Project Anna Nikolaevna (Season 3) Waiting for the Release Date

A very promising ending awaited fans of the popular Russian show about androids, which gave rise to many questions. Now everyone is interested in when the third season of the television series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” will be released and we are ready to share our hypotheses on this score.

We, like many viewers, believe that the release date of season 3 of the Anna Nikolaevna project will not be long in coming, and that the premiere of the new series will take place in the fall of 2022!

Learn to be human

Anna Nikolaevna is a Russian comedy project about an android girl who enters the service of the local police. Her colleagues are not aware of the woman’s origin, so they are sincerely surprised at her strange actions and sometimes amazing abilities.

In the recently completed second part of the project, it became clear that robots still cannot replace humans. Androids are not able to learn to be human, to think like him, to make decisions based on the situation . 

But does this mean that the picture will not continue? The viewers were given time to digest the finale, and the creators of the picture are in no hurry to announce the extension of the series “Project Anna Nikolaevna” for season 3. 

But the release date of the new series is only a matter of time, because in the final scene of part 2, the writers left a hint of a sequel.

There is an opinion that such a denouement was made on purpose – to leave the “hook“, but still close the project, but common sense and knowledge of the logic of the Russian movie bosses does not allow us to believe this . Successful shows in Russia are not closed if something can be squeezed out, and this is rare in world practice.

What could theoretically happen in the new season of the project? It’s hard to predict. It is not yet clear how the writers will beat the ending and again bring to the fore the activities of the robotic policemen, but we think that soon the organizers will break the silence and hint at the events of fresh episodes. 

Of course, in the new chapter, the title role will be played by the beautiful Zoya Berber, who has so succinctly fitted into the image of an android.Which of the heroes of the old caste will return to the screen, only time will tell and fresh information from bosses.

Anna Nikolaevna season 3

Curious facts about the series

You already understood that many believe that Anna Nikolaevna will return in season 3, the release date of which is still unknown. We agree with this opinion, but while there is no specifics, let’s rejoice at a portion of interesting facts about your favorite show.

  • During the filming of one of the scenes when Anna is shot by the police, many police cars were invited to the site for the entourage. When the work was completed, several taxis were called for the actors and other participants in the process. At the sight of so many flashing lights, the drivers turned around and refused the order;
  • In all the explicit scenes with Zoya Berber, the dubbing actress was filmed;
  • Some of the scenes were filmed at different times of the year – you can notice the discrepancy in the first season, when the police are chasing an ambulance. But the creators frankly admit this – there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Well, what other surprises the project “Anna Nikolaevna” will prepare for us, we will find out after the release date of season 3. We believe that soon the organizers will tell about their plans and weall together we will wait for the already designated day of the premiere

Season 3 Episode Release Schedule

Batch numberSeries namerelease date
3 × 01Autumn 2022 the year
3 × 02autumn 2022
3 × 03autumn 2022
3 × 04autumn 2022
3 × 052022
3 × 062022
3 × 072022
3 × 082022

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