Outer Banks Season 3 Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Another successful Netflix project received an extension. This time we are talking about when will be released on the television series “Outer Banks season 3“, and also remember what events have become central in the upcoming episodes in order to meet the sequel fully armed.

Well, and most importantly, let’s find out, the approximate release date of Outer Banks season 3, which is now kept secret, but we assume that the premiere of the new series will take place no earlier than   September 2022 !

Island Adventure & Treasure Hunt

The Outer Shoals is an action-adventure drama set in a narrow strip of islands off the coast of North Carolina. At the height of the holiday season, a hurricane happens here, which, of course, completely discourages tourists from relaxing in such an unstable place. But there are those who are not hindered by the elements.

The action takes place on an island divided into two classes – there are wealthy sharks and poor live bait. A teenager John B. and his friends find a map that supposedly leads to treasures . 

The treasure is somehow connected with the boy’s father and costs fabulous money. The heroes go in search and have no idea how this adventure will turn out for them.

Outer Banks Season 3

In the second chapter, the situation escalated. JJ, Kiara and Pope threw all their strength into protecting their friend and trying to prove his innocence. And Sarah and John, meanwhile, tried to protect themselves from a serious threat.

And recently, the big bosses from Netflix extended the movie “The Outer Banks” for the third season, but the exact release date has not yet been decided. The first chapter was released in 2020, the second – in 2021. 

There is every reason to believe that new episodes await us in 2022 , but who knows – the unstable situation in the film world may lead to a delay in production.

As for the plot, the organizers have not provided any details yet. Probably, information about upcoming events will appear closer to the premiere, or maybe the creators will not tell the details at all before the official premiere of the show.

Cast and production

As we have already said, the release date of the show took place in 2020. Filming began earlier, in 2019, but it did not work out to do it at the location of the event. 

After the movie bosses were in the mood for a trip to North Carolina, it became clear that this area is subject to privacy law. Eventually the film crew were forced to travel to South Carolina

The title roles in the film were performed by Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Jonathan Daviss and others. All of the main characters will return to their roles in the upcoming third chapter.

Now you know everything that we know. In the meantime, we are waiting for the latest information about the third season of the series “The Outer Banks” and the exact date of the release of new episodes on Netflix , you have time to review the previous episodes .

Season 3 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries nameRelease date
3 × 01September 2022 the year
3 × 02September 2022
3 × 03September 2022
3 × 042022
3 × 052022
3 × 062022
3 × 072022
3 × 082022
3 × 092022
3 × 102022


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