Platinum End [Episode 1] Confirm Release Date and Trailer

Some people are not happy with life from birth. So it happened with the main character of the new tape – the premiere of the new anime “Platinum End” has already been scheduled, which means that soon everyone will know what is wrong in the fate of the main character and why you cannot call his fate enviable.

There is something to tell about the plot, but first, let’s find out the exact release date of Episode 1 of the “Platinum End“, which will take place – October 7 or 8, 2021 .Crunchyroll premium for customers For those who do not have premium access subscription, it will be available free of charge a week after October 15, 2021.

From slave to Angel

The main character – Mirai Kakehashi from a young age knew all the anger of fate. In early childhood, he lost his parents and younger brother, killed in a car explosion. 

But the boy was not sent to an orphanage and this should have been the first hint of a white stripe, but no. The boy was adopted by his uncle, who does not seem to know about normal parenting, respect, compassion and love. 

In the family of relatives, the hero turned out to be a slave who is subjected to torture, exhausting work, and for disobedience – to hunger.

It is not surprising that, finding himself in such a situation, he sees one way out – to interrupt his existence . After much deliberation, he decides to take a desperate step, but fate finally turns out to be favorable to him. 

After falling from the roof, he does not die at all, but gains wings. Nasse – the very girl who turned him into an angel, reveals a terrible secret to the guy – it turns out that the death of his parents has a direct connection with the guardians – his uncle’s family.

Distraught – only from grief, or from anger, Mirai begins to administer justice, but soon learns that this is not his main test in a new role. After 999 days, God resigns and will replace him in this post by one of the selected 13 candidates – the one who can get rid of opponents. 

Find out more in the animated film Platinum Limit, which will be released on October 7 or 8, 2021.

platinum end

Slightly forcing events, we say that the main character will find allies from among the candidates and try to get things done without killing others… But whether he succeeds and how successful the plan will be, we will find out after the release date.


Since, according to the latest polls, many anime fans are eagerly awaiting the release date of the movie “Platinum Limit”, we also want to please you with information about the production of anime.

The film is based on a manga series by the author Tsugumi Ohboy, illustrated by Takeshi Obata. The work was published in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine. 

The chapters were released from 2015 to 2021. Starting January 2021, no new stories will be released . In December 2020, it was announced that they intend to film the adaptation with Hidei Takahashi in charge.

As you know, the anime “Platinum Limit” received a release date for new episodes, now it remains to wait for it. And we can find out how the fate of Mirai will turn out after watching all the episodes – we wish him good luck in the struggle for the post of God!

Platinum End New Episodes Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
017 or 8 October 2021 
02October 14 , 2021
03October 21 , 2021
04October 28 , 2021
05November 4 , 2021
06November 11 , 2021
07November 18 , 2021
08November 25 , 2021
09December 2 , 2021
tenDecember 9 , 2021
elevenDecember 16 , 2021
12December 23 , 2021

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