trying to incorporate it into every part of his training, and he is also teaching it to Lee.

Most of them are taken in by playing against Kakashi, and they are added to the game without love. By daring to put yourself in a harsh situation, you can seriously tackle even the smallest things, and you can also train yourself.

Even if you lose, if you follow this rule, you can win next time. Guy was enthusiastic about the ultimate two-stage training method that would bring the future to life.

Might Guy’s rival is the genius ninja “Kakashi Hatake”

Might Guy, who appears in Naruto’s story, has rivals! Known as a rival of Might Guy, Naruto’s character is the genius ninja “Kakashi Hatake”!

Kakashi Hatake has appeared as a genius ninja representing Konoha no Sato, and later became the sixth Hokage!

kakashi hatake

Kakashi Hatake graduated from the Ninja Academy at the age of 5, and by the time he was 6 he became a ninja. Kakashi Hatake’s left eye has a special eye called the Sharingan, which is also known as the Sharingan Kakashi and is feared by villages in other countries.

You can see in Naruto’s story that Kakashi Hatake and Might Guy have a rivalry, and that Might Guy has a strong opposition to Kakashi Hatake!

Kakashi Hatake is the master of Naruto uzumaki

When Might Guy first appeared, he appeared in front of Sasuke, Naruto Uzumaki, and Sakura Haruno while he belonged to the mission team that Kakashi Hatake made as a shinobi.

kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake

At this time, the image of Kakashi Hatake was that of a ninja with the Sharingan and tremendous strength, but Might Guy was a disciple of Kakashi Hatake who fascinated the speed more than Kakashi Hatake. I’m surprised three people.

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Part 1[ Naruto ]

The first appearance is before the Chunin test. When Lee is fighting against Sasuke , he appears shockingly with Shinobu just before Lee tries to activate the forbidden technique “Omote Renka”, and Naruto and Sakura who were together are stronger than Lee.

I was furiously surprised by Guy. At that time, the ninja turtle severely rebuked Lee for the carelessness of Shinobi showing his skill, and also showed the passionate instruction that Guy hit Lee and hugged him (Naruto liked the glue, but Sasuke). Sakura was pulling quite a bit).

naruto part 1

In the third test qualifying, watch the games of the subordinates. Tenten lost to Temari in the sand hiding , and even Lee repeatedly despised Gaara and others, saying, “I advise you in the sand.

This child is strong.” He was so close that he was seriously injured in the match against Gaara, stood up while fainting, and shed tears in spite of Lee’s appearance showing his shinobi .

In “Konoha Kakushi” planned by Orochimaru , the illusion of Orochimaru’s aide, Kabuto Yakushi , was solved with Kakashi, and the sound ninjas who attacked the village were annihilated with their speed and strength. I showed it off.

When the dawn of the weasel and Onisame has entered the village of Konoha, first Asma and was confronted Beni

Suddenly, even Kakashi, who entered the rescue, suddenly appeared in a critical situation where he was cornered, and entered the war while releasing “Kinoha Goriki Whirlwind” to Kisame, which gave birth to a connection with Kisame.

Since he had devised countermeasures for the Sharingan in anticipation of a battle against Kakashi, he did not hesitate to Itachi, and as a result, the two were retreated.

Knowing that Itachi had come to the village, he pursued to the strip town to bring back Sasuke who had jumped out, but Itachi and Kisame had already escaped.

I tried to get them to eat “Dynamic Entry”, but I suddenly kicked Jiraiya from the front .

After that, he saw off Naruto and Jiraiya heading for Tsunade search, and returned to the village with Sasuke, who was seriously injured by Itachi and lost consciousness in “Tsukiyomi”.

Part 2 [ Naruto ]

Participated in the “Kazekage Recapture Mission” with Lee and others to support the Kakashi Group (7th Group).

In the process of the mission, play against a demon shark ( not the real thing because it is a copy by “the art of elephant rotation” ) that has a connection in the past . “I can finally repay the debt of the kick at that time,” said Kisame, but Guy himself couldn’t remember Kisame at all , and he was completely reluctant to feel like Kisame .

naruto part 2

Forced to be inferior to the overwhelming technique of waterboarding that the demon shark unleashes, Neji, Lee, and Tenten are captured in the waterboarding prison. Although he struggles himself, he escapes from the water by opening up to the sixth and Kagemon of “Hachimon Ryoko”. Repel the demon shark using the super-higher body technique ” Morning Peacock “.

