Is it better to replace artificial stone or natural stone countertops for kitchen countertops?



The kitchen is an important part of home life. In the morning, sit at the small bar and drink a cup of hot cocoa, and cook healthy meals for the family at the counter. People are chatting around the Nakajima table, eating fruits and chatting, so happy! However, I often wash, cut vegetables, and prepare ingredients on the countertop , and sometimes use a kitchen knife to vigorously chop the meat. After long-term use, the countertop gradually accumulates dirt and is difficult to clean, and some parts are even damaged or fogged.

Want to replace the old countertop with a new one? What’s interesting is that once you change the countertop, you will find that the style and atmosphere of the entire kitchen will also be renewed. Why not take this opportunity to give the kitchen a new look! But there are so many kinds of materials for the countertops, how to choose? Is artificial stone countertop or natural stone countertop better? The countertops of different materials create different styles, and the maintenance methods are also different. You must choose according to your own use and maintenance habits. Below we have sorted out the characteristics of 8 countertop materials and the points that need attention in maintenance. I believe you can find your favorite countertop texture!

Artificial stone countertop

There are many types of artificial stone, the main components are resin, filler (aluminum hydroxide or calcium carbonate), stone powder, color particles and pigments, mixed and high-pressure processing, and some manufacturers add Nano sterilization technology to increase moisture resistance and detoxification. The odor effect has a large price gap according to different ingredient grades.

The higher-grade artificial stone is wear-resistant, temperature-resistant, and the surface is not easy to “eat color”. It is also easy to clean up if you accidentally spill soy sauce or coffee; because the main component is resin, it has high plasticity and can be in accordance with the size and shape required by customers Tailor-made, can also be extended to the back wall and L-shaped table, the whole seamless connection is very beautiful and beautiful.

The texture of the artificial stone has the texture of natural stone, and many families and builders like to use it. If you use a general-quality artificial stone countertop, it is more likely to cause scratches due to collision, but it can be maintained as long as it is regularly polished and maintained. Nice appearance.

Note when using: Do not use it as a cutting board directly. When placing a hot pan, place a heat insulation pad on the bottom of the pan; keep the countertop dry at ordinary times and wipe it with a sponge or neutral detergent. Avoid using delustering water or strong pickling agent. And other chemical substances.

Tile countertops

Ceramic tiles can present very diversified visual effects. Porcelain tiles also have various simulated textures such as warm wood grain, marble, etc.; tiles do not absorb water, are easy to clean, and are resistant to oil. They are also very suitable for application on countertops. In addition to the special polygonal and hexagonal patterns, there are also super-large thin-plate tiles, so you can enjoy creative collage.

Italian geometric patterns, American casual subway tiles, as well as tile tiles and other elements. There are more style choices in color and pattern design, such as rare natural stone patterns such as green and gold. They can be combined in different combinations, rural, Retro style can also be combined with fashion, bringing the ordinary space to life.

The material of ceramic tiles is fireproof and moisture-proof, but the disadvantage is that the hardness is not enough. Tile caulking is easy to leave dirt marks. It is necessary to use a special cleaning agent for tile caulking to keep it as white as new.

Granite countertops

Granite is a natural stone. It is not easy to find 2 pieces of the same color pattern. The unique natural texture is very special. Compared with marble, granite has a finer texture and a harder scratch-resistant and wear-resistant texture. There are many colors, white, Brown, beige or blue and black, etc., the natural beauty can be matched with all kinds of cabinets , but when the stone area is not large enough, it needs to be spliced, and there will be a gap between the two pieces.

Granite countertops enhance the luxurious texture of the space. Natural stone has pores and needs to be specially sealed and polished. It needs maintenance after long-term use. Wipe it off at any time when it is used up. If it is kept dry, there will be no water stains. Test it every once in a while, and let the water or oil drop on the table for 15 minutes. If the water or oil drop is kept intact and not absorbed, or there are spots after wiping, it should be sealed again.

Quartz countertops

Quartz stone is considered to be a kind of artificial stone material, but the method is somewhat different. 93% natural quartz is vacuum pressed and polished by adding resin, mineral pigments and composite agents. The hardness is second only to diamond, and the melting point reaches 1600°C. It is not easy to scratch. Features such as stain resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and easy cleaning.

