Money Heist Season 5 Trailer & Release Date: Know More

Money Heist announced a new cast before the premiere of season 5, revealing the introduction of two people from Berlin and Tokyo in the past.

Netflix released the release date of the fifth season of "Money Heist" on May 24, which is fascinating. The streaming media giant said that this season will be broadcast in two parts, with five episodes each. The first volume will be aired on September 3 this year, and the second volume will be aired on December 3rd.

Money Heist announced several new actors before the premiere of Season 5. Money Heist, also known as La Casa De Papel, is a crime drama, originally a limited series launched on the Spanish Internet. However, Netflix obtained the streaming rights to the series in 2017 and released episodes worldwide.

The series tells the story of the crime planner professor and his team of 8 trying the largest robbery in history. It was so popular that Netflix renewed the series with an increased budget. The first part of the fifth and final season of Money Heist will premiere on September 3rd.

Money Heist announced to  join the cast for season 5Miguel Ángel Silvestre, Patrick Criado and José Manuel Sedar

Two of the actors will play personal roles that are deeply rooted in the lives of the two current characters on the show. Criado will play Rafael, the son of Pedro Alonso, and Silvestre will play Tokyo (Usula Corberó as the beloved who died in the robbery) René. At the same time, Sedar will join as Special Forces Commander Sagasta.

The expansion of Money Heist’s cast may be necessary as it prepares for the explosive final season. This season will be released in two parts, which will cover the final battle between the robbers and the Spanish army.

In addition to the intense action, it seems that season 5 will also explore some intense emotional situations, as both Berlin and Tokyo are facing individuals and ghosts from the past.

Both Rafael and René may reveal more background stories about Berlin and Tokyo, which may be why Corberó cried when filming the 5th season of Money Heist. With intense action and an in-depth exploration of the past, Money Heist Season 5 may be the largest season in the series.

Instructions: how to rob a mint

The TV series was originally purchased and funded by Antena 3. Under their leadership, 2 seasons were released, which they combined into one and released as an integral part. 

Only after that the rights were bought by netflix. The streaming service oversees the project and continues to increase viewers’ interest.

It was recently revealed that Netflix has already extended the paper house/money heist season 5  for a 5th season. The release date for the new series is scheduled for the summer of 2021, and a more precise day will be announced shortly.

Recall that the picture was shot in the genre of a crime drama. In the story, a group of risky adventurers are planning a major robbery of the royal mint. It’s not just a desire to break into a building and take out all the valuables – it’s a thoughtful, complex plan that the most inventive bandits are working on . 

According to the plan, they will rip off more than 2 billion euros from this scam – you can try with such an “exhaust”. In the process of implementing their plan, the criminals take hostages. Passions are running high and it’s hard to even imagine what will happen next.

money heist season 5

Last season 4, the heroes tried to save Lisbon and Nairobi. It all ended dramatically – in the last minutes we saw Alicia pointing a gun at the professor. After the sequel entry date, we will find out how this skirmish will end for the professor.

In general, almost everyone knew that the 5th chapter would be, because the final of the fourth part was so open that the creators simply could not leave everything like that. 

It is for the best, because the picture was to the liking of many viewers . And especially for them, we prepared several interesting facts about the picture, which many did not know about. 

Well, we have already announced the release date of the series “Paper House/Money heist season 5″.

What can we get from the money robbery in season 5?

According to the official summary, “This group has been detained in Bank of Spain for more than 100 hours. They successfully rescued Lisbon, but the darkest moment happened after they lost one of their people.

This This professor has been captured by Serra, and for the first time there is no escape plan. Just when nothing else seems to go wrong, an enemy that is much stronger than anything they face appears: the army. The most in history The serious robbery is about to end, and what started with the robbery will become a war.”

Curious facts

  • The Spanish authorities did not allow filming the picture in the mint, so they occupied the building of the National Research Center for filming;
  • The first appearance of the picture on Netflix significantly increased the ratings of the service. The series was voted one of the best on the platform;
  • Professor, Tokyo and Denver in 2018 fell into the TOP-20 of the most popular TV series characters;
  • The New York Times included the painting in the list of the best foreign projects.

Haven’t seen the feed yet?You have time until the premiere takes place, because the inhabitants of the paper house/money heist season 5 are waiting for the release date of season 5. Well, we will follow the news, and keep you updated on the latest decisions of the creators.

SeriesNamerelease date
5 × 01-043 September 2021 the year
5 × 05-083 December 2021 the year
Note: Netflix crime series La Casa de Papel's title translates to The House of Paper, but was changed to Money Heist in the U.S.

Who is looking for money to rob Season 5?

In the last season, you will once again see everyone of the following: Ursula Corbero (Tokyo), Alvaro Mott (Professor), Izil Itúño (Lisbon), Miguel Erland (Rio), Jaime Llorente (Denver), Esther Asebo (Stockholm), Enrique Arce (Arturo), Dako Perry K (Helsinki), Horvik Kuchkrian (Bogotá), Luca Perros (Marseille), Belen Cuesta (Manila), Fernando Cayo (Coronel Tamayo) ), Rodrigo de la Sena (Palermo), Naiva Nimri (Inspector Serra), Jose Manuel Poga (Gandia) and Pedro Aron So (Behring).

Miguel Angel Rodriguez Silvestre (Sense 8) and Patrick Criado have also been confirmed as new actors.

The following is a brief overview of what has happened so far:

This show is not one, but two protagonists. The first protagonist spanned the first two seasons. Here, we are introduced to most of the protagonists, who are named after cities, including Tokyo, Nairobi, Moscow, Rio, Denver, Helsinki, Berlin and Oslo. The professor is the brain behind them, and the robbery he planned-the Royal Mint of Spain (Royal Mint of Spain).

Wearing Salvador Dali masks and red jumpsuits, the group raided the mint. They managed to take away millions of euros, but Berlin, Oslo and Moscow lost their lives.

The third and fourth quarters revolved around the robbery of the Bank of Spain, planned to take place approximately three years after the Royal Mint of Spain incident. Three new members joined the group.

During the robbery, Nairobi was shot and killed. The pregnant Sierra was fired, but at the end of the fourth season, not only did she manage to find the professor in her secret location, she also held his gun.

What is Sierra’s goal? After the police released her, Lisbon has now joined the gang inside the bank, but is this part of the police plan? Many questions will be answered in the final season, which will have 10 episodes-two more episodes than the previous season.

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