Monarch (American TV series) Release Date, Cast & Trailer

In winter, when it is chilly outside and there is not enough sun, the bosses are preparing a portion of the country-style episodes. We found out when Monarch is scheduled to premiere on FOX – you will find this information below and it also tells what the show is about and who will take part.

Let’s not postpone the release date of the series “Monarch“, because it is already scheduled for January 30/31, 2022 .

Musical title fight

Monarch is an American TV series that tells the story of several generations of a family of musicians. The dynasty was created by Dottie and her beloved husband Albi. The woman is talented, but unshakable, sometimes tough. 

It was her strong-willed character that allowed their duo to become real kings in the world of country music. But life changes and soon the title of “kings” is under threat . 

To defend the family business and retain the title, Nicolette enters the fight. She, like her mother, is ready for anything to protect her family and at the same time become a star.

Monarch” was announced in May 2021. At the same time it became known who will take the places in the film crew. Michael Rauch was originally appointed as Showrunner, but in November 2021 he gave up his post to John Feldman. It was directed by Jason Ansrel.

And while Russian viewers think what else will be interesting in the television series “Monarch”, the release date of which is already scheduled for January 31, 2022, the American public is already actively discussing the potential success of the film. 

Amazingly, in their opinion, the release date will be a failure – the wrong actors, the wrong idea. It is difficult to say how justified this is – then we will tell you about the title performers , and you will draw your own conclusions about the premiere of “Monarch”.

Cast and production

Susan Sarandon will play a key role. She has starred in countless projects since 1970. She has 5 Oscar nominations, 9 Golden Globe nominations and several prestigious awards.One of the last high-profile works – “Very Bad Moms 2”… 

The role in “Monarch” went to Joshua Sasse. It is not so famous yet, but it is definitely familiar to those who watched the romantic drama “Tomorrow Doesn’t Come.”


A small pause in the discussion of the actors – you will find the release dates for the new episodes about the Monarch in our schedule, where only verified data always fall .

The rest of the actors of “Monarch” – including Megan Holder, Martha Migareda and Emma Milani, have a rather mediocre experience on the screens – some were last filmed in 1994, and some got only cameo roles. 

As you can see, there are not enough castes of stars from the sky, but it is too early to put an end to the show – who knows how little-known actors will surprise us.

After the information and trailer appeared, now all ordinary mortals and even monarchs are waiting for the release date of the new series from FOX. Well, it will be a loud premiere or a deafening failure – it depends on you and your assessments .

New episodes release schedule

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
0131 January 2022 the year
02February 2 , 2022
03February 9 , 2022
0416 February 2022
05February 23 , 2022


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