Locusts Facts : What is the definition of locusts ?

Locusts Facts : What is the definition of locusts ?

Locusts facts :On the way to the far side, they eat grains, leaves, fruits, seeds, and bark.A large number of them sit on a tree and abrade it.  

There are four main types of Locusts, such as Earthworms, Migratory wormsBombshells,and Tree Lizards.  dread is one of the most harmful in the world.

 Locusts facts : What is The Locust Crisis?

In one day, the major locusts were able to cover 150 km.  They can fly and eat foods that weigh close to their weight every day.  Due to heavy rains in Iran and Yemen last year; millions of locusts flooded through Saudi Arabia and arrived in Eastern Pakistan in February.


There he abrade cotton, maize and wheat.  It was so difficult to convince the Bishkek team that after the announcement of the Pakistan National Emergency, from there the locusts arrived in Gujarat, Rajas-than and Punjab, and at the same time they began to abrade in East Africa.


In January, a total of 370 billion locusts spread over 2,400 square kilometers in Kenya.  Their daily diet is equivalent to the food of 45 million people.  


  • The United Nations has also declared a state of emergency in Somalia due to the locust crisis; and the United Nations has warned that the locust invasion in Kania, Kenya and Somalia could lead to a catastrophic crisis.  Sixteen countries were affected by the locusts. 


Their invasion in Kenya is the worst in its 70-year history, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and Agriculture (FAO).  It will be even more fatal in 2021, and is expected to continue to do so every year.


Locusts Facts : What is the definition of locusts ?

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Locusts facts : Italian island 

The small Italian island of Sania is facing the worst disaster in its 70-year history.


The reason for this is the temporary rains of 2018.  Latin America’s Baltic states have also declared an emergency in the middle of 2018. 


We claimed that we had brought them under control, but thousands of acres (more than 3,60,000 acres in Rajasthan alone) were devastated and between December and February, they were hit and the damage that had been done was unprecedented.  


The monsoon year in India provides a conducive environment for breeding. One Locust lays 150 eggs in a bed.  


 Experts say that if the monsoon starts again next July, the eggs are likely to burst.  One million locusts can feed 35,000 people a day.  Animals are also starving when the pastures are destroyed.  People who depend on livestock are severely affected.  


But in a few hours, the family and the grain fields will become a desert.  The effects of the global floods are causing flooding in Kenya, V O Pia and Somalia.  


The land here has been used to breed  locusts.  The rains are also causing more crop yields and that is feeding them.


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