After that, he joined the Kakashi team in front of Akatsuki Hideto and solved the “Five Sealed Barrier” that was given to the hideout, but he had to fight his own impostor who appeared in the trap (“Mirror Attacker’s Technique”), and he won the victory.

Deidara one of Akatsuki who was fighting against Kakashi and Naruto, is hunted down with Lee and others, but Deidara escapes using the technique of “self-destruction alter ego”. (In addition, Deidara had both arms amputated by Gaara and Kakashi).

Although it has not appeared for a long time after the “Kazekage Recapture Mission”, it seems that he was performing the mission outside the village. When he appeared after a long time during the attack on Pain, he sensed the change in the village from the movement of the birds while returning from the mission, and led the screws to return in a hurry and witness the misery of the village. 

After the formation of the Shinobi Union, he heads to the isolated island (Shimagame) in the clouds to take care of Naruto. In “Truth Waterfall” there, from another self, “Dark Guy”

It was pointed out that “If an old man overdoes it, he will break his body” and “Isn’t anyone wanting you forcibly youth?” At the bottom of my heart, I am aware of the decline of my body, such as getting tired first.

Then, during the encounter with the dark guy, Naruto finds out that he has infiltrated and encounters Kisame who escapes for the third time.

Although rub the wrong way his nerves do not remember the name of Again Onisame, the end of the mortal combat of two of our best, to open the seventh-Odorokimon, ” Hirutora victory by exploding”.

Immediately after, when Kisame decided to commit suicide, he admired the act and called his name for the first time. After that, he joins the Ninja Allied Forces, but goes down due to fatigue due to the aftereffects of using “Day Tiger” and muscle disconnection of the whole body, and is treated by Sakura before the sortie.

In the 4th Ninja World War, he was assigned to the 3rd unit and engaged with the ninja and the seven ninja swords who had reincarnated in the Pure Land .

madara fight

In the final battle with Madara , Naruto and Sasuke became incapacitated, and Minato, who can only use hermitage, had both arms erased, so he was the only one who could fight. Challenge.

Its tremendous fighting power is beyond the common sense of physique, but it is more powerful than ninjutsu, so it is highly evaluated by Madara, and he is cornered to the next step. After exploding the final mystery ” Might Guy “, he exhausted all his strength and died, but he escaped death with the help of the resurrected Naruto.

madara uchiha
madara uchiha

He is still alive after the end of the war, but in return for releasing a guy at night, a part of his right toe was necrotic, he was inconvenienced including a broken bone, and his ninja life was cut off, so he still lives in a wheelchair. Is being sent.

However, he doesn’t seem to care much about becoming a wheelchair because he is a person who usually walks around the village on a handstand for training.

What’s more, it’s scary that he still has training because he sees the inconvenience of his right leg as “room for new efforts”, and as a result, when he made arrangements with Bolts in the anime version “BORUTO“. Although it was a short time, he showed a monster that was stronger than the heyday .

Might Guy is the hottest man in Naruto

The cool appearance of Might Guy is depicted many times in Naruto’s story, and especially the famous scene with his disciple Rock Lee is a cool scene that impresses! Might Guy has a theme of “youth” and has the spirit of trying everything and never giving up as long as he is alive.

Might Guy’s passion for youth is tremendous, and his disciple Rock Lee respects Might Guy, who has such a passion more than anyone else, as a cool teacher, Riichi Konoha.

Strength of Might Guy

Might Guy is one of the best ninjas in Konoha no Sato! Might Guy’s martial arts are simple martial arts, but because of their simplicity, they are very strong! Since physical arts rarely use the chakras of one’s body more than ninjutsu, one can continue to fight as long as there is no physical fatigue or damage.

Might Guy is one of the characters in the film who has very few battle scenes! There are two battles in Naruto’s story that show the strength of Might Guy.

might guy
might guy

The first is a battle with a person named “Kisame” who belongs to a criminal organization called Akatsuki! Kisame is a person who handles swords called shark skin, and appears as a ninja with considerable strength!

In such a battle between Kisame and Might Guy, you can see a glimpse of Might Guy’s skill and strength.

And Might Guy’s second battle scene is a one-on-one fight with “Madara Uchiha” that appears in the final phase of Naruto’s story!

Madara Uchiha is one of the founders of Konoha no Sato and a legendary ninja. Madara Uchiha is a man of tremendous strength, but Might Guy releases all his strength and fights! At this time, Might Guy is doing all the tricks he has.

