Police Full Form: What is the Full Form Of Police?

What is the full form of police?

Police full form is POLICE is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

P= Public

O= Officer

L= Legal

I= Investigations

C= Criminal

E= Emergencies

4 other’s police full form

1.POLICE = Protection of law in case of emergency.

2.POLICE = Protection of life in the civil establishment.

3.POLICE = Persons of law integrity controlling everyone.

4.POLICE = Protection of life and investigating criminals’ establishment.

What does police do?

The police have the responsibility to stop all types of crime.

Such as: preventing criminal activities, seizing or stopping illegal things, catching criminals, stop increasing crime among the general public, preventing robbery, investigating crimes committed by criminals, protecting the country’s internal property.

It is the job of the police to collect sufficient evidence to prove the crime of those who are criminals.

Types of police in India

There are four different types of police in India (Levels). such as:

  1. Constabulary
  2. Upper Sub-ordinate
  3. SPS (State level)
  4. IPS (Central level)

10 Types of Police officer

1. Uniformed officers6. Sheriffs
2. Detectives7. Special jurisdiction police
3. State police and highway patrol officers8. Air marshals
4. Fish and game wardens9. Border patrol agents
5. Transit and railroad officers10. Crime scene investigator

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About Indian police uniform “Khaki”

The Indian police force are established in 1961. some of the rule of law in every country and there are also some rules to follow. The police uniform in this case is a key identity of the police officer Each country police uniform has its own color.

In this way, the Indian police will have to wear khaki uniforms. In the past, when India was under British rule, the British police wore white.

However, white uniforms were used to make dirt easier for long work, so police officers used various methods to hide the dirt. So officially adopted a khaki color as a uniform for the police.

Question & Answers

What is the full form of IPS?

Ans: The full form of IPS is Indian police service.

Who invented the police?

Ans: Sir Robert Peel invented the police in 1822.

Who is most powerful in police department?

Ans: The Commissioner of Police.

What is the highest rank of police?

Ans: The chief of police (COP).

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