QR Scanner: Scan QR Code on iPhone or Android

This article is about QR scanner that how to scan a QR code on your iPhone or Andriod (Basic knowledge about QR code Scanner).

The scan of a QR Code has become essential with the deployment of the health pass, whether for vaccination certificates or tests, for going to a restaurant or traveling in Europe. How to get your Covid QR Code? How to scan it? With the camera of his smartphone?

There are many devices with the Android operating system around the world. The process of reading QR codes, however, depends on the type of device used. Newer models just scan QR codes using the camera, while others require a QR code reader app.

What is a Qr code?

QR codes were originally developed to improve barcode technology. A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a unique symbol that provides access to information on the Internet.

Usually this corresponds to a link redirecting to a website, but a QR Code can also correspond to data relating to a person such as a loyalty card or your health pass. We can compare QR code to a physical portal that takes digital data. This portal can only be used as a smartphone or tablet key to pass and access data.

A QR code is derived from a more developed form and bar code, the method of decoding it is the same as that used for later. What we need to scan a QR Code is a suitable optical reader and an internet connection. Today these two things are united in our smartphones, either by default or through a mobile application .

What is the principle ?

The QR Code is a type of bar code that allows access to content on the Internet . The principle is simple: just scan the QR Code via the camera of your smartphone or via a third-party application . You then access a website without having to enter a URL first. 

how to scan a qr code

This process can be used in many situations where the information must be read quickly: on a product, on a plane or train ticket , in a magazine, on restaurant tables to access the menu, to make a payment, leave a review in a store, obtain more information on a product on television or on a work in a museum, and of course on anti-covid certificates.

How do you scan a QR code on phone(Android or Smartphone)

To scan a QR Code and read the data it contains very quickly, all you have to do is:

  • Open the camera of your smartphone and point it at the bar code about 20cm away .
  • The Smartphone sends a notification with an Internet link: all you have to do is click on it to access the information.

This makes it easy to use the QR code as you only have to take your camera, land on the QR code and the last one will be automatically recognized by the expert. Most smartphones or android phones are equipped with a reader built directly into the camera.

Internet connection is required .If this optical reader is not integrated into the smartphone, which is the case for many Android , the QR Code can be decoded using a third-party application to download from the Play Store .

How to scan a QR code with iPhone?

The iPhone , smartphones the Apple brand, has built in recent years the reading QR code directly from their camera. They are the most practical smartphones for reading a QR Code because they do not require any technical manipulation, nor any third-party application download.

If you want to know how to scan a QR Code on iPhone , here is the procedure:

  1. Open your iPhone’s camera,
  2. Place your phone about 20cm from the QR Code ,
  3. Make sure the brightness is good enough for the code to be sharp,
  4. QR Code reading notification opens, click and navigate to the desired information.

The only additional component to scan a QR code on the iPhone, like all other smartphones, is to connect to the internet when you want to scan. If your mobile data is disabled, your iPhone will not allow you to access the contents of the QR code.

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Flash a QR code with a third-party application

Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, iPhone… regardless of the model of your smartphone, it is possible to install a QR code reader if necessary. There is a whole host of third-party applications to download from your mobile phone store to scan a QR code (QR Scanner, Barcode Scanner, Kaspersky QR Code Scanner). It’s your turn !

QR Code ReaderDownload
Barcode ScannerDownload
Kaspersky QR Code Scanner Download

How to make a QR code free?

Creating a QR Code is quick and easy. You just have to use some QR code generator available in the internet and in a few seconds you will have a QR Code and be able to personalize it and download it for free.

QR code generator Sites

Play.google.com Click to visit
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Qrcode-monkey.com Click to visit
Beaconstac.com Click to visit
Qrstuff.com Click to visit
how to scan a qr code
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