New Harry Potter Movie: The sequel to Harry Potter is coming !

2021 will be an important day for the 20th anniversary of the release of the classic movie “ Harry Potter : The Philosopher’s Stone”. The protagonist Daniel Radcliffe also announced that next year he and the actors will celebrate in various forms. At the same time as the 20th anniversary, people familiar with the matter revealed that the film maker Warner Bros. is discussing the start of a “Harry Potter” mystery movie, and all the original crew will return to the wizarding world!

new harry potter movie

This person in the know is Daniel Richtman (Daniel Richtman), the media person who often broke the news behind the scenes of the movie. He revealed that Warner Bros. has communicated with several original cast members for a period of time, but because of the epidemic Relationship, the progress of the relevant plan is quite slow, but it has started to progress recently, and the discussions have gone smoothly. If you are lucky, the official will soon announce the news of this mysterious movie.

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It is reported that the film will be the sequel to the last episode of “Harry Potter: Reaper II” in 2011. At that time, Harry Potter and Ginny took their son Albus Severus Potter. , Ready to take the Hogwarts Express train to embark on his first academic year at Hogwarts, so the sequel will continue from then on, and mention a number of main characters and their children.

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The story mainly tells Harry Potter and others, the struggle and childhood trauma of the queen after defeating the Buddha, and Harry Potter’s experience in the British magic society as he entered middle age. As soon as the news came out, fans were looking forward to it, hoping to see “Harry Potter” Daniel Reidcliffe, “Rong En” Rupert Green, and “Miao Li” Emma Watson return to the wizarding world again.

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In fact, Tom Phaiton, who plays the role of a bad boy in the film, held an online video meeting in November, including Daniel Reidcliffe, Rupert Green, Bonnie Wright, Ivana Lynch, and Jonah. Sen Isaik and others have all reunited. Although everyone did not disclose the slightest news, they predicted that there will be a major event next year’s 20th anniversary. I don’t know if this “major event” is that they are going to return to the “Halibo” again. The world of “Special”?

new harry potter movie

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