Release Date of part 2 of the Film about Sonic: Know more

Fans of Sega games have been waiting for a long time for the character to become part of a solo project and waited! The creators decided to go further and behind the scenes started talking about when the premiere of the second film “Sonic in the Cinema” might take place. 

Let’s try and we will understand the issue – join us. Admit it, you liked the movie “Sonic in the cinema” and you are now waiting for the release date of part 2 together with other fans.

There is no official data yet, but the premiere of the second film will not take place earlier - on April 8, 2022 .

Jumped into the last carriage

In February 2020, the premiere of the first part took place, which surpassed the expectations of the creators. At the worldwide box office, the film grossed $ 306 million, although initially a more modest result was planned.

Naturally, conversations about the continuation began right away – well, the organizers cannot miss this triumph. I wonder what the movie literally jumped into the last carriage and managed with screenings before the start of the pandemic and the massive closure of cinemas. Lucky ones.

The picture is based on a series of games released by Sega. At the center of the narrative is a blue-haired hedgehog, which has a superpower – he is able to move very quickly. 

Sonic had to save the planet from Robotnik, who threatened the Earth and its existence. Of course, he managed to do it. But does this mean that Robotnik is over?


What’s next – will show the 2nd part of the film “Sonic in the movie“. The release date should be expected before 2022, although the creators have not commented on the situation.You can understand their delay – high speeds will not affect the initial premiums, when everyone is forced to sit in the apartment.

There was a lot of talk about the design and more of the painting Since the original series of games was released many years ago, the graphics and special effects are weak. For this reason , it was decided to completely change the concept . The release date of the first chapter convinced viewers that it was the right decision – the new graphics look great.

Paramount is clearly betting on the success of the second part, but postponing statements about the imminent premiere of the sequel. Although “ambulance” is, of course, loudly said – the release date of the movie “Sonic 2 will take place no earlier than 2022.


Options for the development of events

If we start with the plot of the first chapter, not all the characters in the video game are recognized on the tape. Take tels, for example, only a few credits are allocated Obviously, they showed him for a reason and in the sequel he will take one of the key positions.

Remember that at the end of the first part, the hero defeats the robot, but, perhaps, he will fight Sonic again to protect the earth. Okay, as it turns out, we’ll know closer to the premiere, but so far Sonic is also waiting for the release date of his film.

We will follow the news and inform you promptly, so do not miss the release of new materials.

Trailer of the movie “Sonic in the Movie”

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