Ultimate physique “Qi Men Dun Jia”[ Might Guy ]

The strongest martial art in Naruto’s world.Might Guy can handle the mystery “Hachimon Qi Men Dun Jia“, which has the strongest strength in Jiu-Jitsu! Only Might Guy has mastered this technique called Qi Men Dun Jia perfectly among the characters that appear in Naruto.

The technique called Hachimon Ryoko is a technique to open the gate that opens eight chakras called Hachimon in the body! With this technique, you can draw out your power dozens of times!

The technique of Qi Men Dun Jia is so famous that any ninja knows it. However, although the technique of Qi Men Dun Jia is so famous that everyone knows it, it is a very difficult technique to master!

In Naruto’s story, only two people can handle the technique of Qi Men Dun Jia. The only two are Might Guy and his beloved disciple Rock Lee!

Advantage and Disadvantage of using Qi Men Dun Jia in Details

might guy 4

The technique called Qi Men Dun Jia can release the maximum power by opening from one gate to eight gates!

It seems that it is a very difficult technique just to open one gate, and even in that Hachimon Qi Men Dun Jia, Might Guy can open all eight gates!

It is revealed in Naruto’s story that it was Might Guy’s father, “Might Die,” who created the technique of Qi Men Dun Jia!

The power you can get when you unlock the technique of Qi Men Dun Jia is tremendous, and you can get enough strength to overwhelm any opponent!

Since the technique called Qi Men Dun Jia is a simple technique, no chakra is used for his own attack technique.

On the contrary, its characteristics are strong, and even if the opponent uses a technique to invalidate ninjutsu etc., it cannot be invalidated because Qi Men Dun Jia is a physical technique.

There is no choice but to avoid or endure the attacks of the person who became stronger by using the technique called Qi Men Dun Jia.

Disadvantages of using Qi Men Dun Jia

might guy

I would like to introduce the disadvantages of using the technique called Qi Men Dun Jia that appears in the story of Naruto! Various techniques appear in the story of Naruto, but among them, the technique called Qi Men Dun Jia is extremely powerful, but the disadvantages are also heavy compared to other techniques!

The disadvantage of using the technique called Qi Men Dun Jia is that in the worst case it will lead to death.

First of all, there is a technique called “Omote Renka” which is a typical technique of Rock Lee! This technique wraps around behind an enemy kicked up in the air, ties the bandage around his arm to the opponent, and hits it vertically on the ground.

This technique can be used by opening the first gate of Qi Men Dun Jia, but Rock Lee after using Omote Renka is extremely painful to the body. It is Qi Men Dun Jia that even if you open the first gate and use the technique, it will put a considerable burden on your body!

And when Rock Lee fought with a person named Gaara, he opened up to the 5th gate of Qi Men Dun Jia! The strength of Rock Lee, who opened up to the 5th gate, far exceeds the strength of ninjas of the same age, and Gaara is smashed with no hands or legs. And Rock Lee uses the back lotus flower that can be used when opening to the 5th gate, but by using that technique, he will be seriously injured in a non-recoverable class.

Might Guy has opened the last “Death Gate” of Qi Men Dun Jia

might guy and madara uchiha
might guy and madara uchiha

Might Guy, the user of Qi Men Dun Jia, is fighting against Madara in the final phase of the story of NARUTO. At that time, Might Guy has opened the last gate of Qi Men Dun Jia, Hachimon! Hachimon is named “Death Gate”, and Death Gate will open the limiter of the heart.

The disciple Rock Lee can only open up to the sixth gate. However, Might Guy has mastered it so well that he can open the dead gate!

When the death gate is opened, it is called “Hachimon Qi Men Dun Jia“. When you open the team of Qi Men Dun Jia, the red steam peculiar to the Death Gate rises from your body! This red steam is said to be generated because the blood in the body is evaporating.

might guy
might guy

When using Qi Men Dun Jia, Might Guy looks completely different from usual, and the bob hair is mixed with blood vapor and turns bright red and stands upright!

Might Guy fully understands the disadvantages of Qi Men Dun Jia, and then opens up to the final death gate. Madara Uchiha is a ninja who has a strength that ordinary Might Guy can’t match.

In the meantime, the only way to fight Madara is to open all of Qi Men Dun Jia. Might Guy, who opened all the gates, overwhelms Madara, and we say that Madara recognizes Might Guy as the strongest physique.

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Watch Might Guy vs Madara Fight ( Might guy fight scene with Madara uchiha )

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