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Naruto Last Episode

Naruto Ended: Final Episode

Naruto” is a manga written and designed by Masashi Kishimoto. The 700 chapters have been divided into 72 volumes and translated into different languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

The famous manga produced two anime TV series , but not limited to this; then, the series was converted into novels, video games, movies, and OAV. Naruto has undoubtedly won such a huge success that it has become the most famous manga and anime series in Japan and abroad. Naruto is a twelve-year-old ninja .

He has a dream to become a Hawke, or the most important ninja in the population. Unfortunately, he spent his childhood as a tramp, because according to the traitor ninja Mizuki, the nine-tailed fox (a kind of nine-tailed demon, one of the supernatural demons) was hidden on him. Naruto’s adventures are all focused on trying to defend himself and get his friend Sasuke back on the right path. Remember the last episode and ending? No? Then you have come to the right place, let’s read together!

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Which episode is the finale of Naruto… The finale of the first episode? Or is it the first season? Naruto is counted as one from 1 to 220, and 221 is part of the new Shippuden. If it is what you call “Oshemaru” After the episode of Naruto Abandoned Two Hands”, then it should be before the 80 episode. Attachment: Part 1: (The original TV version of the plot in bold) Chapter 001 Naruto Yuzuru, Chapter 002 I am Konohamaru! 003…

For many post-90s generations, you may not have watched “Naruto“, but no one has never heard of “Naruto“. It can be seen how influential this animation is for the young generation in China. “Naruto” is childhood I still remember that in those years we stayed in front of the TV day and night, and were reluctant to go out to play, so that we could see the latest issue of “Naruto” earlier, and as the Internet became popular, we went to watch it in front of the TV.

There are fewer people in “Naruto“, and it is difficult for us to find that simple memory. Recently, “Naruto”, which has attracted much attention from netizens, has finally ushered in its end, and a large number of netizens cherish their memory. Childhood, so what did the last episode of “Naruto” say?

Naruto Animation

It is reported that in the last episode, it is mainly about the wedding of Naruto and Hinata. Fans have been looking forward to more than ten years, and the relationship between the two has finally been fulfilled.

In this last episode, we also saw that many people have become I saw a couple and saw the author’s nostalgia for the dead Ningji. Sasuke still did not come to Naruto’s wedding, but only asked an eagle to send blessings.

The biggest tear point in the last episode was Naruto’s enlightenment teacher. —-Umino Iruka, Naruto asked Iruka to be his father at the wedding, which also moved many netizens.

Naruto: The last cartoon series

Naruto Last Episode Watch Online: Anime Series

The latest episode of “Naruto” will add color to manga fans and therefore the series . This is Iruka’s message to Naruto and the secret of Naruto’s wedding gift. In the last episode, there were some incidents that made the audience question marks: Is there a real winner in the final conflict between Naruto and Sasuke?

Both of them were injured, and it is not clear who actually won the battle. Can Naruto be a kind of line? Or the most important ninja in the population? The last episode answered this question and said “yes”. After all, in all his adventures, Naruto has shown his ability and courage to become one; he did a lot of work to achieve his goals and became a father.

Naruto: Ultimate

The ending of Naruto made his fans somewhat dissatisfied. Some people originally wanted their adventure career to be more adventurous, some people wanted to fight more, while others (though rarely) were satisfied with seeing what they liked became satisfied. In order to achieve this goal, he must work so hard, because becoming an agent is his most important dream!

For some people, this seems to be a foregone conclusion. For others, this is the only conclusion they could have made. In the last episode, we saw Naruto and his children, including Boruto, who has all the qualifications and deserves his father’s son, and started Naruto’s work among the new ninja students.

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How many episodes is the first finale of Naruto?

The first finale is 220 episodes. It mainly talks about Naruto and the lecherous immortal going out to practice; the next episode 221 means that after two years, Naruto’s practice ended and returned. Konoha, this episode is the first episode of Shippuden.

The finale of Naruto’s first episode

July 25 comics return to episode 410, “Naruto has already learned immortality with the toad fairy~! I am looking forward to it~~ Hehe Naruto is the son of language!!! Animation 286, there will be 287 soon, “`About one episode will be updated in a week.” Also, there are some differences between animation and manga.

In the animation, the author has added some plots that are not in the manga. Listen to them. The author is specially made for Chinese people, and it may have both positive and negative influences. “`It is true to listen to the time delay“` And the animation will never catch up with the comics“` The specific ending depends on the author.“`We are in the group Li joked, wait until our grandson is born, and then watch the ending of Hokage, hehe`

The final of the Naruto animation ending?

Naruto Last Episode Watch Online: Anime Series

Naruto animation is over, what’s the finale! “Naruto” is the masterpiece of Japanese manga artist Masashi Kishimoto. His work began to be serialized in “Weekly Shonen JUMP” in 1999 and ended on November 10, 2014. Today (March 23), “Naruto” TV animation will also draw the final words, and the story that accompanied a generation has finally come to an end.“Naruto” animation will end today!

What is the ending of the final episode of 720?

Naruto eventually became Naruto, but Sasuke hated him, Kyuubi unlocked the seal, and although Hyuga died in battle, Hinata was happy, married to Naruto and had a son and a daughter, and Sakura married Sasuke and lived a happy life. Life, as the secret guardian of Konoha, Itachi has made the truth clear for many years, and he has too many burdens to finally get relief.

Where Konoha dances, it will ignite the will of fire. And this fire has been burning for 15 years.“Naruto” TV animation is not over! 701 episode open new original plot[Summary] Just when everyone thought the TV animation of “Naruto” was about to end, a voice actor’s speech told us that it was too naive… Now the TV animation of “Naruto” has begun to be broadcast The final battle between Naruto and Sasuke is over, and according to the progress of the manga, this means that “Naruto” will be over.

Naruto 720 episode animation officially ends, netizens: our youth has also come to completionNaruto 720 episode animation has officially ended. Netizen: Our youth has also come to completion. Date: 2017-03-26  Naruto 720 episode animation has officially ended Netizens: Our youth has also moved towards consummation. Some netizens said that with the end of the Naruto era, our group of post-90s have also grown up, and the follow-up blog posts will be the era of post-00s and post-10s!

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What episode is the ending of Naruto

Episode 699

What is the name of the last episode of Naruto?

Naruto is not yet over. Where is the last episode? It is currently updated to episode 623. Is it still playing with Toto and Too? So far, there is no channel or news to explain what is expected. When will it be over? The author of One Piece said that it will be over ten years later, but Hokage really didn’t disclose it. Sincerely reply, I am glad to answer for you, I hope it can solve your confusion.

From which episode of the Naruto Ninja finale can you understand it?-… It is recommended to start from episode 368. It was the prelude to the encounter between Naruto and Payne. It was also from that time that the fourth ninja war began.

High score request: How many episodes of Naruto animation have reached? What is the ending?
-… 266 episodes of comics are 388 times that have been updated and the ending is not clear at all, but I guess it is Naruto who did Naruto and marrying that Tian MM Haha.

The names of the episodes around the final ending of Naruto

Brother, sincerely tell you Naruto Animation’s release to 292 “The Threat from Ninja” comics to Chapter 413, “Fiasco” will be released to 293 “Akasaka” by this Friday Offense” comic 414, in short, Naruto’s creation has not yet been completed, but it is certain that Sasuke will be back. The ending is reprinted: There are 5 Naruto in total and it seems that there are…

The Naruto Shipppuden Official Trailer

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