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How to stop hair loss ?

Hair loss is distressing in every way. After washing and combing my hair, I can’t help but feel heartache when looking at the handful of hair in my hand.

According to Chinese medicine, hair loss is often caused by kidney deficiency, blood deficiency or staying up late.

Chinese medicine doctors teach you to make natural shampoo , diet and nourish your hair, acupoint massage and seven-star acupuncture to prevent hair loss, let your hair grow back, and even your gray hair will get better together.

There are three common causes of hair loss

There are three main reasons why hair will fall out unnaturally:

1.One, wind heat

The reason why young people lose their hair is mostly staying up late. Frequent imbalances in work and rest, causing inflammation on the false fire, and insufficient nutrients for the scalp.

2. Insufficient Kidney Qi

As you get older, your kidney qi will begin to decline, and your hair will become thinner and thinner. Traditional Chinese medicine teaches “sickness of kidney qi, hair loss, early whitening”. However, many young and middle-aged people have excessive loss of kidney essence and hair loss due to too much intercourse and other reasons.

3.blood deficiency

Hair is more than blood“, blood deficiency hair loss is common in women. For example, there is too much bleeding during the menstrual period, excessive loss after delivery, and the amount of hair loss is likely to increase significantly.

The first way to prevent hair loss : homemade natural shampoo , 3 to 4 weeks to improve hair loss

The first way to prevent hair loss : homemade natural shampoo , 3 to 4 weeks to improve hair loss
The first way to prevent hair loss: use Chinese herbal medicine to make natural shampoo to improve wind-heat, kidney deficiency and blood deficiency.

How to stop hair loss and hair growth tips

To improve hair loss, start with shampoo.

“Whenever a person with severe hair loss comes to see a doctor, the first thing I ask about is shampoo.” said Feng Luo Xiaojie, director of Kunde Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Xuan.

In poor physical conditions such as kidney deficiency, staying up late, etc., shampoo is used incorrectly, internal and external pinching, and hair loss will be serious. Shampoos on the market generally contain chemical additives, especially cheap products, which not only stimulate the scalp, but also affect hair growth and damage hair roots.

However, homemade natural shampoo not only does not damage hair, but also improves hair loss from the root cause.

According to the three reasons for hair loss

● Refreshing shampoo

People who lose their hair due to staying up late and wind and heat are also prone to oily scalp. You can wash your hair with some Chinese medicines that clear heat and cool blood .

Shampoo formula: Platycladus orientalis, chrysanthemum, Eclipta prostrata, Ligustrum lucidum, Morus alba.

● Tonic shampoo

People with kidney deficiency can shampoo their hair with kidney-tonifying herbs, such as Polygonum multiflorum and mulberry seeds. These herbs themselves have a jet-black color, resembling natural hair dyes, which can make their hair darker and brighter.

Shampoo formula: Polygonum multiflorum, mulberry, raspberry, black sesame, Polygonatum.

● Blood-enriching shampoo

Those with blood deficiency can shampoo with medicinal materials that nourish yin and nourish blood.

Shampoo formula: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Angelica dahurica, Caulis spatholobi, Salvia miltiorrhiza.

When making your own shampoo, take the same amount of the above medicinal materials, and mix the medicinal materials and water in a ratio of 1:100. Then, put the medicinal materials and water into the pot, boil it over high heat, and simmer it over medium heat for half an hour.

After the liquid has cooled slightly, take a sufficient amount and apply it to the hair to soak all the hair strands. Then wrap your head with a hot towel and put on a shower cap. Let the heat fumigate your hair in the towel to help the medicinal materials absorb. After 20 minutes, wash off with water.

“If you keep washing for three to four weeks, you will find less hair loss and better hair quality.” Feng Luo Xiaojie said.

Take the person who loses hair due to wind heat, because traditional Chinese medicines such as arborvitae leaves and chrysanthemum can clear the heat of the scalp, once the scalp cools down, the hair roots can stay on it.

If you find it troublesome to cook each time, you can cook a large pot at one time, and then put it in the refrigerator for storage. Take a clean spoon and take out a part when it is used, and seal the rest. Use up within 2 weeks.

Feng Luo Xiaojie added that natural shampoo lacks foaming ingredients, so its ability to cleanse scalp oil is not as good as that of commercially available ones.

If additional tea seed powder can be added, it will have a better cleaning effect. Tea seed powder is made from tea tree seeds, which has a strong effect of removing oil.

If there is no tea seed powder, you can use natural shampoo and commercial shampoo interspersedly. For dry hair, use a commercially available shampoo once a week; for oily hair, use a commercially available shampoo 3 times a week at the beginning, and use a natural shampoo made of Chinese medicine on other days.

After washing with natural shampoo for a long time, oily hair will be greatly improved.

The second measure: Eat a hair-raising diet to regulate hair loss from within

The second measure: Eat a hair-raising diet to regulate hair loss from within

In addition to washing your hair with natural shampoo, you should also adjust your diet to improve wind-heat, kidney and blood deficiency problems.

● Clearing away heat and nourishing hair diet

People who lose their hair due to wind-heat staying up late have poor liver and gallbladder function. Because 11 to 3 o’clock in the evening is the time for the liver meridian and gall bladder meridian, not sleeping at this time will damage the liver and gallbladder, making the body unable to fully detoxify, and waste and oil accumulation in the body.

Usually, eat less food that increases the burden of liver and gallbladder, such as greasy, fried, baked, and foods with many additives. Eat more natural fruits and vegetables to help the body detox.

