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 I am very happy when the sky is illuminated by the silver light of the Full Moon John, we have forgotten how the moon can change the earth’s surface because we have so many artificial lights(Raw Story).


But as the moon orbits the Earth, it can change the course of the Earth’s life by affecting the Lives, Food, Shelter, and Breeding of hundreds of species.The tidal wave is caused; by only the gravitational pull of the moon.

Raw story


Raw Story

During the full moon and new moon, when the moon is in a straight line with the sun and the earth, its gravitational pull on the sea increases and the Tide rises.But on the Eighth Day, the crescent moon did not go directly to the earth and the sun. This brings Bhatt.


However, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing Between March and August. California’s coastal sands are filled with small silver grunion fish.They dig holes in the sand and lay eggs in the holes after performing breeding operations on their faces.



Just 10 Days Later, the eggs hatch and float into the sea at high tide.This whole process is carried out by the moon itself.  Some species come to the sea turtles and wait for the high tide of the full moon to lay eggs in the sand. 


Marine Annelids, such as sea urchins, and platinum humeruses, perform their offspring at different stages of the moon or on Different Dates.They live at the bottom of the sea.  During the full moon, the Adult moth’s genitals mature.  


Exactly 14 Days Later, on the day of the new moon, and four hours after sunset, they float to sea and release eggs and  at the same time.After laying eggs, the worms die and a new offspring emerges from the bottom of the sea.


The biological clock of many marine organisms changes with the lunar cycle. The small creature, the Prankranton, swims up and down the sea every night to eat algae.Even so,owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


As soon as dawn breaks, the Pronouncement Team sails back down to the sea. Their activity is controlled by the sun.But in the polar regions where the sun has not been seen for months in the winter, the Yuplon moon acts according to the moon.When the full moon is in the polar region, the moon stays in the sky for a long time. 


The moon is submerged in water; during the visible period of the moon; to survive from the Uplington hunter and comes out after sunset or disappearance.When laying eggs or eating, the snail digs its hole.  This organism is influenced by the moon.  French researchers have been studying the extent to which Snail digs or closes her trunk as the moon rises or stands in the sky.


On the dark side, the snail gradually opens its shell until the new moon, while on the white side it gradually closes until the full moon.(Raw story)


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Inside the intact-al zone (Where Water Is Sometimes Filled and Left To Dry), a hole is dug in the sand and lined with sand.They are also more active when the currents are strong during the full moon and the new moon.  It is completely calm during the bhatta.  Sand hills live in coastal sand.  


They can differentiate between sunlight and moonlight.  They are able to move in the right direction in the moonlight as well as during the day between the sea and the coast.The Brussels Worm Platinum Jumerili, which looks like Sadist, survives by eating algae.  


After the new moon, the worms come to the surface of the ocean and dance round and round during the intercourse.  As the moon changes, so does their pattern of laying eggs. 


Elephant crabs were also studied.  Even though it was kept; in a stable light and temperature in the laboratory; the creature was most active at the time of the tide.


The Luna click inside the creature works simultaneously with the moon. For this reason, the organism can determine the speed of the tide during the tide. “It simply came to our notice then. The Galapagos Marine Iguana’s lunar clock works very well.


Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.This is because of the fact that the moon reaches the beach food spot first and foremost.(Raw story)


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On the full moon Night of December, adults in the most beautiful parts of the world, especially off the coast of Australia, release large amounts of eggs and sperm at the same time.


At the same time, they float in small, round circles, which increase the Temperature, salinity, and food available.  The researchers found that the moon had an effect on the process.If the sky is cloudy, the moon will not fall, and they often lay eggs for this purpose.  Sometimes they wait for the next full moon.  


Not only do butterflies have such enlightened nerve cells, they also have a kind of gin.  This gene regulates fertility and changes in the activity of the torrent, as well as regulates fertility.Pallo insects live in warm seas around the world. Together they lay eggs and sperm at the right time. These creatures spend most of their lives collecting food either on the beach or under the sea.


But for the first two days of the full moon, which falls in October, the most important time for them is when the back of their body becomes a bag of eggs.


The part then separates itself from the body and swims towards the moon, reaching the surface of the sea. Exactly one month later, they do so again.


For many creatures, lunar eclipses are essential for migration and displacement.  At various stages of the lunar eclipse, Japan’s Seserma crabs gather together at the foothills of the hills and quickly hatch into the ocean.On Christmas Island, crabs swarm from the forest to the sea with the aim of spawning and laying eggs.  It has been linked to the intensity of the moon.


It simply came to our notice then.moon light Migrating Cham Salmon swims in shallow water quickly on the full moon for other species of animals to travel by sea.  This is because the moon, like the constellation, helps guide them in the path.


Barrus Petrel breeds in the United Kingdom of the Indian Ocean.  They travel during and after the breeding day.  They wait up to 12 and a half hours before breeding begins.The bird always travels at the same time to reach the breeding ground on the full moon.

 Raw story



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