Pimples on scalp-How To Get Rid of Pimples ?

pimples on scalp

pimples on scalp:Acne or pimples are more common in those part of the body where “Sebaceous Gland” is most active.these pimples come more heavily on your face,cheeks,arms or chest and back.

We know that we also have “Oil Glands” in our head.which helps to keep our scalp nourish and oiling the hair but “Sebaceous gland” has more work and oil production due to different reasons.the result of which is pimple or acne on scalp,pain-full bumps.

forehead acne



Scalp acne or pimples is not as rare,it is common.pimples comes when your pores and hair follicles,dead skin cells,excessive oil,sebum,bacteria or diet cause it to close completely.


Scalp infections

We also try to clean our face everyday but a lot of us do not have to clean the scalp properly,specially female.when our scalp is dirt,sebum,sweat it is accumulating then we cannot pay any attention to this thing.

Apart from shampoo,conditioner,hair gel,hair styling products,hair spray.these hair products are stuck on your hair either after exercise , when we sweat and we cannot clean our hair properly,more oil is dumped there.

Dead skin cells,sebum,dirt gets collected,dandruff gets soaked ,oily looks like scalp.Many people wear hats or helmets for more time than us,this also causes a lot of friction in the scalp and there is no aeration there.as a full scalp dump occurs,scalp increases the chances of fungal infection.

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Why Does my scalp hurt ?

if scalp unhygienic then there is a favorite environment ready to cause hair loss, acne ,pimples.due to them we sweat and this cause scalp friction and addiction.so more than that there are chances of getting pimples on scalp.

scalp hurt

If you do not keep your scalp clean then there will be more chances of acne or pimple bumps on your scalp.the hair-loss may also occur in some people butapart from that there are many reasons : why you you may have pimples bumps or acne pimples on your scalp.

Some people have medical conditions ( scalp folliculitis ), a condition with this name.in which small itachy bumps occur on peoples scalp.

sometimes it is more swollen,swealing occur and it also hurts.

How Do Pimples Form ?

These scalp folliculties may cause you to have many infection bacteria or may occur due to fungal.there are so many things that it can cause.it can also be caused by low immunity.”Anemia” and Vitamin Deficiency” this is a very important thing to reduce the resistance power ( immune power ).

Lack of sleep

Diabetes Mellitus


Improper use of Topical Steroid

Harmful hair products

This increases the chances of getting more scalp folliculties.

Some HIV or AIDS patients or immuno compromised patients may also have ologic type of folliculties.some people have a disorder of “Acne Necrotical“.they have very large pimples in the scalp and they also leave permanent scars on the scalp skin.

many people also have this on their face.Acne has different types of grades,that is the grade of your acne,what types of acne is there or how severe,how painffull it is.the grade of acne is given about it.

How To Get rid of a pimples fast

some people have white heads or black heads.some people have severe pimples and they feel pain.Scalp acne can also be severe as it is a severe thing of acne.to treat scalp acne.to get rid of a pimple fast all you have to do is..first of all you have to remove the bacteria of the head.

for this you can use “ medicated shampoo“.

in shampoo you can use..

Anti-bacterial shampoo

Povidone Lodine

Anti-fungal ( Ketoconazole )



Glycolic acid

You can also use them to remove bacteria from your scalp.this shampoo removes the dead cells,bacteria and sebum of your scalp so that it does not increase infection and reduces this infection.

may be your doctor can prescribe to apply Clindamycin,Muprocine,Fusidic acid,Benzoyl peroxide.remember Benzoyl peroxide can bleach your hair ,keep this in mind.you can apply it by asking your doctor.

pimple acne shampoo

If you have any type of fungal infection or flaky skin ,you can use simple ” Ketoconazole shampoo“.if all this shampoo does not reduce your scalppimples,then you must go to a ” Dermatologist ” nearest to you.you can apply all the given shampoo or cream by asking your doctor.

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Along with this keep your scalp clean.it is very important to pay attention to your fitness.if you will remain fit in every way then you will never have to face these things in future.

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