Ms. Marvel Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer on Disney +

Fans of the Marvel universe can be envied – the movie bosses never leave them without fresh projects and regularly release new items. For example, they recently announced that Ms. Marvel is already scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2022 on Disney+

If you can’t imagine life without superheroes, it’s time to figure out what surprise awaits you this time.

In the meantime, let’s find out the exact release date of the Ms. Marvel series, which is already scheduled for June 8, 2022 on Disney+, don’t miss it!

“Random” superhero

Kamala Khan is an ordinary American with Pakistani roots and an adherent of the Muslim religion. She grew up in Jersey City. The teenager, like many, is fond of computer games, and still cannot imagine his life without superheroes. 

No, she is not the heiress of unusual powers – she just loves to fantasize and think about what it’s like to be a person with superpowers .

Immersion in the virtual and fictional worlds of her own leaves an imprint on the social life of Kamala. At school, she feels superfluous, it is difficult to establish contact with her peers, she cannot coexist with her family. 

But everything changes when, as a result of an accident – in her case, happy, the girl received superpowers – now she can change her appearance, as well as stretch her body to unimaginable sizes. 

She became the one she dreamed of being like . She will have to figure out whether superhumans really live so sweetly, and at the same time learn to live with a new version of herself.

We will find out the answers in the television series Ms. Marvel, the release date of which will take place on June 8, 2022. It is known that the plans for the picture appeared with the creative consultant of Marvel Studios back in 2016.

Then Joe Quesada said that the company had an idea to present a solo show for Kamala Khan, who popular among comic book readers of the universe.

And although it was clear that there would be a novelty, they were in no hurry to engage in its production. In May 2018, Kevin Feige hinted that the idea was not abandoned and said that the film was in development. 

In August 2019, it was reported that the film crew had begun to make real steps towards the release date: the screenwriter was confirmed – Bisha K. Ali , as well as directors and executive producers.

Ms Marvel

Casting and filming

Having indicated the approximate release date of the Ms. Marvel series, the bosses launched the casting. They carefully selected the actress for the title role. 

When Iman Vellani appeared at the audition, all members of the casting group voted for her candidacy unanimously. A little later, the roles were given to Matt Lintz, Arami Knight, Nimra Bucha, Azhar Usman, Ali Khan, Alicia Reiner and others.

Filming began in March 2021.Most of the scenes were filmed in Thailand., of course, facing restrictions due to the pandemic. To the delight of the fans, no obstacles prevented the bosses from creating a novelty, and now not only Ms. Marvel knows and is waiting for the release date for new episodes of the Disney+ superhero series. 

The list of potential fans is constantly expanding and we hope that all of them will be satisfied with the upcoming new product .

Release schedule for all episodes

Series numberSeries namePremier dates
01June 8 , 2022
02June 15 , 2022
03June 22 , 2022
04June 29 , 2022
05July 6 , 2022
06July 13 , 2022


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