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Mystical Agriculture


Our country is an agricultural country, especially in the rural areas and many depend on it for their livelihood.Nowadays, if you are Growing Vegetables,you can make the most of the following technical tips on your own.


Vegetable Production Guide

It is always better to use proven seeds.  The seeds need to be refined before sowing.

After sowing the seeds or seeds, it is better to cover them with clay or dry or loose manure.The bottom layer is then covered with bamboo, straw or straw and watered by sprinkling straw in a spring or a bowl.  Straw, bamboo, or straw are removed after germination.

It is best to water the basement in the evening.In the case of growing saplings, it is best to plant weed in the basement.


Mystical Agriculture | Farming, Equipment

Seedlings are selected in the evening when the saplings are thick and tight (2-3 weeks).2-3 hours before the saplings are uprooted, watering the basement can be easily uprooted by uprooting them.


When taking saplings from the basement to the main land, they are immediately covered with a wet cloth. Otherwise the tree will blow dry Interruptions may occur.(agriculture)

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The seedlings are irrigated 2-3 times during the day with a paper wrap or 2-3 times a day. Otherwise, the saplings are likely to die. Light water is provided to keep the tree alive.


Vegetables grow well in upland, nigida, dorsa soils.  The soil of the main land needs to be cultivated with 6 to 8 oats of soil and leveled.


Cultivating 20 to 25 vehicles per acre yields good yields.  Otherwise, 30 quintals of jia manure per acre will be applied during the final preparation of the land.  Salt, milk, and acidity do not occur in the soil, and soil moisture and drainage are easy and increased.(agriculture)


Increased soil fertility and higher crop yields.  In ammonium soils, the amount of paper dirt is reduced by 1-2 quintals per acre or lime.


Seedlings are planted in rows when the soil is wet.  Rows are easier to pick, weed, and weed.  When the tree grows; water is given to the canals or irrigation is given.  Morning and evening are the perfect time to flood.


Applying azotobacter and azospirilam bacteria to vegetable crops on an average of 10 kg per acre.  Jabsarjan (equivalent to 22 kg of urea) is used to harvest and increase yields.  Can be applied with seed treatment,soil treatment or in combination with manure.


Similarly, 20 grams of phosphate solubilizing microorganisms (PSM) was used.  Seeds are treated.All germs can be mixed together and apply.


Interested farmers will plan crops so that they can be harvest at different times of the year and can be harvest according to demand.  This keeps the soil fertile and reduces the risk of infection.

Mystical agriculture Rice Crops plant

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment.Muddy soil for soil preparation (25 Hectares of Land per hectare).During the last oat cultivation, 30 kg.Superfood, 6kg.

Mystical Agriculture | Farming, Equipment

Apply a mortar of potash, 50 baskets of manure or compost, the bottom of the pot is 1 m wide and 15 cm wide. Keep it high as long as possible. 30 cm between the two layers.


It is better to leave the width of the drain. 5–12 kg of grass was select for 12–18 days. Apply (11 kg urea).Treat it with salt water to remove the stems and seeds from the seeds.


soak the rice seeds thoroughly in water for 24 hours and cover them with a strainer.

Mystical Agriculture | Farming, Equipment

Sow the seedling in the mud under the mud after the weed have been plant.This also makes it easier; to use fertilizers and pesticides.  Types of seeds: Sahal – Khandagiri, Parijat, Yogesh, Siddhanta and partner paddy.

Medium: Lalat, Manaswini, Mandakini, Jyotirmoyee, Konark, Pratibha, Tapaswini, Gajapati and Naveen.


 Oil-seed crops

Integrated pest control methods for sunflower disease and pest control Keep the land free of weeds for 45 days.Irrigate by looking at the clay groom.



Irrigate as needed.1 liter per hectare of disease or imidaclopid 19.8 SL per hectare.120 ml  Spray.Spray with 1000 ml per hectare, 500 liters of water per hectare.


Cabbage – In the cabbage crop, 1 liter of fipronil or 500 ml per hectare, indacarb or 200 ml per hectare can be use to control pest, tick caterpillars and cardamom flies.

Sprinkle the leaves with Fubendiamide 500 liters of water.  Prepare the bottom for the late cauliflower.  Among the best varieties of cabbage are Global and Global – 18.


Vegetables : Grow vegetables such as winter poi, coriander, fenugreek, spinach, koshala, mustard and more.(mystical agriculture)



Refine the seed and plant the watermelon.Depending on the type of row,apply a row of 2.0 to 2.5 m and a row of manda 1.5 m in the approved method.Chop them into pieces and remove them after germination.Improved varieties-Sugarbaby, Arctic, Red Army.  Types of Sankar Madhuri, Maya, Sugarbai, Suirubi, Mumtaz, Andaman.


When mangoes arrived, 4 ml 2 days after arrival.  Profenofos.  Sprinkle well with 1 liter of water on leaves and buds in the new garden from the roots of the mother tree.

Destroy and irrigate indigenous weeds – In foggy weather, burn orchards, sticks, etc. in the garden, smoke and irrigate the garden with 4 g of pure 1 liter of water.


Irritate if you bring fruit to the tree. Do not water the plants before flowering or buds arrive.




Make pots for dry flower cultivation and plant rhubarb varieties of seracol. Row 30 to 40 cm in rows. And plant 30 cm to the tree. Apply at intervals.

 Goat Rearing

 Take all possible measures to prevent colds from viral diseases and pneumonia.  Consult a veterinarian for protection.


 Poultry farming


Take all necessary steps to prevent colds – Consult your nearest veterinarian for immunization.


 Fish Farming


in a one-hectare pond weighs 3 kg per day for 12,500 pairs.  3 kg with 650 g of kandia kunda.  Add 450 grams of peanut butter and eat.

Planting peanuts

Two to three weeks after sowing peanuts, pick and choose grass. Pass the jeep on both sides and mix in the soil.
Sprinkle water with water every 12 to 15 days. For beetroot, spray 1 liter per hectare of the disease or 125 grams of thiomeththodam in 500 liters of water.Sprinkle 2 grams / liter of Tabuconazole / Hectaconazole or Chlorothalonil.

Water requirement for potatoes

Depending on the soil, water should be watered every 8-10 days. Up to two-thirds of the water should be water.  2 kg / ha per hectare to control aphids.Sprinkle Endofil M-75 with 500 liters of water.  Spray 3 times in 15 days.For late blight, spray 1 kg of Metallicil and Mankajeb in 500 liters of water.  To control rootworms, add 1.5 liters of chloropyrifs to 500 liters of water and plant them in the soil.
If the weather is cloudy, spray early.  Kardakhusa and huda teka on potatoes planted late.

Wheat Germ and Control

If the wheat crop was infested with black caterpillars, bury or burn the affected plants in the soil and spray 200 g of carbendazim per acre with 200 liters of water.There is a risk of crop failure in the questionable crop.  To control this, spray 400 g of monkeys per 200 liters of water per acre. If there is no rain, the crop needs irrigation.


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