NCC India: NCC Full Form and Meaning?

What is NCC?

You must have heard many times about NCC. But do you know the actual meaning of NCC? The NCC full form is “National Cadet Corps“. Now the question in your mind will be that what is this National Cadet Corps? So let’s talk in detail about today’s topic NCC.

NCC (National Cadet Corps) Meaning

The NCC meaning: it stands for Military/ National Cadet Corps of India which gives military training to students of schools and colleges. This includes the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Therefore, if you are in school or college or have passed out, then you remember that there used to be NCC or Red-cross in your time. In which students used to participate. NCC has another meaning which is the future force.

I also remember that before joining NCC, all the students used to have some physical taste. And finally everyone was given an NCC certificate. Its goal is to make students disciplined and patriotic citizens. The NCC headquartered in Delhi and its directorates are located in different states of India.

History of NCC

It was first started in Germany in 1666. In the early 1940s, Pandit Hriday Nath Kunzru suggested the established of a cadet organization in schools and colleges at the National Level in India.

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It was created in India on July 15, 1948, after the then-Governor-General adopted the National Cadet Corps Act. In 1948, the NCC’s Girls’ Division was established to provide equal opportunities to girls and girls attending school and college.

In 1950, the Air Wing was added and in 1952 the Naval Wing joined the NCC. In 1963, after the 1962 Sino-Indian War, NCC training was made compulsory.

In 1968, it became voluntary again During the 1965 Indo-Pakistani war and the 1971 Bangladesh-Pakistan war, NCC cadets served as the second line of defense.

NCC Flag colors

ncc (

NCC Flag comes with 3 colors:

  • Red
  • Dark Blue
  • Light Blue

NCC Divisions

  • Junior Division (School)
  • Senior Division (College)

NCC full form’s on internet

Like the full form of NCC is National Cadet Corps, similarly there is more full form of ncc on the internet.there are many more full forms of NCC. for examples we take some few, So let’s get to know them all.

NCCNational Capital Commission
NCC National Community Church
NCC Newcastle City Council
NCC Norwalk Community College
NCC Nondescripts Cricket Club
NCC Nunawading Christian College
NCC Nikko Cordial Corporation
NCC Niigata Computer College
NCC Navel Construction Contract
NCC Nagarjuna Construction Company
NCC Networking Computer Consultants

What is the official song of NCC?

Answer: Titled – “Ham Sabh Bhartiya Hain”

How to get NCC certificate?

Do you know how to join and how to get NCC certificate? How to get NCC certificate and what are its benefits? NCC certificate If you join NCC group between class 9th to 12th, then you get a certificate of NCC.

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Or If for some reason you are not able to join NCC group between class 9th to class 12th, then you get a chance to join NCC again at the time of graduation (BA, BSC).

Types of NCC Certificate

There are 3 certificates of NCC, that is: A certificate, B certificate or C certificate.

  1. A certificate (9th/10th)
  2. B Certificate (11th)
  3. C Certificate (Graduation)

If you get the A certificate of NCC, then when there is any exam in the army, then you are given a relaxation of 5 numbers.

If you have B certificate then you will get 10 number exemption and if you have C certificate then you do not have to give any defense while exam. Especially its special vacancy comes in the army. So you can go to the army without giving you an exam.

If you do not have A certificate then you cannot do B and if you do not have B then you cannot do C. If you have not done NCC till 12th and you are doing BA (Bachelor of Arts) or BSC, then there is good news for you.

In these also you get NCC, in these 3 years of graduation (1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year) you get A, B, C certificate.

NCC Certificate Benefits

If you want Indian Army job then NCC is an opportunity for you. The advantage of NCC is that its jobs come specially in the army.

Here ncc candidate is included directly. In the army, you are admitted to the army only by doing physical test and medical test.

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