Drink too strong drinks such as espresso and milkshakes. Often drink some chrysanthemum tea, mulberry leaf tea, dandelion tea, etc., these teas can clear away heat, detoxify, and remove fats.

In addition, we must get rid of the habit of staying up late and fall asleep before 11 at night.

● Nourishing kidney and nourishing hair diet

Kidney-tonifying foods are divided into four categories:

Black food: such as black sesame seeds, black beans, mulberries, can be used to make tea or make snacks.

Shaped foods: kidney-shaped beans and fruits, such as cashews, or animal kidneys, such as pork loin, beef kidney, etc.

Bones: The kidneys govern bones to produce marrow, and bones can also nourish the kidneys. Pork bones containing more bone marrow can be used to make soup.

Tails: such as pig tails and cow tails.

In addition, people who have too much sex should exercise restraint and preserve kidney essence.

● Nourishing blood and nourishing hair diet

Red dates, longan, mulberry, spinach, beef, etc. can nourish blood. People with blood deficiency can also use black-bone chicken stew. However, there is another type of food that is indispensable, that is, qi food.

Many people eat a lot of blood-tonifying foods, but the hair loss problem still does not get better because of lack of qi. “Qi is the commander of blood”, which promotes the movement of blood. When the qi is supplemented, the effect will be obvious as long as the blood is supplemented a little bit. Yam and japonica rice can invigorate qi, but the effect is too mild to promote heavy blood. It is best to use strong dangshen, taizishen, astragalus, etc.

In addition to hair loss, gray hair is usually related to two reasons: kidney deficiency and blood deficiency (but wind-heat generally does not cause gray hair). Feng Luo Xiaojie pointed out that if the gray hair is caused by kidney or blood deficiency, the same shampoo and diet can be used to condition it.

The third measure: massage the head and feet to prevent hair loss

To prevent hair loss, acupoint massage is also a very useful method. As the saying goes, “headache treats the feet“, not only is the head massaged, but the feet also have some effective hair-growth acupuncture points.

  • The third way to prevent hair loss: massage the acupuncture points on the head, feet and hands. 

Head acupuncture points:

● Baihui Point

Position: The tips of the ears are straight up, and the top of the head is in the center.

Baihui is the most important acupuncture point for treating various hair problems. When massaging, put the index finger, middle finger and ring finger of both hands together, use the pads of the fingers along the midline of the human body, starting from front hairline & gradually pressing to the back of the head. When pressing the Baihui point, press a few more times, and you will feel soreness and swelling.

● Fengchi Cave

Location: Behind the ears, under the head and occiput, inside the hairline, and in the obvious depression between the two large tendons.

Put four fingers behind his head and rub his thumbs. Massaging the Fen gchi acupoint can stimulate hair follicles and make hair roots firm.

● Kakusun ~ Yifeng

Location: Jiaosun point is above the ear tip and directly opposite the hairline, there is a sore spot. Yifeng is in the obvious depression behind the earlobe.

Use index finger, middle finger and ring finger to massage the back of the auricle from Jiao Sun to Yifeng. Massage on this area is especially beneficial for people with white temples.

● Touwei point

Location: In the hairline of the forehead, press the soreness.

Massage the belly of the middle finger and ring finger. Pressing the Touwei point can activate the blood of the whole head.

It is also recommended to comb your hair more and massage the entire scalp. But don’t use plastic combs, but wooden combs (especially peach wood) and horn combs. The horn comb is cooler, especially suitable for people with hot head.

                                            The third way to prevent hair loss: massage the acupuncture points on the head, feet and hands.

Foot points:

● Taixi Point

Location: Inside the foot there in the depression between the tip of the ankle and the Achilles tendon.

Press with the thumb of your thumb. The Taixi point is original point of the kidney meridian. It has a very good effect on nourishing the kidney and is especially suitable for hair loss and gray hair caused by kidney deficiency.

● Taichong Point

Location: On the back of the foot, between the first toe and the second toe, in the depression about the width of the thumb up.

Press with the thumb of your thumb. Taichong point nourishes the liver, the liver and kidney are of the same origin, it is best to press together with Taixi point.

Hand points:

● Shousanli

Position: Make a fist and raise it forward, with the thumb facing up, in the depression on the wrist, and the dimple at the end of the elbow stripes, connect the two points, take the midpoint, and then take the midpoint on the side close to the elbow , Take another 2/3 place, which is the Shousanli acupoint.

People with blood deficiency and hair loss can massage their hands three miles to replenish qi and blood.

Fourth trick: Seven-star needle tapping to treat alopecia areata and hairline shifting back

The Seven Star Needle is also called the plum blossom needle. It has a long needle handle. The head of one end of the needle handle is equipped with several small needles, shaped like a plum blossom, hence the name.

Qixing acupuncture is often used to treat hair loss. Especially for men with forehead and hairline shifting back, or the appearance of alopecia areata with large coins, can be treated with the seven-star needle tapping method.

Sterilize the small needle with alcohol first, and then gently tap on the hair loss area of ​​the scalp, with a moderate intensity, until the scalp is slightly flushed and heated. Then rub a little safflower oil.

“Persisting in doing it for one month, I have seen no patients who have long hair.” Feng Luo Xiaojie said.

The principle of Qixing needle tapping is the same as combing hair and acupuncture point massage. It stimulates and strengthens local circulation of Qi and blood. But the stimulation of the seven-star array is stronger, and the effect is very obvious. Tell the brain that “the scalp has insufficient strength here” and remind every day that the brain will allocate forces to the hair loss area, and the hair will grow naturally.

But be careful not to tap too hard to avoid bleeding. If bleeding occurs, wipe it with alcohol for disinfection.

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