Nike Gift Card Online: Where to Buy and How to Use?

What is nike gift cards?

Be on the cutting edge of fashion with Nike gift card! You can buy all the Nike products you want, whether it’s running, basketball, soccer, or just looking good. With the Nike Gift Card, a whole world of sportswear opens up to you. So, indulge yourself and gear up in Nike stores or on

Where can i use a nike gift card?

It’s easy to use your Nike gift card in-store! Print your Nike gift card and present it in store. You can also present your Nike gift card directly from your smartphone.

Your Nike gift card has a barcode that the host or cashier will need to scan. The procedure to follow at the checkout is indicated directly on your Nike gift card.

You can redeem the Nike Gift Card on or in store.

On or the Nike app:

To use the gift card, select “Do you have a Nike gift card?” Ā»At the time of payment.

Enter the code and PIN code and click “APPLY”.

The amount of the gift card will be subtracted from the total amount.

In store:

Pay for your purchases at Nike stores by showing the code and PIN code when paying for your items.

Some people used Nike gift cards to buy things many times before. It is really convenient to use gift cards. The specific operations are as follows:

1.Add the desired product to the shopping cart and go to the checkout link.

2.Fill in the shipping details and click “Next“.

3.In the payment step of the settlement link, check the box next to “Do you have a Nike gift card?”

4.Enter your nike gift card number (without spaces).

5.Click “Apply“. That’s it!

6.If using multiple gift cards, enter the first gift card number, click “Apply”, and then enter another gift card, that’s it!

7.After entering the gift card number, the balance on the gift card will be deducted from the total consumption. Then you can also check the gift card balance.

8.If your Nike gift card balance is only enough to cover a portion of the total consumption, you can also choose any other payment method to pay the remaining amount.

How to buy a gift card from Nike’s official website?

Some people buy some Nike gift cards as gifts on holidays or on the birthdays of my relatives and friends. Personally, I think giving Nike gift cards is very practical.

1.First, log on to Nike’s official website. There is an “nike e gift card” option in the lower left corner of the homepage of the official website or any page, click to enter.

2.After entering the Nike gift card webpage, click “Order Electronic Gift Card” on the right side of the page to enter.

3.The next step is to fill in some personal information and the like, select the amount of your purchase, and add it to the shopping cart to settle.

4.Some companies or individuals may plan to purchase large nike gift cards as employee benefits for holidays and the like. This needs to be purchased separately.

The specific purchase and usage rules can be found on the Nike gift card webpage, under “Order E-Gift Cards” and click on “NIKE E-Gift Card Terms and Conditions”.

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