How to Make your Teeth Healthy & Perfect? Simple Easy Steps

It is very important for us to keep our teeth is also necessary for our personality & impression. if you want perfect healthy and painless teeth then you have to follow some tips so that your teeth remain healthy and strong forever.

5 Tips To make teeth perfect

Tips 1

brushing teeth

First of all brush should be done 2 times a day and brushing at least for 2 minutes so that all your teeth will be brushed out well and clean inside.

Tips 2

Stop eating sticky food: the more sticky food you eat, the more damage can be done to your teeth. sticky food gets stuck in the teeth and it is very difficult to remove it with a brush.

Tips 3

After eating at least must try to wash the mouth with the help of mouth wash 1 time. after brushing, you use that mouth wash so that all the food particles in your mouth will remain fresh out.

Tips 4

Perfect Teeth:5 Tips & 10 Food For Perfect Teeth

You can have your dentist check your teeth 1 time every 6 months.

Tips 5

You can rub your teeth with hot water. whenever you have gone to the dentist, the dentist must have told you that do not eat or drink it. it will spoil the teeth, it will cause problems in gum.

Now i am going to tell you about some food items right now that are best for your teeth to make perfect teeth.

10 food list for a perfect healthy teeth

We eat a lot of things in our daily meals which causes damage to our teeth but there are some things that give benefits to our teeth.


Our body has the highest quantity of water which includes our saliva also so, if your body is hydrated that is, you are not drinking a good amount of water. so it will not make saliva well. what will happen if saliva is not made ?

Saliva has 3 function:

  1. Keeps your mouth wet
  2. It does not allow food to get stuck
  3. Saliva gives protection from the germ of your mouth

If saliva is not formed then these 3 function will not be done which means the problem in your teeth will more increase, which you will not want.


black tea

Normal the tea that is made with milk and sugar,we do not get any benefits from that tea. the tea we should drink is black tea and green tea. this tea benefits because the polyphenols inside it give protection from the germs of your mouth.

When they clear the germs of your mouth then it saves your tooth from getting damaged.



We all know that milk contain calcium and because of calcium makes our teeth strong so milk comes in our good food items.



Calcium is also found in yogurt along with probiotic. we know that calcium will strengthen our teeth but which is probiotic, it helps in keeping your gum healthy. so which means overall teeth and gums become healthy.



I know that people who like to eat cheese will surely be happy to hear this. cheese also have calcium and fluorite. so obviously both of these are good for your teeth. specially fluorite because it is strengthens out of surface of tooth or what we call enamel.

Crunchy vegetables


Have you ever thought that whenever you eat apple or carrot the production of saliva in your mouth has increased. well this is the purpose of these crunchy vegetables.

so obviously when the production of saliva will increased in your mouth, then you will get the benefit of the 3 functions of saliva.

Green leaf vegetable

green leaf vegetables

Green leaf vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, kale all these vegetables contains lots of vitamins and minerals and they are so less in calories, so you can eat them in your diet.

These green leaf vegetables contain calcium,folic acid and B12. Which is folic acid and B12 specially for pregnant women, it will give protection from gum disease and help to stay healthy. which is not confirmed but yes it can help.



Almonds also contain calcium and protein which helps in keeping your teeth strong and healthy.



At first,you would think that raisins are sweet. it will spoil the teeth but naturally sweet food particles, which do not damage your teeth as much as you take added sugar or process food.

It is said that raisins have a property that controls the bacteria and germs that make cavity in your mouth. so obviously raisins are good food for your teeth.



Not any chocolate,it is the dark chocolate. in particular those special co-co beans are used to be made,they have these properties. so on the basis of how many co-co beans concentration is there,it decides that the chocolate that is beneficial for your teeth or not.

How are these benefits? because inside the dark chocolate is a special compound that controls the germs of your teeth. at the same time it strengthens the out layer “enamel” of your teeth.

So in short dark chocolate is good for your teeth but it does not mean that to eat 10-20 chocolate daily. in a short amount of chocolate is good for your teeth.

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