The Release date of “Ready for anything”

Russian novelties delight with their constancy and regularity of release. Today we’ll talk about the premiere of a new series on STS called “Ready for anything” – who starred, what kind of plot and when to wait for the release of the picture. The spoiler is again a stand-up theme.

And this is not the first picture that introduces us to the stand-up, in order to compare them, you need to wait for the release date of “Ready for anything”, which will take place on September 20, 2021 on STS.

The last car

The main character of the novelty is Katya, who lived a simple, understandable life. She works as a programmer, and in her free time she is engaged in stand-up. The financial side of life also generally suits the girl – there is an apartment, albeit rented, and her own car, albeit on credit.

But a serious turn awaits the heroine – she learns that she has several months left to become a mother. If he does not have time, he will be left without a child. Katya begins to actively look for a father for her unborn child , but she faces difficulties – not everyone decides to be with a girl because of her difficult nature. 

The heroine’s chief will be involved in the search process, but what this will lead to is not yet clear. More details can be found in the film “Ready for anything”, the release date of which is already scheduled for September 20, 2021.

Ready for anything

Viewers are already discussing the prospects of the picture and note that recently there has been a new fashion for stand-up, which is not the first time making part of the plot. In general, the audience is in good mood. – many are waiting for the release date and believe that the tape will give a lot of positive emotions.

Creators and cast

Although there is little news about the upcoming premiere, we found out who will play the key roles in the project. The main male role was given to Maxim Lagashkin – you saw him in “Beetles“, “Storm” and other films – he is quite famous. Agniya Kuznetsova became his colleague. 

The girl also has an extensive filmography , but one cannot say that she is a star of modern cinema. But who knows, maybe the release date of the new comedy will fix that. Agnia starred in the project “Yellow Eye of the Tiger”, “Girls Don’t Give Up” and others.

The director was Mark Gorobets. He has participated in many famous shows, including “Closed School”, “Shadow Behind the Back”, “Odessa-Mama”. The producer’s chair was shared by Anton Fedotov, Makxim Rybakov and Dmitry Dyachenko.

The main character has already tuned in to find the child’s father and intends to do everything possible to achieve the goal, and are you ready for anything to find out the release date of the new series on STS? There is no need to bring sacrifices for this – now you know when to turn on the TV so as not to miss the premiere.

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Schedule of episodes on STS

Batch numberSeries namePremiere dates
01-0220 September 2021 the year
03-04September 21 , 2021
05-06September 22 , 2021
07-08September 23 , 2021
09-10September 27 , 2021
11-12September 28 , 2021
13-14September 29 , 2021
15-16September 30 , 2021
17-18October 4 , 2021
19-20October 5 , 2021


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