Top 7 [Mini-Games] to Play & Download for Free

Begun in 1998 on Nintendo 64, the Mario Party saga has no less than 16 different games, each including dozens of mini games. Here is our Top 7 minigames you should to play.

Why do people loves MiniGames?

Do you know why people are still crazy about mini games? I remember when I was between 6 to 8 years old, I was very fond of video games. So at that time video games were not as developed as they are today.

But if I talk about myself, there are many memories attached to the mini video games of those times. Enjoyed these mini games a lot in childhood. You must tell us the names of your favorite mini games by commenting. I hope today’s topic will force you to reminisce about your childhood. so let’s start

1. Countdown

Great classic of Mario Party , Countdown has made a good reputation on Mario Party 7 (released in 2005 on GameCube) thanks to its difficulty.

Accepting one of Mario Party’s presented ideas, i.e. knocking other players from a platform, the countdown add an additional element that changes everything. These four players are actually suspended on a platform with 9 categories that each display a number under a countdown.

Once the counter reaches 0, the box opens and makes the character who was there fall into the void. It is therefore necessary to take care of both pushing the opponents with kicks, avoiding their attacks and always keeping an eye on the different countdowns of the boxes!

2. Mario Paint

Mario Paint itself is a great, revolutionary game that comes with one of the best controllers ever – the Super Nintendo Mouse! However, hidden inside this timeless masterpiece is a surprising and refreshingly creative mini-game called Gnat Attack.

Using the mouse, players literally smash flies (or midges , I guess) through increasingly difficult levels, even battling giant bugs along the way.

Even though there are a handful of mini-games on this list that could potentially be released as standalone games, Gnat Attack is the one I think the most people would buy.

3. In the foreground

Brought up to date at the end of 2018 with the release of Super Mario Party on Nintendo Switch, the Mario Party saga was offered in this section several new mini games such as In the foreground.

This mini game shows the need for recognition of the characters who must use all means to find themselves in the center of the paparazzi’s lens as the photo is taken.

If it looks like Photo Finish present on Mario Party 10 , Foreground is slower and is played in a more ventilated area, which makes it more understandable and entertaining.

4. Super Monkey Ball 2

Do you ever want to see a monkey roll a ball over a large ramp and throw it in the air, and use a ball as a glider to land on a target with different amounts of points? Just in case you have them, the monkey target is a minigames for you!

First of all, you can play with four players at a time Secondly, the flying mechanics are really surprisingly deep and hard to master.

But the best part of a monkey target is when you land a surprisingly 500-point target, only to have your friend fall out of the sky and push you and your poor monkey ball out of the target and into the water. Darkness below If you don’t waste hours playing monkey targets, there’s something wrong with you.

5. Bumper balls

The endless appearance Mario Party series is full of many different mini-games. In Bumper Balls – featured in the original Nintendo 64 game – up to four players ride colorful balls as they move around the screen trying to knock their opponents off the edge of an elevated platform. Let the chaos and screams of your friends ensue!

6. The Legend of Mystic Ninja

As Kid Ying and Dr. Yang travel through the different villages of Legend of the Mystic Ninja , they can visit random buildings and participate in a wide variety or random mini-games. One of these mini-games is called Paint.

If you are familiar with the classic Snake game, you will easily understand Paint. In the mini-game, two players have to paint a wall using constantly moving brushes. Whoever can avoid paint marks left by brushes the longest is the winner!

7. Phew golf

Like Countdown, Phew golf is one of the 100 mini-games gathered in the Mario Party: The Top 100 compilation distributed since the end of 2017 on Nintendo 3DS.

Originally released on Mario Party 3 (the last game in the series on Nintendo 64), Phew golf ‘allowed you to play golf with 4 players, in the tradition of Mario Golf games , and as a preamble to memorable rounds of golf on Wii Sports .

Nintendo will take up the concept a little bit with the release of Mario Party 10 in 2015 with Instant tee, a golf game that this time requires more reflexes than precision.

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