Release Date of season 3 “My Got Reincarnation as a slime”

The audience is bewildered – the creators are treacherously silent and torment the fan’s soul. Now everyone wants to know when the third season of the anime “About My Got Reincarnation as a slime” will be released, but the organizers are in no hurry to satisfy curiosity. 

What is the reason for the pause and when to wait for the premiere – let’s try to figure it out.

Different sites write different dates, and all because the exact release date of season 3 “On My Reincarnation as a Slime” is not yet known, there has not even been an official announcement, so the premiere of new episodes should be expected no earlier than the beginning of 2023 .

Forecasts and hypotheses

The first season of the anime appeared on screens in 2018, and the second at the beginning of 2021. We must say right away that the trend is not consoling – there is more than two years of break between chapters. 

There, of course, the pandemic also played a role, but the fact remains – they waited for a continuation for a long time. The animation tape was based on the Fuse light novel, produced from 2013 to 2016.

And while the organizers of the project are thinking when to release a sequel, fans argue whether new episodes should be released and how to count correctly – season 3 or part 2 of the second season. We believe that there is no difference – at least what you name the new series, the main thing is that they finally come out on the screens. 

In this, all the fans are definitely in solidarity, and although the anime “About my reincarnation as a slime” has already been extended for season 3, the release date is still unknown even for the creators of this picture .

Until the exact day was named, the public shares their assumptions. Someone is sure that the standby mode will have to remain at least until April 2022, someone is completely pessimistic and predicts the continuation will be released at the end of 2022 or even at the beginning of 2023.

We propose to leave disputes and just be patient – one day the pause will be interrupted and the day will be appointed. This cannot be influenced by either hypotheses or requests to the leadership.

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Story line

Recall that the main character of the anime ends up in another world after death. His new appearance is scary – the guy was reborn into a slug. But it’s too early to get upset – even such a strange form of existence has pluses, and in the case of the main character – even superpowers and pleasing prospects.

Reincarnation as a Slime

In the past second season, the character managed to build a real empire, which has become a worthy competitor to other states. He did not plan to stop at this and continued his deeds, moving towards a happy future. But it was too early to rejoice, because the world was in grave danger.

Satoru Mikami is just starting his adventure and says – do you want to continue to observe my reincarnation as a slime? – then wait for the release date of season 3. 

How long to wait, when the start of the show and what adventures await the heroes has not yet been reported, but we are sure that this is a temporary mystery and soon the silence will be interrupted, and the main intrigue will be destroyed .

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Season 3 Episode Release Schedule

SeriesNamePremiere dates
3 × 01the beginning of 2023 the year
3 × 022023
3 × 032023
3 × 042023
3 × 052023
3 × 062023
3 × 072023
3 × 082023
3 × 092023
3 × 102023
3 × 112023
3 × 122023
3 × 132023
3 × 142023
3 × 152023
3 × 162023
3 × 172023
3 × 182023
3 × 192023
3 × 202023
3 × 212023
3 × 222023
3 × 232023
3 × 242023


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