12 Best Romantic Proposal ideas for Marriage

Best Proposal ideas: A girl will be a princess for at least one day in her life, and from the moment she is proposed, the prince will make a promise of love to the princess in his heart.

That day, the girl will be the happiest princess in the world.

How to propose? First of all, there are many factors to consider before proposing. First of all, are you ready to enter the family life of two people?

proposal ideas

Now you should take off the romantic love eyes of cherry blossoms, and it is time to face real problems and formally test your love.(Proposal ideas) At the time, if your relationship is still immature, you should lay the foundation first.

If your relationship is already very strong, why should you hesitate? Get ready to propose!

Marriage is very important to girls! How to propose, how to give him a romantic and unforgettable marriage proposal? Under normal circumstances, boys come to propose. It is also a part of showing love. Let’s teach you how to propose and how to have a romantic proposal(Proposal ideas) !

1. Prepare a marriage proposal

Whether it is a romantic proposal, a classic or a funny one, you will definitely use the proposal when you propose. There are many kinds of marriage proposals, which can be said or sung.

Singing for the other party can also achieve a good marriage proposal, which will make the other party more happy and happy. The choice of the proposal(Proposal ideas) must be cautious. 

Do not arbitrarily use the more popular or opportunistic ones, otherwise it may bring a more embarrassing effect.

2. Determine the date of proposal

Choose the date of proposal, and propose on a date with special significance. It may bring you unexpected results. 

You can choose the day of your first date or first kiss, birthday or holiday, or the day you met, her favorite season or favorite week. one day. 

Two things must be remembered: If you feel hesitant or worried about what you want to do, wait a few days later, when you feel very relaxed, don’t be a sixth sense!

3. Prepare items for marriage proposal.

Considering that everyone’s financial strength is different, if you want to buy her a precious gift within the diamond ring, it depends on each person’s financial strength. 

But don’t decide to give up just because the ring will cost you months of wages. You can earn more money

In fact, you don’t have to buy her a ring, a gift that can represent your heart is also possible.

proposal ideas

Your proposal should be in line with the personality of your lover. If she is someone who likes to be quiet, choose a place that you are all familiar with, or a place with memorial significance. 

There can be surprises when proposing marriage, but don’t be embarrassed. If she is a very enthusiastic person and hope that others will know your love story, then she can sing KTV while having a dinner together or through video recording.

Propose the way there are many, how can marry successful, it would rely on their own to find the best way to impress his lover.

12 Best proposal ideas

marriage proposal ideas

12 Best proposal ideas: Marriage proposal is very important to girls, and it is also part of expressing love. Generally speaking, boys take the initiative to propose to girls. Now let us teach you how to propose, how to propose the most simple and romantic.

1.If your girlfriend loves sports, you can propose to her at the top of the mountain after climbing for a day. Other feasible methods include sky diving and deep sea diving.

2.Making a videotape to propose to her can really touch her heart, especially if you can watch it with her.

3.A more open way is to use the opportunity of flying together. You can let the captain convey your love to your girlfriend through the radio system.

4.Imagine that she is driving home, and the shoe advertisement on the billboard in front suddenly becomes “Hermione, will you marry me?”This will sure & definitely make your marriage proposal twice as successful.

5.You reluctantly agree to accompany her to watch the latest super romantic movie. Just before the film was officially released, there was a line of subtitles: “Lulu, would you like to be my wife?”

6.Since every Valentine’s Day is a Valentine’s Day card, chocolate, rose and diamond ring , why not propose to her on the next Valentine’s Day?

7.Of course, this idea is difficult to achieve. This requires the cooperation of a real “police uncle”. However, if she was called aside by the police while driving and received a “courtship ticket”, it would be a very creative feeling.

8.It is also a good way to propose to her on her birthday.

9.We live in the Internet age, so we must learn to use high technology. So, why not send her a marriage proposal email?

10.If you know that she will listen to a fixed radio program at a fixed time of the day, you will definitely win her heart by ordering a song for her and then bringing a marriage proposal message.

11.Watching a football game may not be something she likes to do, but think about taking a 15-minute break in the stadium-during that 15-minute break, you ask the organizer to write “I love you Hermione, marry you” on the screen of the stadium. Give it to me”, and she will definitely be moved to death.

12.Drive to take her to play, and then play the pre-recorded proposal message in the car. Inserting her own marriage proposal in the process of recording the broadcast will definitely make her feel unusually romantic.

proposal ideas

Two people in the world who never know each other slowly come together, they must have a story of follow-up development. Since this is a happy beginning, there will be a happy end. Holding the hand of the son, and growing old with the son, a happy marriage requires two people to work together.

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