OPD Full Form: OPD Full Form in Hospital or Medical?

What is the full form of OPD?

What is OPD? Why and what it’s full form? All this must be going on in your mind when you must have heard the OPD for the first time. So let’s know the full form of OPD and about it in detail. OPD full form is Out Patient Department.

What is Out Patient Department (OPD)?

OPD is called that part of the hospital where medical and other related services are provided to the patient. Simply put, this is the place where patients are treated.

OPD is a department of the hospital, and its job is to make the first point of contact between the patient and the hospital staff, friends, when the patient enters any hospital for the first time, the patient is first taken to the OPD i.e. Outpatient Department.

OPD Treatment

OPD proves to be very important and helpful for the patients. This decision is taken only after the patient comes to the OPD, how is the patient’s condition.

And he has to be admitted, or the patient has to go home only after OPD treatment.

Here the patient who is most serious is sent for further procedure or treatment.There is a limit to the number of patients that can be treated in any given hospital.

There OPD plays an important role, as many patients whose condition is not very critical can go back home after getting treatment from OPD.

Types of patients in OPD

  1. Outpatient patient
  2. Inpatient patients

There are two types of patients in OPD, one outpatient patient, this is the patient who is not admitted to the hospital for 24 hours or more but they are taken to the hospital for treatment and other inpatient patients are those patients. Those who are admitted to the hospital for a day or a week.

What is OPD in Hospital or Medical?

OPD is a place where we are given a prescription to consult a particular doctor.

A patient who goes to the hospital for the first time goes directly to the OPD and then the OPD decides which department a patient should go to.

But nowadays most of the hospitals provide the facility of OPD appointment online or through mobile app.

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