Quartz stone also has natural marble texture, light and dark polished and shiny, with natural granite texture. Quartz stone countertops are as pore-free as artificial stones and do not need to be sealed and maintained, but the disadvantage is that they are not as good as general artificial stones and cannot be curved. Completely seamless.

Although quartz stone is heat-resistant, it is best to use heat insulation pads for hot pots. The cleaning method is very simple. Use a wrung rag to wipe dry. Avoid strong acid detergents such as hydrochloric acid and bleach. You can do wax maintenance once a year.

Marble countertops


The classic natural color pattern of marble is very beautiful and never outdated. The most special thing is that it can maintain a natural low temperature. It is very suitable for people who like to bake. It is the first choice for many bakeries and homes. The use area is more suitable for small counters , middle islands and baking areas.

Marble has natural pores, strong water absorption, stains are not easy to clean, tomato sauce, lemon juice and other acidic foods may erode the surface. Although the appearance of marble is exquisite and high-grade, the color and brightness will change after a long time of use. It requires more care for maintenance. Preventing and immediately wiping off the dirt is the best method. Once the appearance becomes dim, it needs to be polished and sealed.

Concrete countertops

The sealed concrete is matte and shiny, and the textures are free and natural. You can add your favorite colors to match the space design. If your base cabinet style is very special, the concrete countertop can be freely shaped. The difference is that the feel of concrete is different from that of stone. The flavor is unique, simple and simple with personality.

The appearance of concrete is very distinctive, and it can be matched with avant-garde, traditional, quiet or lively room styles. The concrete sealing process is best done multiple times to form a strong protective layer, and cracks can be easily repaired after long-term use. After many years of use, the countertops will inevitably have “use marks” but little change.

Although the concrete is heat-resistant, the sealant is not. It is best to put a heat insulation pad under the hot pan, and a cutting board is also needed when cutting vegetables and meat to avoid damaging the sealant. The maintenance of the concrete countertop is very simple, just wipe it with sponge, neutral detergent and hot water.

Butcher block countertops

The solid wood countertop adds a thick and warm texture to the kitchen, with a touch of soft nature. Using integrated wood, the price of splicing solid wood blocks into huge wood panels is cheaper than complete wood panels; or using recycled wood is also very economical. The wood texture of many old houses or furniture after disassembly is very good, and the early old wood materials are simple and charming.

Solid wood countertops are mostly suitable for bar counters or areas where there is no water source. If they are splashed with water or too much oil for a long time, bacteria and microbes are more likely to breed. The spliced ​​solid wood includes cherry, maple, oak, walnut or teak, each with distinctive wood colors. The finished countertop can be polished meticulously and can be coated with a layer of wax or transparent matte protective paint.

The painted wood can be wiped with a clean rag and neutral detergent. Natural wood has pores, and it is easier to stain without a layer of protective paint. If the stain cannot be removed, use a fine abrasive paper to lightly polish it. Can be removed. The color of solid wood will naturally deepen over the years, and natural wood will leave traces of use. Many small fine lines are like the story of the years. Some people think that “the older the better, the better.”

Laminate countertops

Laminate technology is changing with each passing day. The high-pressure laminate is firm and has no pores and is more scratch-resistant and durable. The waterproof crimping technology is gradually mature, which can bond the sink and the countertop into a whole. There are many choices of color imitating natural color patterns, including maple wood grain, marble grain, plain surface, waterfall line or environment effect.

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Compared with natural stone countertops, the price of laminate is about one-quarter cheaper. You can get the appearance of natural stone without paying a high cost. If you have economic considerations, this is also a good choice, with ready-made kitchen cabinets. create a Victorian style, retro country or It is an industrial fashion style, and it feels good.

Laminate countertops are durable if properly maintained. You can use microfiber cloth, hot water, and detergent to clean the surface. Keep dry after wiping.

When you plan to update the countertop, you may wish to consider the useful life and the possibility of future upgrades. Some classic models can last for several generations. First understand your lifestyle, desired countertop appearance, and budget, and then evaluate and see how many options there are.

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