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If you want to know how to share private YouTube videos effortlessly, here are some tips to help you.

Whenever you choose to upload a new video on YouTube, you can choose to make the video private, unlisted or public.If you select “public option” then it means that anyone can watch the specific video.

When you select the ” unlisted ” option, it means that the video cannot be found through search results; only people who know the link can watch the video.

Whenever you share a private video(private youtube videos), it means that only you and the people you choose can watch the video.

How to share private videos on YouTube?

As mentioned above, a private video is a video posted on YouTube, but only a selected group of people shared with you can view it. 

private youtube videos

This may be a personal video that is only watched by family and friends, or it may be that you want to get feedback from someone you trust before making it public.

You can forward and watch YouTube private videos with 50 other Google accounts. To learn more about how to share private YouTube videos, please read below.

How to share private YouTube videos

To make a YouTube video as a private video, you can do it when you select this option for the first time or upload the video through Creator Studio. This will help you learn how to share private YouTube videos.

Private youtube videos: Whenever you mark a video as private, you can choose to send it to a circle on Google Plus, a contact name on Google, or 50 email addresses. After adding new contacts to your list, if they want to watch the video, you will receive an invitation link.(how to share a private youtube video)

In addition, unlike unlisted videos, people with links will not be able to share URLs with their contacts and family.

If you don’t want the latest YouTube videos to become popular, you need to make them private. Fortunately, changing the status of a YouTube video is easier than you think. The steps to do this are as follows:

step 1

Optional YouTube Studio & then log in with Google account.

step 2

Now, click on the video on the left.

step 3

Once your channel movie page opens, click on the private video you want to share.Then after the video will open for to edit.

step 4

Now, click more , in the upper right corner of the video editing page.

step 5

After clicking 3 dots, 3 options will be displayed. Then choose the last one  to share privately, in the list. The link will open in a new browser tab.

step 6

Finally, please enter the email address on where you want to share private videos with. Share the  box with others . E-mail addresses must be separated by commas (,). When you are done, click  Save and return to YouTube Studio .

One of the ways to enjoy Internet is to upload videos to YouTube and have many people watch them. However,there are times when you want to show children’s videos only to your family and event videos such as circles and trips only to your friends.Therefore, this time, I will explain how to make it private or limited release on YouTube.

What is YouTube ?

YouTube is a video sharing service operated by YouTube in the United States . You means “you” and Tube means “CRT (TV)”.

The video is played more than 4 billion times every day all over the world, and anyone can upload the video freely.

There are mainly three YouTube video settings:”public”, “limited release”, and “private”.

private youtube videos

Also You can select privacy setting (public setting) when uploading a video on YouTube from three stages: “public”, “private release”, and “private” . You can change your privacy settings at any time, so feel free to set them.

If set to “Public”,then it will be visible to all users and will also be displayed in the search results and related videos section.

“Private” does not appear in search results or related videos, so you don’t have to worry about finding videos in your search or If you want only specific people to watch the video, “private release” is suitable.

You can watch the video by accessing the URL, so if you want to see the video, let me know the URL.

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“Private” is a setting that only can be viewed only by the specified user.The specified user is the user who has the Google account registered by the uploader.Like the limited release,this will not be displayed in search results or related videos & even if the URL is leaked, it will not be seen by unspecified users.

If you want to show only your family, such as videos of your child or grandchild, set it to private.

How to set privacy for YouTube videos

Privacy settings when uploading videos

Log in to your YouTube account and click “Upload” at the top right of the screen.

Before you start uploading a video, select the video privacy settings (usually published and displayed) in the center of the screen, then proceed to select the video file to upload.

Change privacy settings for videos being published

For the videos that have already been uploaded,1st go to the basic information screen from “Information and settings”,then change the settings from the privacy settings on the screen to “private” or “private settings” & then select “Private settings” at the top right of the screen.then Click Save Changes.

After selecting the private release by the above method,then after you can copy the URL of the video displayed on the screen and send it to the person who wants to show the video & only the person who can see the URL can watch it.

How to register a designated user with private settings

Here If you set it to the private,enter your Gmail address “Google+ name, circle,email address” field under the “private” setting item & the other party’s Google account will be displayed.In this state,click the “Share” button at the top right of the screen.

The person who is registered for sharing, will receive an email saying “Mr. XX shared the video on YouTube” & if you click on the email, you will be able to see the video set to private.

In the case of a circle name, you can watch it by telling the URL by e-mail because you did not receive the e-mail.

Please note that, it will take some time for shared registration to be reflected immediately after changing to the private setting.

You may not be able to watch video immediately after receiving email (“This video is private” will be displayed).In that case, please try again after a while.

How to make a higher level video?

While creating and editing videos of children’s growth records and weddings of family and friends, some people have become motivated to study deeper and have more people see them. it might be.

Digital Hollywood Online School’s “Internet Video Creator Course” allows you to learn not only video editing and processing, but also web marketing, planning, and scenario writing .

The advantage of the online course is that you can learn with videos, create and submit assignments, and then make corrections. 

Even those who are working or who do not have time to raise children can study. You can also ask the instructor any questions at any time, and the instructor will answer your questions politely.

Be careful about privacy protection when using YouTube

With advances in the Internet and line speeds, we are in an era where anyone can easily upload and watch videos. You can access YouTube from all over the world, but please take advantage of private and private privacy settings to protect your privacy.

private youtube videos

Also, please be aware that uploading files that infringe copyright is prohibited by the terms of use.

What are the limitations of YouTube video?

The YouTube video cannot be shared again. Guests who click the URL will be able to watch the video.

In addition, the contact who sent you a private invitation link also needs to have their own YouTube account; if they want to watch your video, they need to log in. After learning how to share private YouTube videos, you need to keep the restrictions in mind.

How do you share unpublished videos on YouTube?

YouTube provides you with another privacy protection option-mark your video as unlisted. 

Unlisted videos are videos that are not included in the Google search engine results, and only people with the link can watch the video on YouTube. 

To watch unlisted videos, this person does not need to have a Google account; they can watch the video only with the help of a link. This also means that people who are watching the video can share the link with anyone they like.

To share an unlisted video, you only need to forward the URL to anyone you want. Although this is much easier than sharing private YouTube videos, it is not private either.

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