Reincarnation of the Unemployed Season 2: Release date,episodes & Trailer

We continue to watch the adventures of Rudeus Greyrat, who accidentally entered the magical world. After a short pause, the creators announced when the second season of the anime “Reincarnation of the Unemployed” will be released and the spoiler will happen very soon.

In order not to keep you in the dark, first of all, let's find out the exact release date of season 2 of "Reincarnation of the Unemployed", which is already scheduled for October 4, 2021 !

Last chance for happiness

Reincarnation of the Unemployed is an anime by Manabu Okamoto about a man who saves children from death, but dies himself. Surprisingly, after death, a man does not go to heaven or hell, as they say, but to some magical world. Here he has a different name and a sudden chance to lead a different, unlike a past life.

His local parents consider their child a genius – they are well developed and have a completely adult mind. The main character begins to learn from the warriors, but in the depths everything also has one goal – to meet a girl.

For the first time, fans met the anime in January 2021, and the creators almost immediately extended the anime “Reincarnation of the Unemployed” for season 2, the release date of which is already scheduled for October 4, 2021. 

Initially, they promised to release a sequel in the summer, but due to various circumstances – which, it is not specified, it was decided to postpone the show until the fall of 2021. The fans, of course, were upset, but this is definitely better than waiting for episodes for a whole year – this is often the case in the film world.

It must be said that the January release date gave many fans a new favorite anime. I liked the competent adaptation of the light novel, the artwork, and the excellent soundtrack. 

They also appreciated the plot, full of some kind of soulfulness and closeness to the viewer. It is not surprising that the organizers of the show did not delay the release of the episodes and are so soon ready to present another portion of the episodes.

Reincarnation of the Unemployed

It is interesting that the postponement of the premiere of a new batch of issues is not the first overlap of the creators. So it was originally with the premiere of the anime,scheduled for 2020, but later postponed to 2021


And even if the release date of the tape is constantly postponed – it pleases that expectations are justified and each new release gives indescribable emotions. Thanks to Studio Bind for this, as well as designer Kazutaka Sugiyami – he created the characters and director Manabu Okamoto.

Now we all know for sure that the reincarnation of the unemployed will continue beyond the release date of Season 2. And whether the second part of the episodes will fully correspond to the light novel, how the fate of the hero will develop in the new world, and which of the characters will appear on the screens again – we will find out after the premiere .

Season 2 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
2 × 014 October 2021 the year
2 × 02October 11 , 2021
2 × 03October 18 , 2021
2 × 04October 25 , 2021
2 × 05November 1 , 2021
2 × 06November 8 , 2021
2 × 07November 15 , 2021
2 × 08November 22 , 2021
2 × 09November 29 , 2021
2 × 10December 6 , 2021
2 × 11December 13 , 2021
2 × 12December 20 , 2021


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