New Anime Movie “Magic Battle 0″Release date and Trailer

All serials, yes serials – animation projects are also released in full-length format. So, for example, the premiere of the full-length anime film “Magic Battle 0” will soon take place. When the show will take place and what kind of events formed the basis – read on.

First, let’s find out the date when the anime “Battle of Magical 0 Movie” will be released. According to our sources, the world premiere is scheduled for December 24, 2021 . The show in Russia may take place a few days later, it all depends on the translators.

Utah vs Curse

Battle of Magic 0 is a prequel to the franchise series that will be based on the manga Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu High School. 

The protagonist is a weird high school student who tries to digest the fact that a longtime girlfriend has become the Curse. Satoru Godse, a magical college teacher, is called in to help resolve the situation. The teacher invites Yuta to college to teach him the basics of fighting the Curse .

There is not much information about the release date of the picture now, but fans of the manga may well form an opinion about it, because they have definitely read the zero volume. Most likely, the events will not differ too much from the original, although who knows – perhaps the creators will be able to surprise.

I must say that now almost everyone is waiting for the new Magic Battle 0 to begin, the release date of which is already scheduled for December 24th. The fact that there would be such a stir around the story could have been guessed even before the official announcement. 

The fact is that the anime series of the same series enjoys incredible love from fans and in 2020 was recognized as one of the best projects of the genre… The creators announced that the film would be released at the end of the first season of the anime series.

Magic Battle 0
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More news about the premiere

In addition to basic information about the release date, we are also ready to share additional facts that will be of interest to fans of the tape. The studio MAPPA is already familiar to the fans to be engaged in production. The voice of the key character will be given by Japanese singer and voice actress Megumi Ogata.

According to information from the creators, the upcoming project will be a Christmas present for all fans who have appreciated their work on the first season of the series. 

Whether it will be a pleasant surprise or disappointment – the premiere will show, but now we can confidently say that the success of the show is extremely high.

Since the trailers and teasers, now released by the organizers, do not give any answers how the magic battle will end, we will find out after the release date of the new animated cartoon “Jujutsu Kaisen 0“. 

Meanwhile, fans are already sharing their assumptions about what awaits the main character in the new film and what adventures will fall on his lot. We look forward to the show andwe hope that the creators managed to maintain the high bargiven by a multi-part picture.


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