Download PUBG New State for PC, Android and IOS

The PUBG New State has finally come to the market, eager to breathe new vitality into the battle royale craze that has been sweeping the internet in recent years.

This has seen games like Fortnite, Apex Legends and Warzone keep the gaming community’s obsession with the last-man standing mode.

An exclusive mobile game, PUBG New State was announced in February 2021 along with an unpretentious trailer that naturally left players looking to know details about this survival game.

It’s true that the game’s creator, Krafton, revealed that more than 50 million pre-registrations were processed through the Google Play Store in anticipation of the game’s release on the 11th of November, 2021.

The most notable differences of the game are modern, realistic graphics and physics , with the emphasis on high-powered devices, and new equipment and weapons.

The gameplay has not seen any significant changes. 100 players have landed on a grid of 8×8 km where every player has to fight for his own team, or against teams.

PUBG New State
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Within PUBG New State, there is plenty of excitement because only one person can make it to the final stage, and ultimately take the title.

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PUBG New State PC

The game PUBG NEW STATE an Action application created by KRAFTON, Inc.. It is possible to play PUBG NEW STATE on your PC after installing an Android emulator from this site.

Android emulators are applications that operate an emulator of Android phone on your personal computer. LDPlayer can be one such Android emulators available for Windows PC.

LDPlayer also offers additional functions like multi-instances, macros, operations recording, and many more.

With an android 9.0 software, LDPlayer will allow you to play games that you can’t play on your PC with faster performance and greater FPS. LDPlayer is designed for the most demanding mobile gamers.

PUBG New State for Android

PUBG New State has now available for Android devices, as an update to PUBG Mobile.

The size of the files for PUBG Mobile, The Lite version in comparison to PUBG New State is considerably different as PUBG New State features more dynamic graphics, a better gameplay and brand new features, making the game’s larger than PUBG Mobile Lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite size is around 714 MB. In contrast, PUBG New State’s size is about 1.4 GB.

PUBG Mobile Lite can be played for both iOS and Android but PUBG New State is only accessible only on Android devices. iOS users can register to play the game.

PUBG Mobile Lite VS PUBG New State

PUBG Mobile Lite runs noticeably smaller in comparison to PUBG New State. The latter was designed to run flawlessly on low-end smartphones.

The differences in size are evident in a variety of ways. Lite was developed to broaden the players of the franchise.

PUBG New State Release Date

After Krafton’s announcement the game PUBG: New State would launch for Android as well as iOS devices by the end of 2021 The game was launched on 11 November.

Regarding price, the game can available for free. Much like its predecessor, PUBG: New State has a lot of in-game items like weapons, skins and expansions.

The game takes place in 2051 on a brand new map known as Troi which is equipped with modern weapons and other perks.

PUBG New State adds a variety of new features to the battle royale gameplay that to put the game’s original gameplay on the map. We’ll discuss in the next section, but it appears very much like the standard PUBG experience that we’ve come enjoy and appreciate.

The developer also claimed to offer “ultra-realistic graphics that test the boundaries of mobile gaming” and that’s a claim that holds against the gameplay we’ve played and played thus far.

New State uses a state-of-the-art rendering technology to bring the gaming experience mobile on an equal footing with its PC counterpart of PUBG by utilizing features like global illumination, auto-instancing and auto-exposure.

The gunplay system is completely revamped due to these brand new graphic improvements – see it by following the tweet below.

New State game play

The gun’s and player’s movement mechanics are identical to the earlier versions in the battle royale games, PUBG Mobile as well as BGMI. However it is clear that they have made some improvements that should not be missed.

The gameplay is now similar to that of the PC game PUBG. This is something I had previously discussed when we reviewed PUBG New State first impressions. If you ever find yourself in battle and have to escape your enemies, you could roll to quickly cover yourself.

A double tap on the crouch button starts this. You can also include an additional button for the identical. It is possible to enable this through the settings.

With BGMI each gun you chose required a sight of some kind such as Red Dot, Holographic, or one of the other major scopes.

With the release of PUBG: New State, they have changed the game slightly. The red dot sights that come with the guns.

PUBG New State also comes alongside it a new way to fire quickly. You are now able to utilize the shoulder-fire option in case you do not want to use a scope in the fight.

This adds a more real feeling to close combat. This allowed me to keep my recoil under control and my spray patterns a little greater than prior.

But, it will take some time to adjust to the new feature. It is possible to switch between shoulder-fire and hip-fire in the settings, if you prefer to stick with the traditional route.

PUBG New State file size

One of the main reasons PUBG New State’s file size is greater that PUBG Mobile Lite is due to the addition it has graphic. PUBG New State is going to use “Global Illumination Technology” to add realism.

PUBG Mobile Lite isn’t able to provide the highest quality graphics, as its purpose is to function smoothly on devices that aren’t the highest quality.

PUBG New State provides customizable weapons with custom kits.

PUBG Mobile Lite comes with an assortment of attachments however, it does not allow players to modify their weapons in games.

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