Mystical Agriculture and Crops yields 2021

Mystical Agriculture

Vegetables are a lucrative crop. Vegetable farming is one of the most important ways for farmers to grow their crops year-round.(mystical agriculture)


There are more benefits to Growing vegetables than other crops. mystical agriculture


Mystical Agriculture Guide


Nowadays, the corona virus has shocked people all over the world.  Even millions of people around the world are infect daily and thousands die.  


Most of her friends are recovering from coronation.  Corona is a lifeless protein virus that can be seen by electron microscopy.  


Therefore, the particles are in the patient’s saliva, spleen, and spleen.  When the patient sneezes, coughs, and spits, the water enters the body through the nose, mouth, and eyes of a healthy person.  



It enters the lungs and causes the patient to succumb and You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.


So we need to be careful from the beginning of rooting to harvest until we comply with the Covid rules and send them to the market.  


  • A balanced diet is need to keep the body healthy and functioning.  Vegetables contain all the nutrients, such as sugars, sugars, Nutrients and minerals and vitamins, and can cause a variety of diseases in the human body.  So vegetables are a staple of our diet.  




According to scientists, each person should eat about 300 grams of vegetables per day, along with other foods.  Of these, 100 to 125 grams of vegetables are need, 45 grams of root vegetables and 45 grams of fruit are need.



But in our country, we need 175 grams of vegetables per day.  Vegetables are a lucrative crop.  


By cultivating it, the farmer earns his living by investing in his fields throughout the year.  Vegetable farming can benefit more than other crops.  


The soil and climate of our state are especially useful for growing vegetables.  Tubers are one of the most economical crops in the world.  Farmers can now benefit from this.


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  • Soil – Fertile sorghum from sandy loam, with a pH of 5.5 to 6.8.


  • Seed varieties – samvat, pus fed, pukhjena.


  • Purify seed-To purify the seed, take a large container of water and make a solution of 1 liter of bavistin per liter.


Planting method – more productive tubers = 27,000 acres per acre. Sankar National Park – The number of trees is 27. Tree spacing – 25 cm, should be Row line spacing – should be 60 cm.



Fertilizer – It is necessary to mix the soil with 4 carts of manure. Jatropha = 20: 20: 30 kg (per acre). In the next 20 days after planting, fertilize and add other trees to the soil.



Then apply soil to each tree. Irrigate in 5-10 days depending on the season and the weather.


Mystical agriculture and Crops yields 2021


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Yield – By taking into account almost all aspects and cultivating in a scientific way, we can easily get about 80 to 90 quintals of tubers. It takes 40 to 60 days. : 


If we get 45 quintals of zinc, then per quintal at today’s rationale. We can get Rs 2,16,000 if we sell it for Rs 240. But it costs us about 75,000 per acre. 


So we can get an estimate of income per acre – estimate cost =2,16,000 – Rs 72,000 = Rs 1,44,000 (mystical agriculture)


Electric Mushroom in Meghalaya

electric mushroom in Meghalaya


Delicious mushroom dishes are the first to be found on the list of Nutritious food mushrooms or mosrom special places at special banquets, parties, function dishes.


Experts, however, have found an amazing mushroom in the bamboo forest of the eastern Indian state of Meghalaya


At night the purple light of the roof is distort, which is quite interesting, which is why the local call it ‘Electric Mushroom‘.


New Delhi : More than a dozen minerals, including fiber and minerals, are rich in minerals.

 However, there is a lot of talk about the “light emit” in Meghalaya


Such amazing mushroom experts came to the fore while research was being done on crop biodiversity in the Ghancha forest of Meghalaya


The color of this roof, which is common during the day, changes at night. It emits a mixture of blue, violet colors, which make it shiny.yes one can easily identify it from a distance. 


A joint operation by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and an NGO in Assam has found the species to be found in the Jantia and Khasi forests.


Stephen Exford, a photographer and member of the team of blood experts who has been studying on different types of roofs for 15 years, said such an amazing roof was being discussed in Meghalaya.  


However, it was not easy to locate it.  The roof was found after a search of the forest on the basis of their information.

Karunaratna, a scientist who is involved in the law, said four species of electrical defects had already been detected all over the world.  


The species has been rank 7th in Meghalaya.  The roof can usually grow well in marine climates.  It also has many species in the mountains.  


According to the chemical reactions in the roof, different colors emit light from it.  T


He mushrooms found in Meghalaya usually bloom at the base of the bamboo bushes.  It produces a special type of enzyme.  


After reacting with oxygen, it produces a colored light.  The average Temperature is 21 to 24 degrees Celsius.  On a rainy day in Meghalaya, Kerala, Goa, the roof is in full swing, with locals familiar with it.

Mad mushroom

How To Plant Potatoes ? Potatoes Farming

Crops yields


Potatoes can be planted now.  To do this, first grind the coda and select the grass, which will lighten the soil of the potato root. 
Then apply the remaining 30 = 75 kg of nitrogen fertilizer to the soil on both sides of the potato tree – at a distance of 6 cm to a depth of 2-3 cm.

Currently, planting potatoes yields good results because the weather is good for growing and growing potatoes.  


To plant potatoes on one acre of land, collect 7 – 7 quintals (25 grams of seed potatoes) and keep them on the floor for 7 days in the dark.  


Before sowing, soak the seeds in 10 liters of water, add 20 grams of monkeys and a gram of streptocycline to the solution, soak for 3 minutes and dry in the shade.  


When preparing the land, apply 8 tons of compost per acre of land and 10 tons of compost per acre of sand.  Apply all the phosphorus and potash and potash fertilizers when planting potatoes.


In addition, applying 5 kg of bleaching powder and 4 kg of Forate per acre in the early stages can prevent pests.

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