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Online manager details(About line manager jobs,taining & salary): The line manager is a pilot of automated production systems, a technical skill that is responsible for the management of operations on a given line.

The main missions of a line manager are to commission installations, ensure the proper functioning of automated systems and the management of production flows.

The line manager is a group leader who manages a whole team of production operators on a given line. His job, therefore, is to manage the planning and scheduling distribution of the operators on his team and balance their assignments.

A line manager has a control mission which consists of evaluating the state of the means of production and ensuring supplies. The line manager must also ensure coordination on his production line.

The work of a line manager can affect prevention with curative and preventive maintenance tasks. He must be attentive to aspects of production improvement and make concrete proposals to make it sustainable.

The line manager also provides the training component in the event of the integration of new procedures or new techniques requiring meticulous learning. Finally, the line manager establishes permanent contact with support services such as logistics and maintenance.

Responsible and having a very good sense of animation, the line manager must have both technical, human and relational skills. Read more online details of line manager…

Role of Line Manager

online manager details of line manager

The line manager is in charge of a wide range of management, such as giving instructions to individual subordinates while supervising the entire business. In the West, it is sometimes called a “direct manager“.

With the globalization of workplaces and the increase in IT-related businesses, even domestic companies are no longer able to handle increasingly sophisticated and complex operations with the existing managerial system of department managers, section managers, and chiefs.

To complete a project, we needed human resources with higher management skills than ever before, and as a result, a manager called a manager was born.

There are different types of managers, such as line managers and project managers, depending on their roles, and they work together to advance the project. Depending on the industry or company, there may be more subdivided managers. Read more online details of line manager…

Main missions

  • Managing groups of production operators and leading training sessions
  • Evaluate all means of production and verify sources of supply
  • Coordinate your production line
  • Monitor and manage the production flow
  • Ensure the curative and preventive maintenance of production operations
  • Establish permanent contact with support services
  • Provide training sessions for new procedures

Technical skills

  • Very good command of production management techniques
  • Legal knowledge
  • Knowledge of maintenance procedures
  • Good knowledge of automated systems.
  • Proficiency in computer software
  • Perfect English

Personal qualities

  • Responsible and rigorous
  • Good facilitator
  • Having an excellent relationship
  • Precise and sharp
  • A good communicator
  • Empathetic

Line Manager Salary

online manager line manager

The highest annual salary for a line manager in India is ₹57,30,280 and The minimum annual salary for a line manager in India is ₹5,89,748.The salary of a product line manager in the United States is $ 69327.

Avarage salary of business line manager:

Average SalaryAverage Salary Range
Base Salary$133,655$118,327 – $147,924
Bonus$677$3,681 – $8,846
Total Pay$134,333$122,008 – $156,770

Line managers have two positions: first line manager and second line manager. Read more online details of line manager…

What is a first line manager?

The first-line manager is primarily responsible for the work in the field, but also acts as the field commander who manages his subordinates at the forefront. It is the closest to the field in the organization, and in terms of existing positions, it is close to the section chief or chief.

What is a second line manager?

The second line manager is responsible for managing multiple first line managers and managing the entire project. It is the role of the second line manager to take a bird’s-eye view of the whole from a broader perspective than the first line manager, rather than managing individual problems that occur in the field and the progress of specific work.

The details of the work will be described later, but the line manager has the role of connecting the higher-ranking managers and the employees working in the field in the overall work.

For example, from the start to the end of a project, the line manager is responsible for communicating the intentions of senior managers to the field and, conversely, giving feedback from the field to senior management.

At the same time, the project must be carried out as planned, satisfying all field employees, senior managers, and customers, and it can be said that it is a busy and caring position. Read more online details of line manager…

Requirements for line managers

Line managers have different skills and abilities required depending on their roles and positions. Here, we will organize the skills that are likely to be required for each role.

The line manager is in a position where he must be able to withstand the heavy pressure from the upper layers and control his subordinates well. The abilities required for that purpose are mainly summarized in the following five.

  • leadership
  • Business management ability
  • Human resource development ability
  • Team composition
  • communication


Leadership qualities are essential for line managers to give instructions and move their subordinates at the forefront of the field. You need the ability to not only take the initiative in carrying out the work, but also to organize the entire team while communicating with your subordinates.

Of course, you have to do the work that you are in charge of, but at the same time, you need to optimally allocate personnel within the team and evaluate the work of your subordinates. Being a second line manager also tests your ability to organize the managers underneath.

Business management ability

You also need the ability to look at the overall work, check the structure and progress of the project, and improve any problems. You need the ability to control the entire organization, rather than the skills to go through the details yourself.

For this reason, line managers are also required to have the ability to identify tasks of high importance rather than tasks of immediate importance. How efficiently you can move the team you manage as an organization is the highlight of your skill as a line manager.

Human resource development ability

Indispensable for line managers is the ability to develop excellent human resources. In addition to working directly in the field, it is important to train employees to improve their skills.

In other words, in addition to detailed work instructions, line managers must always provide employees with the possibility to improve their skills.

As a result, the reputation of line managers is enhanced not only by their ability to control the entire business, but also by the growth of employees who work as their subordinates. The higher your reputation, the higher your position.

Team composition

Line managers should never have trouble on their own. Teamwork is what determines the success or failure of a project. No matter how good you are, if you proceed with your work at your own discretion, your subordinates will not follow you.

Line managers are required to have the ability to succeed as a team while maximizing the abilities of each subordinate.

Communication ability

The line manager is in a position to directly control his subordinates on site in response to instructions from senior management. In other words, you have to be trusted by both your boss and your subordinates and communicate well.

In some cases, you may find yourself in a very difficult situation, sandwiched between the top and bottom, but if you have a track record as a line manager, that experience will come to life when you take a higher position.

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