Download Minecraft APK MOD Free for Android

Minecraft APK MOD Free for Android: Minecraft is a mobile version of the popular open-world sandbox game with a survival mode and the ability to play online, made in a retro style.

The game world consists of cubes and you have the ability to freely move them or create new ones, this allows you to build structures of any complexity.

Minecraft is a popular and huge field for your creativity and entertainment with your friends.

There is no clear goal or quests here, choose an activity to your liking, explore the world, create objects or structures, fight opponents. Items can be crafted using various special tools, such as a workbench and a metal furnace.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Pixel graphics are what make the legendary “sandbox” different from the others. Other developers have already edited the same style, but Minecraft will always be remain a pioneer. Everything around his character, like himself, will be made up of many squares.

At first, it is very difficult to get used to it, but then it is difficult to imagine that everything can be different. The game is perfectly optimized, and therefore you can enjoy pixel graphics even on the weakest mobile devices running the Android OS.

The presence of sound should also be considered. It is top notch, just like almost everything else. Jumping, punching, and more – it all sounds like it’s happening in real life.

you can download on Android not only the original version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition & Minecraft ApK game, but also with a mod for free!

Almost all minecrafters are familiar with this port. Plus, your favorite cube sandbox will always be in your pocket!

Minecraft has a day and night cycle, one day in the game lasts 20 minutes of real time. During the day, friendly pig, sheep, or cow creatures appear, and at nightfall, hostile spiders, zombies, and skeletons. Therefore, care should be taken to build a shelter and weapons for security.

In addition to the standard world, you can explore the Nether and the End, but you can only get to them through portals. Parallel worlds in Minecraft are more dangerous and hostile, but they expand your options.

In addition, the available materials allow you to create tools to call game bosses. Using the Red Stone resource, you can create logic circuits for building interactive elements, such as levers or valves.

Minecraft APK Latest Version

Minecraft APK

Download Minecraft APK latest version 2022.

Minecraft Pocket Edition APK + Mod v1.18.30.28

App Minecraft – Pocket Edition
Latest VersionMinecraft APK v1.18.30.28 Beta
OS VersionAndroid
Package namecom.mojang.minecraftpe

Minecraft Gameplay Features

Before you, one might say, the best “sandbox” of all time and people. As expected, you can create your own world immediately after starting the game. Several game modes are presented, including “survival” and “creative”.

In the first case, you will need to fight for your existence, and in the second case, you will be able to realize all your creative abilities. The Minecraft Pocket Edition also gives you the ability to play with other players on the network.

  • Completely open world.
  • Changeability of all elements of the universe.
  • Cooperative game in the local network or on servers.
  • Add-on support.
  • Funny pixel art.

Minecraft ApK Download free for Android

StatusMinecraft Apk VersionSize
Download Minecraft Apk Download v1.18.12.01 184 MB
Download Minecraft Pocket Edition APK + Mod v1.18.30.28
Download Minecraft APK v1.18.30.26 191 MB
Download Minecraft Apk v1 17.0 58123.69 MB
Download Minecraft Android 2.3+ APK122.4 MB
Download Minecraft MOD APK90.0 MB
Download Minecraft Beta APK
Download Minecraft Beta MOD APK89.99 MB
Download Minecraft MEGA Beta MOD APK89.95 MB

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This page contains the latest versions of the Minecraft game. Some elements and things will never officially be added to this game. To get a new weapon or car, you need to use mods. Mods allow you to acquire new characters, expand the list of menus, and so on.

Many users compare the Minecraft PE game with the digital analogue of the LEGO constructor, because much here resembles a kind of world that consists of separate blocks connected to each other. At first glance, this project looks simple and uncomplicated.

However, this famous game is quite versatile and allows you to implement complex ideas in it, and is also ideal for the creative development of children. Despite the fact that the game has been pleasing gamers for a long time, the developers try to regularly recreate the locations.

For example, they recently added locations from famous Marvel movies, the Game of Thrones series, as well as other popular works.

At the moment, among the analogues of Minecraft, such games are offered as: SurvivalCraft , Block Story, in which the game conditions are similar to Minecraft.

Also, the developers of this application released the Minecraft Earth game based on the same cubic world and virtual reality effect, but the meaning in it is different from MCPE.

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